How to remove page title in WordPress using Elementor


Elementor page builder allows you to create any page with just drag and drop. On your website, sometimes, you need to remove page title in WordPress for any reason. In Elementor, you do not need to know any coding knowledge, and you can do this task within a single click.

In this article, I will tell you how to quickly and easily remove page title in WordPress using the Elementor page builder.

remove page title in WordPress using Elementor:

Disabling the page title is an easy task which you can achieve by performing the next steps.


Step 1

Click on pages from the dashboard of your website then, select the page from which you want to hide page title. Click on the “Edit with Elementor” option.


pages option for getting into page tab.

Step 2:

Now click on the setting options located at the bottom left corner.


setting bar in elementor.

Step 3:

You’ll see a “hide title” option in the setting, turn it on and update the changes.


hide title option in elementor page setting.
Done, you have now successfully hid the page title in WordPress.


What if it does not work for you?

In some cases, this feature doesn’t work, meaning that you have failed to hide the page title. This is likely because your theme is using a different class for the title. To fix this, you will have to do some work manually.


Go to your dashboard and hover on Elementor and then click on settings.

remove page title in WordPress
In Elementor page Settings, click on the style tab. There you can see the option of “Page Title Selector”.


Elementor plugin functionality to remove page title in WordPress.
What you need to do here is notice this part “h1.entry-title” with a description.


Add your theme selector for the title here and save changes. Now Elementor hides page title workality should work.


That’s all. I hope you find it informative for how do you remove page title in WordPress using the Elementor page builder.


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