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What is Masterstudy?

masterstudy nulled Download-Masterstudy Theme is the best WordPress theme for creating an Education and Training Center website – for educational institutions that organize different courses or create classes locally.Using the Masterstudy Theme template, you can easily create and customize a WordPress training website for your education business.

The version of this WordPress theme is 4.4.5 and the Masterstudy theme is developed using excellent code quality and design needs. This WordPress theme is also great for people who are looking to adapt the website to the needs of users.
Masterstudy is created to meet the best user experience for end users.

The unlimited creative subscription

Masterstudy Demo

 Education WordPress Theme – Masterstudy Theme Features

Features Masterstudy
  • Video live lessons
  • Group course
  • Built on Vue.js
  • Advanced Search with AutoComplete
  • Masterstudy LMS Plugin for Online Courses
  • 100% RTL . Support
  • Offline course system with WooCommerce
  • Paid advertising Free courses
  • Course to buy with Paypal, Stripe
  • Course Rating
  • Several Title options
  • Built with Sass
  • Cross browser compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9+
  • Theme options with Redux framework
  • Unlimited color options
  • Revolution includes
  • Responsive interface on Bootstrap
  • Parallax and video background
  • Over 880 Google fonts
  • Image editor
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Materials included
  • Integrated Mailchimp Subscription
  • Updated frequently
  • FontAwesome icons
  • WPML localization support
  • Import demo content with one click
  • Embed audio and video
  • Revolution Slider integration

 Masterstudy Pro Plugin Features

Features Masterstudy Pro Plugin
  • In Masterstudy Education WordPress Theme for Learning Management System (LMS) you now have 3 types of lessons: text, video, slideshow.
  • Real-time questions and answers feature in lessons.
  • Real-time countdown timer in test
  • Retest
  • Test results with correct/incorrect answers
  • Advanced Puzzles
  • Course Rating
  • Course package
  • Integrating bbPress
  • GamiPress integration
  • Google Classroom
  • Course ratings and wishlist
  • Prerequisites
  • Udemy Link
  • Retest
  • Profile page of faculty and students
  • Question bank
  • Question module (question type)
  • Types of lessons
  • Graduation book
  • Sequential content drips
  • Trial course
  • Notice to members
  • Great demo with quick and simple 1-Click Demo
  • Periodic registration for students
  • Buy once
  • Integration with PayPal & Stripe
  • Paid Membership Pro integration
  • Private messages
  • Create your own certificate
  • Wish list
  • Instructor & Student Profile

Masterstudy Additional Advantages:

  • Revolution Slider is also included so that you can make your site stand out from the crowd with stunning and dynamic sliders and a range of animations.
  • Custom sidebars and widgets give you maximum flexibility as you arrange your content and categorize courses.
  • You can also add profiles for your teaching staff and tutors with descriptions, photos, certifications and contact details.
  • Students can leave reviews of courses, to spread the word about your learning content, and to help you and your tutors maintain the highest standards.
  • As a complete education WordPress theme, Masterstudy also allows you to create events and publish blog posts to engage and inspire your learning community.
  • We have also integrated MailChimp so that you can efficiently manage subscriptions and keep your subscribers updated.
  • Set prices and discounts using WooCommerce, and enjoy easy and secure transactions with PayPal.

Education WordPress Theme – Masterstudy Nulled Free Changelogs

“Download Masterstudy v4.6.6 – Education WordPress Theme for Learning, Training and Education Center Nulled Free
v4.6.6 – November 22, 2022
Update: .
Update: Elementor Widgets Plugin is updated to to v1.2.0.
Update: MasterStudy Theme Widgets are separately grouped in Elementor.”

“Download Masterstudy v4.6.4 – Education WordPress Theme for Learning, Training and Education Center Nulled Free
v4.6.4 – November 11, 2022
New: Presto Player Source Type Display Setting for Instructors in LMS Settings.
Update: MasterStudy LMS Free Plugin is updated to v2.9.16.
Update: MasterStudy LMS Pro Plugin is updated to v3.9.1.
Fixed: Website displayed blank page when mime_content_type is not enabled in server side.”

