download Gravity Flow – WordPress Business Process Automatio v2.8.7 + Addons

Gravity Flow WordPress Business Process Automatio v2.7.5 Addons

what is Gravity Flow?

Gravity Flow is a premium WordPress plugin built to automate repetitive business processes. In addition, it strengthens control and accounting, increases information transparency, minimizes errors, and clarifies responsibilities. Gravity Flow is suitable for all types of businesses.

Gravity Flow  features:

Gravity Flow features:
– Workflows can be performed by many users
– Storing forms in your personal cloud for maximum security
– Improving communication and reducing user confusion
– Editing resubmit forms
– Tracking user activity with Timeline and Activity Logs
– Assign actions, roles, or email attachments to internal and external users
– Send automatic welcome emails to users without using a third party responder
– Receive automatic updates in just one click in the console for added security

With Gravity Flow, you can create custom web forms that can be sent to users. Users simply add something to the process and send it on until the process is complete.

Gravity Flow Demo Online

Gravity Flow changelogs

“Download Gravity Flow v2.8.7 – Business Process Automation with WordPress Nulled Free
= v2.8.7 = 2022-11-30

  • Update branding throughout the product.”

= v2.8.5 = 2022-07-25

  • Updated default page creation on new activations to use block or shortcode based on active theme settings.
  • Fixed support for Live Merge Tags on entry details screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Workflow Step Settings assignee updates not being applied to assignees of active steps.

= v2.8.4 = 2022-07-02 =

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added accessibility enhancements.
  • Added a new action hook gravityflow_entry_detail_content_after to allow custom markup after the form on the entry details page.
  • Added merge tag drop down to multiple textarea step settings on start, user input, approval and complete step types.
  • Removed specific tabindex on User Input step update button so it can be accessed following standard browser navigation/accessibility patterns.
  • Fixed an issue with filter forms not working with Workflow Inbox and Workflow Status blocks for some users.
  • Fixed an issue with User Input steps and field values involving conditional logic display.
  • Fixed an issue where inbox preferences are not saved for some assignees.

= v2.8.3 = 2022-06-11

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added performance enhancements for the inbox and workflow detail page.
  • Added better handling for the inbox to the workflow details screen link. Cmd + click now loads in new tab without focusing it, left shift + click opens it in a new tab and focuses it.
  • Added support for Workflow merge tags in the merge tag drop-down of Notification subject lines.
  • Added gravityflow_inbox_items_per_page_default filter to allow changing of the default items per page count for all inboxes.
  • Added support for Live Merge Tags within HTML fields on entry details screen.
  • Updated inbox grid strings to be translatable.
  • Updated the inbox to automatically adjust the height of field based or custom columns based on their content.
  • Updated the Workflow Detail Page button styles so the color property is more flexible for theme overrides.
  • Fixed an issue with shortcode detection displaying warning when wp_query->posts is not set such as on wp-login.php.
  • Fixed a warning for sites with license key stored on wp-config.
  • Fixed display issues with the inbox on rtl layouts.
  • Fixed an issue with the inbox settings flyout where the component’s icon is missing.
  • Fixed an issue which can cause fatal errors for some edge case server configurations.
  • Fixed an issue which causes inbox notification preferences to not save.
  • Fixed an issue that causes date fields in legacy mode enabled inboxes to print a duplicate empty column.
  • Fixed an issue that causes date fields in status tables to print a duplicate empty column.
  • Fixed an issue for inbox, status, and submit block where the block form filtering setting allows you to select the placeholder as an option.
  • Fixed an issue with Conditional logic for HTML fields on User Input Step overriding the Display Field Settings.
  • Fixed an issue which prevents users from being able to delete a file from within a User Input step.

= v2.8.2 = 2022-04-03

  • Added the gravityflow_inbox_field_value filter to allow field values to be modified for the workflow inbox.
  • Added the gravityflow_network_non_site_user_notification filter to allow network users of a multisite to receive notifications.
  • Fixed an issue with RTL languages not displaying correctly on the Reports front-end page.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Nested Form fields on a User Input Workflow Step to produce a fatal error on submission.
  • Fixed an issue with outgoing webhook steps displaying an error if a GET request includes no request field values.
  • Fixed an issue with date fields on the Gravity Forms entry list page.
  • Fixed a warning on the login page.

= v2.7.7 =

  • Added settings for custom confirmation messages after approval and rejection.
  • Added a setting for custom cancellation message.
  • Added a translator comment to the tooltip text for the partial entries workflow enabling feed setting.
  • Fixed an issue with RTL languages not displaying correctly on the Reports page.

= v2.7.6 =

  • Added a setting to enable updates to pre-releases of Gravity Flow.
  • Fixed an issue with conditional routing not loading when the Workflow Notification setting was active on Gravity Forms 2.5.13 and greater.
  • Fixed an issue with File Upload field not displaying download/remove file icon links on User Input steps when accessed via the dashboard inbox.
  • Fixed an issue with Workflow Status Box not displaying long step names correctly on the Workflow Details page.
  • Fixed an issue with start step type display field settings not evaluating correctly for entry creator status page view.

