Download Oxygen Builder v4.2– The Ultimate Visual Site Builder For WordPress

Oxygen - The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

what is Oxygen Builder?

Oxygen Builder is a visual WordPress page builder. Build everything visually. Say goodbye to bloated themes and the default page builder makes no difference.

Oxygen is a new way to create WordPress websites. Powerful alignment controls. Create horizontal and vertical layouts. Unlimited layout options. And more.

Build websites visually

Say goodbye to cumbersome themes and clumsy page builders. Oxygen Builder is a new way to create WordPress websites.

Not just design.

In addition to market leading design features for every part of the page, Oxygen’s dynamic data and template functionality provides the same power for headers and footers, archives, blog posts, categories, and more. custom posts, pages and plugins.

The best design library

An extensive library of ready-made designs and elements has everything you need to create any type of website. Import entire web pages with one click or combine and select elements to create your own design.

Unlimited layout options

Oxygen Builder Plugin combines sections, columns, and div elements to create any layout.

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The unlimited creative subscription

Oxygen Builder demo


Oxygen Builder Features – The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress

Oxygen Builder plugin
  • Drag and drop editing: Drag element edges to set spacing, or drag and drop to rearrange.
  • E-commerce: Intuitive control of every part of your WooCommerce store.
  • Header Builder: Visually create custom website headers, including sticky headers and overlay headers.
  • Global colors: Edit colors in one place. The change takes effect everywhere color is used.
  • Developer Friendly: Built with basic HTML elements. Write PHP, CSS and JS directly.
  • Advanced functionality: Flexible construction elements. Dynamic data with repeaters and loops. And more.

Oxygen Builder Changelog- The Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress Final Nulled Free

“Download Oxygen Builder v4.1.1 Final Nulled Free
2022/11/11 – v4.1.1 Changelog
Fix: Corrected issue where nested Repeater resulted in query being reset, breaking any subsequent nested Repeaters after the first one (#4777)
Fix: Corrected issue causing it to be impossible to click sub-menu links in Pro Menu dropdowns if the dropdown was animated (#4778/#4785)
Fix: Corrected issue causing it to require two clicks to follow Pro Menu mobile menu dropdown links (#4784)”

“Download Oxygen Builder v4.1.0 Final Nulled Free
The Changelog
New: Added cross-site copy & paste (#4654)
— Use the new “”export”” button in the Structure Pane node menu or ctrl/cmd+shift+c to copy an element’s JSON
— Use the new “”import”” button at the opt of the Structure Pane or ctrl/cmd+shift+i to import an element’s JSON

Tweak: Added width expansion when “”none”” unit is chosen to most fields with “”none”” as a unit option (#4411)
Tweak: Made a number of adjustments to revisions (#4553)
— Set maximum number of “”daily”” revisions to 7 by default. This is adjustable in Oxygen > Settings > Revisions.
— Removed “”hourly”” revisions.
— Added ability to delete individual revisions from posts.
— Added ability to delete all revisions from specific posts.

Enhancement: Added support for tab navigation in Menu and Pro Menu elements (#2275)
Enhancement: Added support for ACF fields in Media Library images (#4528)

Fix: Non-CSS option from Elements API being rendered in CSS in builder preview
Fix: Umlaut characters being replaced in Oxygen JSON/shortcodes (#3272)
Fix: Form select dropdown triggers Oxygen Exit Intent modal (#3822)
Fix: Incorrect behavior for styles present indicator on Effects > Filter (#2366)
Fix: Incorrect behavior for styles present indicator on checkboxes (#2366)
Fix: Button padding ignored when using multiple classes (#1769)
Fix: Can’t use Global Colors as a caption background color in Gallery element (#3779)
Fix: Revisions listed in incorrect order (#3775)
Fix: ACF image returned when image field empty (#3671)
Fix: “”Dynamic Callback in Static Method”” error related to Conditions (#3437)
Fix: Backtrace from notice Undefined index: oxygen_lock_post_edit_mode (#3136)
Fix: Updated EDD updater URL to https to avoid redirects on license checks (#3349)
Fix: Defining manual IDs in Repeater causes it to return only “”post”” post types (#3618)
Fix: Backtrace from notice Undefined variable: show_gradient (#3137)
Fix: Error related to design set images and User Design Library denied access (#3560)
Fix: Typo in Repeater code that could cause wrong post/product to be shown (#3526)
Fix: Global fonts not resolving in some specific scenarios (#2874)
Fix: Exception “”Too few arguments to function wpdb:repare()”” (#3370)
Fix: Design library items can’t be found if permalinks are set to Plain (#2654)
Fix: Dynamic data in a template can now be inherited down more than 2 levels (#2008)
Fix: Corrected scenario involving spans made into links containing dynamic data that could result in duplicate IDs/broken structure (#4668)
Fix: Corrected issue with elements that have apostrophes in their names breaking the page after being imported via the Design Library (#4657)
Fix: Users with “”edit only”” access to Oxygen can no longer rename elements (#4498)
Fix: Users with “”edit only”” access to Oxygen no longer have access to the gap field for containers (#4497)
Fix: Users with “”Edit Only”” access can no longer delete elements that aren’t enabled for them (#4744)
Fix: Made multiple changes resulting in faster builder load times (#4683)”

