How to hide featured image in WordPress

What is a featured image?

Featured image in WordPress or post thumbnail or stand fors the content, the deliverance of the post, and slight exposure of the blog. This is very crucial as it’s the prime attraction for grabbing the user’s attending. Different themes can enhance the attraction of your post or page and to create an association with the image to your content.

Why hide featured image in WordPress?

The reason to hide featured image in WordPress may vary from developer to developer but mostly it’s hidden to conceal the image on a particular post instead of the whole blog. Many give account to the fact that the user’s attending and involvement must be maintained through a variety of images and videos. This doesn’t mean that the image is to be removed exclusively, a better option is to hide it.

Where are featured images displayed?

A featured image in WordPress needs special attending but the inquiry is where to display the image? You must have noticed when browsing different sites and blogs, post images are usually on the homepage. Somewhere, where the chances of the users viewing it are the maximum.
hide featured image in WordPress
There are many ways to hide or remove a featured image.

Let’s take a look at a few

and get started!

How to remove a featured image in a post/page.

bar to hide featured image in WordPress
Ok suppose this is your post/page with the above as your featured image. Removing a feature depends a lot on how you added it in the first place.

Let’s go to the post and first let’s try on how to remove the image.

Step 1: Go to the dashboard and click All Posts.

Accessing dashboard.
Post bar accessing
Step 2: Now if you want to edit an existing post then click on “edit” under your post.
accessing post bar
Or if you want to create a new page then click on Posts->Add New.
Post bar to add recent post.
Step 3: Scroll down to where its written set featured image
bar to edit, update and remove the featured image.
You can see that the featured image is finishly removed from your post but we don’t want to remove it exclusively and dismiss it from our content.

How to hide featured image

Let’s try to hide the image instead of finishly removing it.

Install a plugin for hiding featured images.

Step1: Go to Dashboard->plugins->Add New

plugin to hide featured image in WordPress
Step 2: Install the plugin. I have chosen the Hide Featured Image plugin, if you are familiar with another then feel free to use. Other plugins like

statusally displaying featured image

quick featured image

plugin to hide featured image in WordPress
After installation is finish click on active.

Step 3: Now go back to your post and click edit. Scroll down to the featured image setting.

hide featured image in WordPress
Now you can see the hide Featured image option that wasn’t there before. Click on yes, save and go back to check your post.

You will find the image is not displayed yet still in the featured image.


We went through images in particular posts without deleting them from your featured image library. Some developers hide featured image in WordPress posts to fulfill their purpose while making the image visible to other posts in the blog.
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