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what is The Ultimate GDPR?

The Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit for WordPress is a one-stop shop for GDPR and CCPA compliance. Our plugin is particularly designed to guarantee that you comply with these new requirements, and it contains everything you need to ensure that your website is up to date. You’ll meet all GDPR regulations with only a few clicks, including:

  • Personal data access – a specific form for users to access their personal data that is currently kept.
  • Right to be forgotten – an easily available, specialized form that allows users to request that their personal data be deleted.
  • Data access or deletion requests – Browse these requests quickly and simply, and set up personalized email notifications.
  • Policy consent – reroutes your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages until you grant consent.
  • Cookie consent – a separate box for consent and a cookie blocker until consent is granted.
  • Consent boxes for services – add consent boxes to various forms on your website automatically.
  • Data breach notification — receive worldwide email notifications about data breaches automatically.
  • Pseudonymisation is the process of transforming saved user data into a pseudonym.
  • Manage, encrypt, and wipe all users’ data with ease using your WordPress admin panel.
  • Data portability — quickly export all user data to JSON or text files, with the option of sending through email.

Check To See If Your Website Is Compliant With The CCPA

In certain areas, the CCPA is more extensive, while in others, it is less so. To determine how the CCPA may affect your business, you should speak with an experienced expert or a lawyer. Here’s a quick rundown of the regulation’s requirements:

  • Consent to cookies banner
  • Privacy policy, including links to the opt-out option, and the Do Not Sell My Information Page
  • Verification of age
  • Please do not sell my confidential information paper.
  • CCPA disclaimer on my account form

As you can see, the criteria are similar, but there are a few minor distinctions. You’ll need to make certain changes to your website to guarantee that it complies with both the CCPA and GDPR.

From Your Wordpress Admin Panel, Manage Everything

Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit for WordPress is extremely user-friendly, and it resides in your WordPress admin panel, allowing you to easily handle all parts of the plugin.

Ultimate GDPR demo

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Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit for WordPress Features:

  • The Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit for WordPress now includes all of the following amazing new features:
  • Cookie detector with a single click – find out what cookies your website is utilizing in seconds.
  • Support for third-party cookies — our Service Manager will block any cookies you require.
  • Advanced cookie management panel — manage your cookies directly from your dashboard.
  • New language versions – We provide a variety of language versions that have been meticulously and precisely translated by experts – human professionals, to be precise. The following languages are available:
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Norwegian
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Italian
    • Dutch
    • Croatian
    • Romanian
    • Hungarian
    • Slovak
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Swedish
  • Enhanced Google Analytics integration – make sure your website is compliant and working well with Google Analytics to get the most out of your traffic data.
  • Option to display the cookie consent box in the top panel – make cookie consent crystal apparent without detracting from your site’s general appearance.
  • Option to activate GDPR functionality worldwide or not – you may conceal the plugin from users outside the European Union using our geolocation service. It only takes a single click.
  • Auto-update feature — we’ll handle the updates for you.
  • Other plugins, such as the QuForm WordPress Builder Plugin and the Facebook Pixel, are compatible.
  • Other technologies, such as BuddyPress and Formidable Forms, are integrated.
  • Links to the Privacy Policy and the Right to Rectify form can be customized.
  • Cookie boxes come in a variety of styles, with over 34 to choose from to complement the aesthetic of your website.
  • There are almost 15 new cookie skins to discover.
  • All the information you need is in one location with online documentation.

In addition, we work hard to keep our GDPR compliance plugin up to date and improved so that it constantly gives the best results. We also make sure that our plugin is compatible with new themes and plugins, and we listen to user input to improve Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress by adding important new features.

Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit for WordPress Changelog:

“Download Ultimate WP GDPR Compliance Toolkit v3.6 for WordPress Nulled Free
v3.6 (18.08.2022)

  • feature: Gutenberg compatibility for shortcodes added,
  • feature: SiteOrigin Page Builder compatibility added,
  • bugfix: meta tags structure fixed to allow Facebook sharing,
  • update: ACF plugin updated to 5.12.3″

3.3 (16.12.2021)
– update: bundled ACF Pro updated to secure 5.11.4 version;
– feature: “accept” button can be automatically added to pages: Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions.
– cookie scanner script optimized for antimalware software;

3.2 (04.11.2021)
– feature: option to reset cookie consent with every user’s visit;

3.1 (22.10.2021)
– bugfix:age verification popup submit issues fixed for mobile and iOS devices;
– feature: compatibility with Easy Forms for Mailchimp added,
– feature: compatibility with Akismet Anti-Spam added,

3.0 (29.07.2021)
– feature: added “reject” button to cookies information popup;

2.9 (13.05.2021)
– improvement: updated ‘Reject All Cookies’ with the option to add custom text instead of the X button
– improvement: updated the Services section UI.