Download Masterstudy v4.5.8 – Education WordPress Theme for Learning, Training and Education Center Nulled Free
v4.5.8 – October 6, 2022
New:Architecture Demo for Elementor.
Update:MasterStudy LMS Free Plugin is updated to v2.9.9.
Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

“Download Masterstudy v4.5.6 – Education WordPress Theme for Learning, Training and Education Center Nulled Free
v4.5.6 – September 5, 2022
Update: MasterStudy LMS Free Plugin is updated to v2.9.5
Update: MasterStudy LMS Pro Plugin is updated to v3.8.4
FIX: Incorrect display of Pro Addons thumbnail images in macOS.
FIX: Different accept ratio of the thumbnail images of LMS courses on the “”Add Student”” page.
FIX: Announcement menu item not displayed in instructors user account and floating menu.”

“Download Masterstudy v4.5.3 – Education WordPress Theme for Learning, Training and Education Center Nulled Free
v4.5.3 – August 4, 2022
Update: MasterStudy LMS Free Plugin is updated to v2.9.2
Update: MasterStudy LMS Pro Plugin is updated to v3.8.0
New: Mobile header settings added to the theme options.
New: Added Category filter for admin dashboard were listed all courses.
New: The user will remain on the same page after logging in through the Floating menu.
Fix: Lesson navigation disappeared when the WPML plugin is active.
Fix: Fatal errors when the WPML plugin is active.
Fix: 小hanges for LMS Pages not worked on Front-end and caused 404 error on User account navigation.
Fix: The order of the questions changed after saving the quiz.
Fix: Checkbox fields created using the LMS Forms editor, reset in a user profile.
Fix: The custom fields created through the LMS form editor cannot be used in the LMS email manager.
Fix: When Guest checkout is enabled the course did not remove from the cart.
Fix: The word “”Wishlisted”” was replaced with “”Remove from Wishlist””.
Fix: Minor visual bugs.”

v4.5.1 – June 8, 2022
Update: MasterStudy LMS Free Plugin is updated to v2.8.9
Update: MasterStudy LMS Pro Plugin is updated to v3.7.8
New: Reordering of the Profile Menu Items
Fix: Uploaded SCORM course couldn’t be deleted
Fix: Curriculum lesson preview arrow icon issue in classic course style
Fix: Courses archive page list view style issues with default WordPress themes
Fix: Certificate appears even for inactivated Certificate Builder add-ons
Fix: Course Bundles style issue with default WordPress themes
Fix: Modern Course style course image height issue with default WordPress themes
Fix: Hover effect with Enterprise Price when using the WordPress default themes
Fix: The sticky header caused inappropriate work of the login page on mobile devices
Fix: Inappropriate content box appearance in the list view of the courses archive page when applying RTL
Fix: RTL Demo Header issues in the header styles (Offline Courses Header, Distance Learning Header, and White-LMS Header)
Fix: In the Footer, Widgets reordering didn’t work when applying RTL
Fix: Demo Header didn’t change for Offline Courses when applying RTL
Fix: The Search Widget didn’t work with Elementor Header & Footer Builder
Fix: New single post added with Elementor Builder after publishing removed other default blocks (example: comment section, top bar, etc.)

19 Apr, 2022
Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to 6.9.0

14 Apr, 2022
Update: MasterStudy LMS Free plugin is updated to 2.8.7
Update: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin is updated to 3.7.6
Update: Spanish and Portuguese (additional) strings are added

4 Apr, 2022
New: Adding the category to the questions in front end builder
Update: MasterStudy LMS Free plugin is updated to 2.8.6
Update: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin is updated to 3.7.5
Update: Demo Import Optimization
Update: ‘Search courses’ tab on Courses page
Fix: Search Box not displaying in Academy demo with Elementor plugin
Fix: ‘Import Courses’ button is removed in MasterStudy LMS Theme Wizard
Fix: Status ‘Completed’ on button in individual lesson, even when lesson is not completed
Fix: Related Courses block is not displaying in Udemy Style