“Download Oxygen Builder v4.0.4 Final Nulled Free
Oxygen 4.0.4 Now Available
hello world!
Oxygen 4.0.4 is a minor releases that focuses on bug fixes and improvements. Below is a list of changes present in Oxygen 4.0.4:


Oxygen 4.0.4 Final Changelog

Tweak: Optimized webfont loading techniques (#3538)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing output of ID assigned styles on Code Blocks used via Templates (#4689)
Fix: Disabled Properties Pane text editor for Spans (#3600)
Fix: Removed duplicate ct-section-with-shape-divider class on Sections that have Shape Dividers (#4622)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in JSON manually deleted from a post not being removed properly (#4462)
Fix: Corrected “”Image not found”” error when inserting background images (#4645)
Fix: Corrected “”Maximum call stack size exceeded”” error on sites with large amounts of classes (#4510)
Fix: Fixed class locking for states/pseudoselectors (#4437)
Fix: Corrected z-index on color picker & Structure Pane so they don’t overlay in-builder dialog backdrops (#4016)
Fix: Corrected issue that could result in stylesheets having incorrect parent IDs, thus being active but not visible anywhere (#4264)
Fix: Minor security fix (#3781)
Fix: Repeater styles on breakpoints should now show properly in the builder (#4042)
Fix: Corrected issue that caused xlink.css file to still be generated for some sites, even with CSS caching enabled (#4631)
Fix: Edit Only users can now see the History list again (#4662)
Fix: Cleaned up some old Dragula files that were no longer in use (#4656)
Fix: Implemented fix for cases where CSS cache could not be regenerated on certain pages due to the presence of Code Blocks or third-party plugin shortcodes (#4219)
Fix: Corrected issue that caused an archive template to only be used if there were posts in the archive (#1954)”

>>> 2021/07/08
## Oxygen 3.8.1 Changelog
Tweak: Changed ct_svg_sets_names default option value to avoid issues with missing icon sets in some rare cases (#3640)
Tweak: Added better default styles for table elements built using Oxygen elements and custom HTML tags (#3642)

>>> Fix: Corrected fatal error “Uncaught Error: Call to a member function global_conditions_result() on null” related to conditions that occurred on a small number of Oxygen sites (#3647)
Fix: Restored missing Archive > Taxonomy Term condition (#3644)
Fix: Corrected issue that prevented Reverse Column Order setting for Columns element from working as expected in some cases (#3645)

>>> Oxygen 3.8.1 RC 1 Changelog
Tweak: Changed ct_svg_sets_names default option value to avoid issues with missing icon sets in some rare cases (#3640)
Tweak: Added better default styles for table elements built using Oxygen elements and custom HTML tags (#3642)

>>> Fix: Corrected fatal error “Uncaught Error: Call to a member function global_conditions_result() on null” related to conditions that occurred on a small number of Oxygen sites (#3647)
Fix: Restored missing Archive > Taxonomy Term condition (#3644)
Fix: Corrected issue that prevented Reverse Column Order setting for Columns element from working as expected in some cases (#3645)

>>> = What’s new in Oxygen 3.8? =
Introducing Advanced Queries and much more.
In This Release
Advanced Queries for Easy Posts & Repeaters
Native Rank Math Compatibility
Custom HTML Tags
Improved Drag & Drop
Selector Locking
50+ Bug Fixes, Tweaks, and Enhancements

>>> = Oxygen v3.7.1 Changelog =
Fix: Corrected shortcode warning that appeared when using some third-party shortcodes in a Shortcode element and prevented shortcode signing from running on pages with those shortcodes present.
Fix: Grid controls are now hidden from users with Edit Only access.
Fix: Composite Elements license field is hidden if your Agency license has already enabled Composite Elements

>>> = v3.7 =
New: Added native CSS grid controls for Sections, Divs, Easy Posts, Repeaters, and Galleries.
New: Added support for Composite Elements library.

