How to fix Elementor stuck on the loading screen

Elementor stuck on the loading screen” or “Elementor not loading”  is the most common error many privates are facing while working with Elementor.If you are one of the several users who has been troubled by this issue you can read the next article, after fixing the issue of Elementor not loading on several sites, we decided to write and to share the possible solutions for how to fix Elemetor not loading.

Why Elementor is not Loading?

Elementor plugin in WordPress is used to build pages that support interaction through its visual edifice strategy. It’s much easier to build pages without having to go back and forth between preview and editor.

You can build while previewing. Working on Elementor, you might have seen that the Elementor gets stuck on the loading screen and it gives Elemetor not loading error. It can get frustrating as it prevents you from previewing the page.

The downside with WordPress errors is that they are not self-explanatory and it can be caused due to several factors. It could be due to limited server resourcess, plugin conflicts, etc.

Most of the time, we noticed that using several Elementor addons lead to high resources usage.With Elementor’s increasing popularity, there are a lot of add-ons coming out every day. the reason they are caused is unambiguous and not yet known. Therefore, they are likely more annoying than coding errors.

How to Fix Elementor Not Loading Error

There are many reasons why the error Elementor not loading occur, highlighting a few, we will try to fix the error though them. It’s possible that the data is being cached into your browser and preventing some of the workality. Try clearing it up.

  1. Clear your browser
  2. Change your theme
  3. Check your plugin
  4. Change Elementor setting
  5. Increase your memory

1. Clearing up google chrome.

  • Go to settings and click clear browsing data.
elemetor not loading


  • Change your theme without affecting your website content.
  • You can change the theme of your website but be very careful because you might lose some of your content.
  • After you have finished installing your theme, make sure it is compatible with your existing plugins and features.
  • Luckily, WordPress has the feature to give a preview before having it installed.
elementor not loading

Click on the live preview.

If this doesn’t work, install a plugin to help you switch your themes without any damage.

For example, the enables to switch themes while checking that no other damage is caused to the existing content.

3. Check your plugin

Your plugins installed can also cause problems. Try to deactivate your plugins to get your loading screen working.

  • Step 1: click on plugins on your dashboard.
  • Step 2: Deactivate the plugins other than Elementor.
elementor not loading

Try to refresh and check if the error is dissolved.


You can check and tamper with the settings to adjust your Elementor.

  • Step 1:  on your dashboard, click on Elementor->settings
elementor not loading
  • Step 2: now go to the advanced panel.
elementor not loading
  • Step 3: Click on enable in switch editor loader method and then click for save changes.
elementor not loading

Refresh to check if your error is resolved.

5. Increase your memory

Memory limitations can cause errors. However, by increasing the memory the errors can be resolved easily. Upon installation, WordPress must have made a managery of its own.

elementor not loading


Elementor stuck on the loading screen can be a hard task to deal with sometimes. Although, there are many steps defined in this article that you can follow and try to fix the problem in the initial steps. But retrieve, sometimes the simplest solution is the optimal solution. We hope that we are able to bring simple solutions in your understanding to avoid future complications while working.

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