v4.4.4 – 15 Feb, 2022​
NEW: Migrated to new StylemixThemes Activation System and downloads service
Update: Theme dashboard improvement and restyling
Update: MasterStudy LMS plugin is updated to 2.7.8
Update: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin is updated to 3.7.0
Update: Slider Revolution plugin updated to 6.5.15
Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to 6.8.0
Update: MasterStudy Elementor widgets plugin is updated to 1.1.7
Update: MasterStudy STM configurations plugin is updated to 4.3.6
Fix: Pagination is not displayed on Instructor Carousel element in RTL Demo
Fix: Incorrect course elements layout on Classic mode in RTL Demo
Fix: Theme style issues
Fix: Enrolled courses remain in the user’s profile after the expiration of the plan
Fix: Visual bugs with Twenty Twenty-Two standard WordPress theme
Fix: Addon for Paid Membership Pro – Approvals does not work with courses in subscription plans
Fix: Lesson frontend description styles are reset after the lesson is saved
Fix: Issue with redirecting the user to the lesson after clicking Preview on course curriculum
Fix: Bug with countdown for lesson start time
Fix: Visual bug with STM LMS Courses Categories on Elementor Page Builder
Fix: Visual style bug on Recent Courses widget’s Categories tabs while hovering on them
Fix: Bug with course navigation button
Fix: System allows to add participants more than the specified limit after creating a group through Buy for group button (Group Courses addon)
Fix: Single Course cover image is not displaying in Modern Course Style
Fix: Bug with custom fields in Forms Editor addon
Fix: Text under the countdown is not showing on Zoom Meeting Lesson
Fix: Featured Course covers are not displaying after selecting Modern style for the Courses page
Fix: For students notification is not showing after checking the student’s assignments by instructors
Fix: Removed Add New button in Student Assignments section on the dashboard
Fix: Default fields dislocation in Profile From of LMS Forms Editor addon
Fix: The certificate reflects the username of the student, not his personal name and last name. This problem was detected when adding custom First Name and Last Name fields to the registration form using the LMS Forms Editor addon.
Fix: Bug with custom checkboxes in LMS Forms Editor addon

v4.4.3 – 13 Jan, 2022
New: Media File Manager Add-on
New: Added new icon MasterStudy set on Icon Box element in Elementor Page builder
New: Added new styles 7 and 8 for STM Testimonials widget in Elementor Page builder
New: Added new style 2 for Video widget in Elementor Page builder
New: From now on, STM prefixes were removed from the LMS widgets Elementor Page builder. Added the icons and LMS label instead
Update: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.7.4
Update: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.9
Update: MasterStudy Elementor widgets plugin updated to 1.1.6
Update: MasterStudy STM configurations plugin updated to 4.3.5
Fix: Removed the styles, which are conflicting with Elementor’s widgets (Social Icons, Accordion)
Fix: Bug with LMS modules, when placing them onto the page using Elementor Page builder
Fix: Some bugs while editing the pages using Elementor page builders

v4.4.2 – 21 Dec, 2021
Fix: Bug with default styles on LMS Demo layouts was fixed

v4.4.1 – 25 Nov, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.7.2
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.7
UPD: STM Configurations plugin updated to 4.3.4
UPD: Slider Revolution plugin updated to 6.5.11
UPD: Udemy style renamed to Modern Style
UPD: Modern Style is active by default
UPD: Theme options version updated
UPD: Distance learning demo.xml updated
UPD: Float menu icon
FIXED: SCORM courses uploading issue
FIXED: Translation issues of several non-editable strings
FIXED: Free courses filtering issue
FIXED: Problem with saving questions/quizzes using eRoom plugin
FIXED: Certificates date translation issue
FIXED: Student reviewing issue
FIXED: Wizard navigation menu issue
FIXED: Instructors archive page responsive issue
FIXED: Separator widget align issue
FIXED: “Fill the gap” answer align issue
FIXED: Minor web layout issues

v4.4.0 – 22 Oct, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.7.1
FIXED: Mobile version hamburger menu displaying issue

v4.3.8 – 21 Sep, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.9
ADDED: New Quiz type: Image Matching (Single Choice, Multi Choice)
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.5
FIXED: SCORM courses loading bug

2 Sep, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.8
ADDED: New Pro Addons page
UPD: Improved auth ‘remember me’ system
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.4
UPD: STM Configurations plugin updated to 4.3.2
UPD: Admin Dashboard Video manuals gallery view
FIXED: Minor bugs

v4.3.5 – 12 Aug, 2021
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.7
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.3
ADDED: Admin Dashboard notification

4.3.4​ 2 Aug, 2021
UPD: Slider Revolution plugin updated to 6.5.5
UPD: Zoom Meetings/Webinars Grid widget design updated
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.6
FIXED: H5P plugin Reuse and Embed features are not displaying on the plugin pages
FIXED: Browser title does not change on switching to the Quiz page
FIXED: Featured Teacher widget loading issue
FIXED: Match Items quiz showing wrong results
FIXED: Translation issues with several non-editable strings
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.2
FIXED: Students did not get a reply email when assignment status changed
FIXED: Video Duration icon displaying when Video Duration field is blank in Udemy Affiliate layout
FIXED: The same course materials attaching several times in the Udemy Affiliate layout
FIXED: Membership Approval (Paid Membership Pro plugin) compatibility