>>> Fix: Attributes now work properly when assigned while an element’s class is the active selector
Fix: Deleting styles no longer deletes non-CSS options like Attributes.
Fix: Fixed issue where re-signing shortcodes that contained Oxygen WooCommerce shortcodes while the Oxygen WooCommerce plugin wasn’t active resulted in broken shortcodes
Fix: New Oxygen installs will no longer auto-load unnecessary Oxygen related options
Fix: Corrected issue where making a Gallery element re-usable caused a “photoSwipe is not a function” error
Fix: Corrected issue with Icon Box that caused a Button Area element to be shown in the Structure Pane erroneously in some cases
Fix: Page Width in global Page Settings now overrides global Page Width correctly
Fix: Deleting a span from a Text element no longer deletes all text in that element
Fix: Corrected issue preventing users from saving or changing Easy Posts presets
Fix: “Lock Post in Edit Mode” checkbox is now hidden if Edit Mode is not enabled on the site
Fix: Added delegation to built-in smooth scroll script, correcting issues where dynamically added elements would not trigger smooth scrolling properly
Fix: Corrected “Syntax Error: Token ’<‘ not a primary expression.” error related to Easy Posts presets
Fix: Repeater no longer outputs pagination markup if no pagination is required by the query
Fix: Corrected Edit Mode & Composite Elements license checks to be more reliable.

>>> Tweak: Added “Refresh AOS On Page Load” checkbox to Global Animate On Scroll settings, which can be used to address some scenarios where animations don’t trigger properly
Tweak: Added option to disable ID styling for users with Edit Only access

>>> ## Oxygen 3.6.1 Changelog
Oxygen 3.6.1 is a minor release that addresses issues that occur when running jQuery 3.5.1 and jQuery UI 1.12.1, which will ship with WordPress 5.6 in December. We also fixed an issue with licensing calls related to the Edit Mode feature introduced in Oxygen 3.6. Below is a list of the changes in 3.6.1.

>>> Fix: Corrected broken Blank Install button in Oxygen setup wizard
Fix: Corrected missing Action icons in Structure Pane
Fix: Corrected “e.replace is not a function” console error when adding a Section or Div
Fix: Corrected missing Global Color icon in color fields
Fix: Corrected issue where clearing color in color field resulted in swatch continuing to display previously selected color
Fix: Corrected broken color picker alpha slider
Fix: Corrected excessive license checks related to Edit Mode

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List of Oxygen Builder Plugin Addons

  1. Scripts Organizer v1.6.3
  2. Oxy Extended Elements v1.1.0
  3. OxyNinja for Oxygen Builder v3.4.1
  4. Agency Base For Oxygen Builder v2.1.6
  5. Oxygen Advanced Scripts v2.1.0
  6. OxyMonster Framework v0.31
  7. Oxy Transfer Pro v1.2.6
  8. Oxy Ultimate Woo v1.2.8
  9. Oxy Ultimate v1.4.32
  10. Oxy Extras v1.3.8
  11. Swiss Knife Pro For Oxygen Builder v1.3.6
  12. Oxygen Gutenberg Integration v1.4.2
  13. Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce v1.4
  14. Editor Enhancer PRO For Oxygen Builder v4.2.0 Final
  15. ERROPiX Hydrogen Pack For Oxygen Builder v1.3.2
  16. ERROPiX Oxygen Attributes v1.3.2
  17. OxyPowerPack v2.0.5.1
  18. Oxy Toolbox v1.5.4
  19. OxyMade for Oxygen builder v1.5.2 Untouched

Download Oxygen Builder v4.2: do our best to share Free(GPL and nulled)WordPress Themes,Plugins and other PHP Scripts.We always try our best to search the best Pro Version WP Themes/plugins/scripts so that you could always Download files and could remain update with more latest updates. All files are collected from the internet, if you find that the file cannot be downloaded, please Contact us by our telegram and we will fix the links within 48 hours.If you encounter some files that cannot be installed, Perhaps you need to unzip the plugin before installing it.

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