GravityView v2.16.1– Display Gravity Forms Plugin Free Download

GravityView – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website v2.13

what is GravityView?

GravityView is a commercial plugin available from The plugin is hosted here on a public GitHub repository to better facilitate community contributions from developers and users. If you have a suggestion, a bug report, or a patch for an issue, feel free to submit it here.

If you are using the plugin on a live site, please purchase a valid license from the website. We cannot provide support to anyone that does not hold a valid license key.

Unlimited Views
Make Views until you float away. There is no limit to how many you can create.

Approve & Reject Entries
Approve each entry before it goes live. If you want to allow all entries, that works too.

Edit Entries From the Front End
No need for the admin dashboard: edit the entry in the original Gravity Forms form…and allow users to edit the entries they created.

Gravity Forms Add-Ons Compatible
GravityView works with all official Gravity Forms Add-Ons. We work well with the Gravity Forms ecosystem.

GravityView is available in English, Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Don’t see your language? Contribute a translation!

Import CSVs
Want to import data from a CSV file to use in Gravity Forms? No problem! We have the Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin

Featured Entries
Want specific entries to always show first? Simply “star” them in the Admin panel and voila!

Awesome Support from Rafael, Kiefer, and Zac
We’re here, we’re real, and we’re nice. We maintain the plugin and love our customers. We tend to use emoji in our responses. Please ask us a question, or just say hi!

GravityView Demo:

GravityView – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Features:

  • Views are limitless: Make as many views as you can till you float away. You have no limit on how many you can make.
  • Approve and Disapprove Entries: Before each entry goes online, give it your approval. This also works if you wish to accept all submissions.
  • From the Front End, Edit Entries: You may modify the entry in the original Gravity Forms form without using the admin dashboard…and allow users to make changes to the entries they’ve made.
  • Compatible with Gravity Forms Add-Ons: GravityView is compatible with all Gravity Forms Add-Ons. We have a good working relationship with the Gravity Forms ecosystem.
  • Multilingual: English, Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Romanian are among the languages supported by GravityView. Don’t see your native tongue? Make a translation contribution!
  • CSV files can be imported: Want to use Gravity Forms to import data from a CSV file? It’s no issue! The Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin is available.
  • Entries that have been highlighted: Do you want certain entries to always appear first? Simply mark them as “starred” in the Admin page, and you’re done!
  • Rafael, Kiefer, and Zac provided outstanding support: We’re here, we’re genuine, and we’re pleasant. We keep the plugin updated and appreciate our customers. In our answers, we frequently employ emoji. Please contact us with any questions or simply to say hello!
  • This is ideal for paid directories: Use a Gravity Forms payment Add-On, customize your View, and you’ve got yourself a paid Directory!
  • Edit Entries in the Front End: On the front end of your site, inside the original Gravity Forms form, edit entries. Users can also update their own entries in GravityView! You decide who has access to edit and which fields they have access to.
  • Integration of DataTables: DataTables, the greatest script for working with tabular data, is closely integrated with GravityView. With live updates, you may browse, filter, and sort entries. Included with the Galactic or Interstellar licensing levels.
  • GFChart, Gravity Flow, and Gravity PDF: To do even more with your form data, GravityView works well with GravityFlow, Gravity PDF, and GFChart.
  • Continual Improvement: We made an average of 13.85 modifications to GravityView every week during the last year. In the last month, GravityView has seen over 60 enhancements. This is real-time data, and we’re still going strong!

GravityView Changelog:- Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

“Download GravityView v2.16.0.2 – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Nulled Free
= v2.16.0.2 on December 1, 2022 =

  • Fixed: Fatal error when Maps isn’t installed”

“Download GravityView v2.14.7 – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Nulled Free
= v2.14.7 on July 31, 2022 =

  • Fixed: GravityView plugin updates were not shown in the plugin update screen since version 2.14.4 (April 27, 2022)”

= 2.14.2 on March 10, 2022 =

* Fixed: Potential fatal error on PHP 8 when exporting View entries in CSV and TSV formats
* Fixed: Search widget would cause a fatal error when the Number field is used with the “is” operator
* Fixed: Search widget returning incorrect results when a field value is blank and the operator is set to “is”
* Fixed: Gravity Forms widget icon not showing
* Fixed: Gravity Forms widget not displaying available forms when the View is saved

Download GravityView v2.16.1– Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

GravityView addons

GravityView Addons List

  1. GravityView AZ Filters Extension v1.2.1
  2. GravityView DataTables Extension v2.6
  3. GravityView Featured Entries Extension v2.0.7
  4. GravityView Reloaded v2.0
  5. GravityView Ratings & Reviews v2.1
  6. GravityView Visual Composer Extension v1.0.5
  7. GravityView Enable Gravity Forms Notifications v1.0
  8. GravityView Social Sharing & SEO v2.0
  9. GravityView DIY Layout v2.3
  10. GravityView Entry Revisions v1.1
  11. GravityView Inline Edit v1.5
  12. GravityView Maps v1.7.5
  13. GravityView Gravity Forms Import Entries v2.2.6
  14. Math by GravityView v2.0.4
  15. GravityView – Gravity Actions v1.1
  16. GravityView – Advanced Filter Extension v2.1.14
  17. Gravity Views Addon – Calendar v2.0
  18. GFChart GravityView Add-On v0.9
  19. GravityView Multiple Forms v0.2 beta 2
  20. GravityView – Gravity Export v1.0.8
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