= v4.3.2 – 15 Jun, 2021 =
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.6.0
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.4
UPD: BuddyPress templates according to theme new features and rules
FIXED: Displaying login forms in the Floating menu
FIXED: Minor style issues and bugs

= v4.3.0 – 1 Jun, 2021​ =
UPD: MasterStudy LMS plugin updated to 2.6.2
FIXED: New messages counter appeared for message sender and for the receiver
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.5.8
FIXED: Displaying all taxonomies regardless of the chosen

= v4.2.9 – 12 May, 2021 =
UPD:MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.5.7
FIXED: Hidden posts, pages, and media when WooCommerce plugin is not activated

= v4.2.7 – 4 May, 2021 =
FIXED: Primary Sidebar can’t be applied to blog archive page (Elementor)
FIXED: Testimonials carousel navigation arrows doesn’t work in Offline Courses Layout
FIXED: Courses categories masonry view is incorrect due to small default container width in Light LMS Layout
FIXED: Minor frontend bugs
ADDED: Translations of Lesson badges for Offline courses
UPD: MasterStudy LMS updated to 2.5.9
FIXED: The Popular courses widget shows the price Free, regardless of price or status are indicated
FIXED: Video poster goes beyond video frame when opening video modal
FIXED: Students appeared in the Featured Teacher select box
FIXED: Replacing chosen font by default plugin font
FIXED: Placeholders of checkbox and dropdown elements aren’t displaying after adding in LMS Forms Editor
FIXED: Responsive view of Send message modal in Classic style of Public Profile
ADDED: Translation for the Error messages
ADDED: Placeholders for Select box in Profile Forms Editor
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO updated to 3.5.5
FIXED: Chinese, Arabic and some other fonts aren’t displaying in the Certificate
FIXED: Certificate Title entities in Certificate builder
FIXED: Double adding a student to the course
FIXED: Buy button functionality when clicking in modal
FIXED: Minor bugs
ADDED: Compatibility with eRoom 1.2.2
UPD: STM Configurations updated to 4.3.0
UPD: MasterStudy Elementor Widgets updated to 4.3.0

= v4.2.6 – 31 Mar, 2021​ =
FIXED: Missing CSS files

= v4.2.5 – 30 Mar, 2021​ =
UPD: WordPress 5.7 compatibility with jquery migrate
UPD: Slider Revolution plugin updated to 6.4.6
UPD: MasterStudy LMS PRO plugin updated to 3.5.4
NEW: LMS Forms Editor addon
UPD: Fancybox updated in core
UPD: Cancel Subscription in Classic profile style moved to the sidebar
ADDED: Image preview to Assignments
ADDED: Enterprise form in user account
FIXED: Front-end bugs in Eroom meeting page
FIXED: RTL header styles
FIXED: Minor frontend bugs
FIXED: Gallery masonry grid error fixed
FIXED: Quantity in variable product fixed
FIXED: Broken order of the categories and subcategories in Frontend Course Builder
FIXED: Broken categories dropdown in Frontend Course Builder (French letters)
FIXED: Course description bug in Frontend Course Builder
FIXED: Point System shows zero value
FIXED: Points are not credited after enabling the Point statistics add-on
FIXED: Zero values in point statistics settings
FIXED: Minor frontend bugs

= v4.2.4 =
23 Feb, 2021
UPD: WP Bakery plugin updated to 6.6.0
FIXED: Gallery grid $per_page bug
FIXED: Editing several quizzes on Front-End issues
FIXED: Restore password doesn’t work with activated Yoast SEO plugin

= v4.2.3 =
22 Feb, 2021
NEW: Coding School demo
FIXED: MasterStudy Elementor Widgets installation skipped during demo import
ADDED: H5P compatibility added to quizzes
FIXED: Correct answers appeared when the ‘show correct answer’ option is disabled
FIXED: LMS Wizard typo
FIXED: Empty addons and Payout tabs content
FIXED: Duplicate email sending when ‘course added to user’
ADDED: Action before sending an announcement