2.8 (06.05.2021)
– bugfix: WP_DEBUG warning message fixed

2.7 (29.04.2021)
– bugfix: Removed the bug causing NinjaForms to stop working when using with Ultimate GDPR consent checkbox
– update: compatible with WordPress 5.7.1
– update: compatible with WooCommerce 5.2.2
– update: compatible with WPBakery Page Builder 6.6.0

2.6 (09.03.2021)
– feature: Name and description of the Services/Plugins list in ‘Forget me’ form can now be set to custom text;
– feature: Services checkbox can be fully removed from the ‘Forget Me’ form;
– feature: Privacy Policy link can be open in new tab;
– bugfix: Can add custom Expiry Time for the Service Manager;
– bugfix: Filtering in the Cookie-List table was fixed;
– bugfix: Nonce checker added to options import;
– bugfix: Improved Age Verification full-width style;

2.5 (28.01.2021)
– bugfix: Fixed XXS vulnerability,
– bugfix: Cookie List table displaying issues fixed,
– enhancement: prevent bypassing the Age Verification form by switching tabs,

2.4 (5.11.2020)
– feature: Added compatibility with Post SMTP
– feature: Added “type of cookie” filter for cookies’ list
– bugfix: ‘Check if user is from California’ now works correctly
– update: updated ACF PRO version to 5.9.0
– update: updated German translation of the plugin

2.3 (31.08.2020)
– bugfix: Fixed the font issue in the stylesheet
– update: plugin is now compatible with WordPress: 5.x
– update: plugin is now compatible with WPBakery Page Builder: 6.3.x

2.2 (10.08.2020)
– Bugfix: Fixed ‘Enable Age Verification’ option to allow showing the pop-up on selected pages.

2.1 (30.07.2020)
– Bugfix: Age verification form message will show the correct age value.
– Bugfix: Removed slide effect used in the User Settings shortcode.

2.0 CCPA MAJOR UPDATE (22.07.2020)
– Feature: CCPA – age verification form,
– Feature: CCPA – guard authorization for juvenile users,
– Feature: CCPA – data removal disclaimer,
– Feature: CCPA – “do not sell my information” form
– Feature: CCPA – California geolocation added
– Update: Updated FR translation
– Bugfix: Fixed Term and Conditions and Privacy Policy functionality for the admin users
– Bugfix: Improved fonts loading time

1.7.6 (19.05.2020)
-bugfix: automatic plugin update issue fixed

1.7.5 (18.05.2020)
– bugfix: Incorrect link structure in the consent checkbox to checkout [WooCommerce].
– bugfix: Improved Contact Form 7 Services functionality.
– bugfix: Quform Services issue fixed.
– improvement: Removed the ID field from the Service
– improvement: Added option to hide cookie consent for user agents (bots)

1.7.4 (16.03.2020)
– feature: Added ‘Delete consent log’ option.
– feature: X-button will now decline cookies.
– bugfix: updated ACF PRO to version 5.8.7
– bugfix: fixed height issue when ‘Panel bottom’ position is used.
– bugfix: fixed error when only background color was selected and no image background added under Cookie notice box.
– bugfix: fixed conflict between plugin and theme enqueue style name (both were using ‘font-awesome’)
– bugfix: fixed naming issues

1.7.3 (09.10.2019)
– feature: Added date of the last scan made by the Cookie Detector.
– feature: Added option to close the popup instead of accepting consent.
– feature: Converting Expiry Time to a human-readable date.
– feature: Added filter for Email sent at the bottom of Contact Form 7
– bugfix: Fixing minor issues (Undefined index notice message).
– bugfix: Added the possibility to use HTML tags in plugin’s email templates.
– bugfix: Languages translation updated
– bugfix: Added Latin-extended version of the fonts
– bugfix: Privacy Settings were not saving in Firefox and Safari
– bugfix: Update of the advanced-custom-fields used in the plugin.
– bugfix: Fixed Mailster deprecated hooks issue.
– bugfix: Fixed Trigger cookie icon in the code.
– bugfix: Preventing js errors while updating from a really old version.

1.7.2 (06.03.2019)
– feature: Added compatibility with Newsletter plugin
– feature: Personal Data Access file format optimized (empty fields will no longer be visible)
– optimization: compatibility with custom javascript libraries improved
– bugfix: Parse error after activating the plugin was fixed

1.7.1 (04.02.2019)
– feature: Added compatibility for Instagram Feed plugin.
– feature: Added compatibility for Formcraft Basic plugin.
– feature: Cookie popup ‘Read more’ can be open in a new tab instead.
– feature: Added HotJar integration.
– feature: Added new (optional) checkbox for WooCommerce consent.
– updated: Updated languages translations to version 1.7.1
– bugfix: Modal styles are not changing when the Cookie modal skin option is used.
– bugfix: Added missing Norwegian translation for the Cookie popup content and fixed other minor issues this option had.
– bugfix: Shortcodes provided by the plugin can be now added via do_shortcode();
– bugfix: Improved functionality of the pseudonymization option due to the WP Job manager issue.
– bugfix: Option to add a custom label for ‘Protection shortcode’ was fixed.
– bugfix: Fixed ‘checking if the user is from the European Union’ function.

1.7.0 (21.12.2018)
– improvement: Translations for the languages are up to date.
– bugfix: Trigger icon wasn’t showing on the site when using Apas Box style.

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