= v2.7.5 =

  • Added TranslationsPress to manage translations for Gravity Flow and the extensions. Translations for the installed WordPress languages will be installed on Gravity Flow/extension installation and updates. The WordPress updates page will also offer to install them when updates to the translations are available. The WP-CLI wp language plugin commands for managing translations are also supported.
  • Added CSS classes to the Workflow Status Box.
  • Added two filters to the step get_form function – gravityflow_{$this->get_type()}_form and gravityflow_step_form – to allow the form to be revised before/during step processing.
  • Updated the request body sent by the Gravity Forms Zapier Add-On to include formatted versions of workflow field values.
  • Removed the step type restrictions note from the Workflow > Settings > Connected Apps page.
  • Fixed new theme css and js bundles loading on all pages.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Gravity Perks Populate Anything Perk.
  • Fixed an issue where the Likert field is editable on the User Input step when it should be display only.
  • Fixed an issue where Workflow Detail Page for an entry is loading without matching the form id.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF Custom File Name Setting did not appear as a sub-setting under Send by Email on PDF Workflow Step Settings.

= v2.7.4 =

  • Fixed an issue with the entry filter setting where the settings are not saved for the Update Fields step.
  • Fixed an issue where the values of administrative fields are lost when partial entries are updated by the Partial Entries Add-On. Requires Partial Entries Add-On v1.6.1 or greater.
  • Fixed an issue with Gravity Forms 2.5 not displaying the green triangle next to the editable fields on the User Input Workflow Step.

= v2.7.3 =

  • Added the Form setting to the Zapier step enabling multiple forms to use the same Zap.
  • Added the gravityflow_note_valid filter to customize note validation for Approval and User Input steps.
  • Fixed Font Awesome not loading for shortcodes which causes the quick actions for inbox to not be visible.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank note could be submitted with whitespaces, even if it is required.
  • Fixed an issue where uninstall for extensions on Gravity Forms Settings is not loading the correct page.

= v2.7.2 =

  • Fixed deprecation warnings when saving steps on Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Gravity Forms OAuth1 connected apps to fail verification.
  • Fixed an issue where the File Upload field generates a validation error when progress is saved on the User Input Step.
  • Fixed an issue when the filter gravityflow_form_ids_status in use with the filter gravityflow_status_filter fetches invalid counters for the Status Page.

= v2.7.1 =

  • Added action gravityflow_step_start for custom logic to perform when any step starts.
  • Fixed an issue with step ordering that causes a conflict with other add-ons that support feed ordering.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents the use of gravityflow_status_filter with an ‘any’ mode selection from being applied correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Icons in the Timeline View to display at the wrong size in Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Order Summary to display on Complete Step even when the setting was disabled.
  • Fixed the entry filter setting to support the filters being passed in the field config which improves Form Connector extension remote site scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML fields conditional logic that affected their display on Workflow Detail page for completed workflows.
  • Fixed the background on Workflow Labels Settings page with Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the Update button on the Workflow Labels Settings page with Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Updated the Status Page to use a CSS Loading Spinner to replace the deprecated Spinner Gif from Gravity Forms Core.
  • Updated the Assignee Email Message Textarea to improve support for the TinyMCE Editor from Gravity Forms 2.5

= v2.7 =

  • Added support for Gravity Forms 2.5-beta-3.
  • Added filter gravityflow_entry_url_status_table to allow the url in status page to be customized.
  • Added filter gravityflow_sort_columns_status_table to allow custom columns defined in gravityflow_field_value_status_table to be sorted
  • Added filter gravityflow_sort_criteria_status to allow initial sort order on status page load to be defined.
  • Added a setting to enable the Workflow Inbox count in the WordPress admin menu.
  • Updated the Workflow Inbox Count to be disabled by default; it can be enabled with the advanced setting on the plugin settings page.
  • Fixed an issue where the front-end workflow was showing stuck on same step for email based assignee.
  • Fixed an issue with Step Assignees on User Input Step causing a Fatal Error.
  • Fixed an issue with the print button on workflow details page and front-end pages.
  • Fixed JS errors with multiple status shortcodes on the same page.
  • Fixed an issue where workflow steps are processed for entry revisions created by GravityView Entry Revisions.
  • Fixed an issue with Step Condition on Form Submission Step. The entry meta of child form was fetched to process the condition, instead of parent form.
  • Fixed an issue with step reassignment when the assignee policy has changed.

= v2.6 =

  • Added support for Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Added the ‘gravityflow_inbox_count_display’ filter to allow the inbox count to be hidden in the WordPress admin menu.
  • Added the ‘gravityflow_major_version_auto_updates_allowed’ filter to allow only minor versions to be auto-updated.
  • Fixed an issue with Step Assignees on User Input Step causing a Fatal Error.

download Gravity Flow – WordPress Business Process Automatio v2.8.7 + Addons

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