= v4.2.2 04 Feb, 2021 =
IMPROVEMENT: Event time included in Event Info module
IMPROVEMENT: Event price included in Event Info module
IMPROVEMENT: ‘Free’ price label added for free products
IMPROVEMENT: Redirect to MasterStudy LMS after demo import added
IMPROVEMENT: Plugin Setup Wizard added
IMPROVEMENT: ‘Become instructor’ option added in the user profile
IMPROVEMENT: Added unique classes to user profile navigation menu
IMPROVEMENT: Added validation to Lost Password box
IMPROVEMENT: Navigation menu badges added
FIXED: Category mega-menu
FIXED: WooCommerce product catalog settings fixed
FIXED: Featured teacher module in Classic LMS 2 layout
FIXED: Image appearance in testimonials section Style 1
FIXED: Certificate Template name editing bug
FIXED: Assignment pagination
FIXED: Draft courses excluded from Gradebook
FIXED: Manage course notice about disabled tabs
FIXED: Drip content dependencies
FIXED: Empty category view (0 subcategories) in the search filter
FIXED: STM LMS Courses grid module title
FIXED: Registration error text fixed
FIXED: Quiz answer “0” treating as incorrect answer bug
FIXED: Manage course loading view on frontend
FIXED: ‘Lost password’ option on mobile
FIXED: Membership plan with No available courses in a subscription will not appear as a purchase option for the course
FIXED: Paginated quiz first/last buttons inactive when on first/last question respectively
FIXED: Question bank adding several banks fixed
FIXED: Login button text changed
FIXED: ‘Become instructor’ button is hidden for logged-in instructors
FIXED: Courses filter category bug
FIXED: Translations with VUE variable {field} fixed
FIXED: LMS pages conflict with Elementor Pro
FIXED: Emails are not being sent when the Email Template addon disabled
UPD: New LMS Settings section is built on CFTO framework
UPD: Translations updated
UPD: Slider Revolution updated to 6.3.9

= 4.2.1 – 2021-01-11 =
FIXED: Minor frontend bugs
FIXED: Logout button URL
FIXED: Cooking demo visual bugs
FIXED: Disable PMPRO redirect while demo import

= v4.2.0 – 29 Dec, 2020 =
UPD: WPBakery updated to 6.5.0
UPD: Slider Revolution updated to 6.3.4
NEW: Cooking Courses demo
IMPROVEMENT: Routes replaced by creating LMS pages
FIXED: WPML Language switcher issues
FIXED: WPML Compatibility issues fixed
ADDED: Select an option to choose course categories (Elementor STM LMS Courses Grid)
ADDED: Wishlist icon changed for classic course style
ADDED: Notification for a Database update
ADDED: Quiz Randomize option for frontend course builder
FIXED: Remove points when retaking the quiz
FIXED: Quiz WebView issues fixed (for Masterstudy App)
FIXED: Assignment count bug fixed
FIXED: Assignment long name issue
FIXED: BuddyPress members, activity page issues fixed
FIXED: Course Bundle description field issue
FIXED: Offline course curriculum dropdown preview button issue fixed.

= v4.1.2 – 19 Nov, 2020 =
FIXED: Creating lesson with Elementor Page Builder
FIXED: Symbols position fixed for RTL
FIXED: Fixed error in share module
FIXED: Removed TGM notice in dashboard for instructors
FIXED: ‘Add student to course’ feature on frontend
FIXED: Spain translation file errors for variables {field}
FIXED: Creating lesson with Elementor Page Builder
FIXED: Per row setting on STM LMS Courses Carousel Elementor widget
FIXED: Folders permissions
FIXED: Point system conflict with the one-time purchase
IMPROVEMENT: Co-instructor courses added to the Instructors’ public profile
IMPROVEMENT: Field for custom point price added
IMPROVEMENT: Co-instructor courses added to the Instructor’s public profile
UPDATED: WPBakery updated to 6.4.2

= v4.1.1 =
– Update: Removed pagination on masonry gallery module
– Improvement: Permission to add file formats for assignments: mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi, mpg
– Improvement: Added per page setting for Elementor Courses carousel
– Improvement: Questions category added to LMS Menu
– Improvement: do_action added to custom routes and lesson (wp_footer, template_redirect)
– Bug Fix: Frontend bug on the course page (layouts: One Instructor, List view)
– Bug Fix: Minor frontend bugs
– Bug Fix: Redirect after pmpro removed
– Bug Fix: Breadcrumb holder removed with transparent header ON
– Bug Fix: Date in Zoom lesson
– Bug Fix: Disabled content tab on the frontend course builder for Zoom lessons
– Bug Fix: Changed lesson duration field type
– Bug Fix: Paid membership checkout frontend bug in mobile version
– Bug Fix: Course per page settings on the archive page
– Bug Fix: Email settings (emails were not sent to the admin when adding a user to the course)
– Bug Fix: Error display when entering the wrong password
– Bug Fix: Redirect from invalid course item
– Update: Spain language translation file
– Update: Author fee text changed to admin commission
– Update: Changed Website earning to Instructors Earning

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