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WP Offload Media Pro

what is WP Offload Media Pro?

WP Offload Media moves files from your WordPress Media Library to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage, and then rewrites URLs to serve the media from the same storage provider, Amazon CloudFront, or another CDN. WP Offload Media can also detect assets (CSS, JS, pictures, etc.) used by your site and deliver them from your favorite CDN using the Assets plugin.

WP Offload Media Pro demo

How Does It Work?

Easily Upload Your Previous Media Library

Begin unloading your current Media Library, and WP Offload Media will do so in the background. You may either shut the browser tab and forget about it, or you can keep it open and track progress from the WP Offload Media settings page. You may even pause and resume playback.

Control The Media Library’s Cloud Storage


We’ve placed controls throughout the Media Library to give the impression that WordPress supports Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Google Cloud Storage natively. You can choose multiple files and transfer them to cloud storage, delete them from cloud storage, or copy them back to the server from cloud storage. Alternatively, you may examine a single file, check its cloud storage data, copy it to and from cloud storage, and delete it from cloud storage. You may even switch between public and private access without leaving the Media Library.

Lightning Served By Private Media Amazon Cloudfront Fast


Using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads to sell digital goods? Or perhaps you run a membership site and need to safeguard members-only films and other information. WP Offload Media allows you to configure Amazon CloudFront to offer some files in your bucket to the public while protecting others and serving them only to signed-in users.

Get Files Off The Server


WP Offload Media can save server storage space by eliminating media files that have been offloaded to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage. In order to free up storage space, we also offer a program that discreetly removes all offloaded media files from the server in the background.

Between Buckets Copy


Do you need to copy your offloaded material to a different bucket on the same cloud storage provider? Perhaps you’re transitioning from a staging bucket to a production bucket? WP Offload Media makes it simple to move media from one bucket to another within the same cloud storage provider. Files are discreetly copied in the background.

Move Files To New Storage Directory


When you alter the Path, Year/Month, or Object Versioning storage options, you will be prompted to relocate existing files to the new path. If you select “No,” current material will remain where they are, and only newly uploaded media will utilize the new route.

Join Media Items That Are Currently In The Cloud

Do you already have your website’s material stored in the cloud? Maybe you’re leaving WP Engine but want to maintain your LargeFS Amazon S3 bucket? Simply configure WP Offload Media using your bucket and storage location, and then run the metadata tool to connect your WordPress media library items to the media assets existing in the cloud.

Speed Up CSS, JS, Fonts, And Other Asset Delivery

With the Assets Pull addon, you can start delivering your site’s assets (CSS, JS, fonts, and so on) from Amazon CloudFront or another CDN in a matter of seconds. The addon includes a setup wizard that will guide you through the process of building a suitable CloudFront distribution to serve your content using your own domain name.

WP Offload Media Pro Features:

  • SERVER REQUESTS SHOULD BE REDUCED: Images, CSS, JS, videos, PDFs, zips, and other files no longer have to be served by your server. It can devote all of its resources to processing PHP and providing WordPress pages more quickly.
  • FASTER LOADING OF PAGE ASSETS: Images, CSS, JS, fonts, and other assets will download more quickly, reducing page load time. Amazon CloudFront and other CDNs are specifically developed for this purpose.
  • SATISFIED VISITORS: According to a 2010 survey by Akamai, 57 percent of visitors would abandon a page if it takes 3 seconds or longer to load. The faster a website loads, the happier the visitor, and the more likely they’ll remain around, go to the next page, buy a product, or fill out a form.
  • IMPROVE YOUR GOOGLE RANKING: Google is obsessed with speed, and they’ve been using page speed as a signal in their search algorithms since 2010. So, by shortening the time it takes for your pages to load, you may enhance your position in search results, drive more organic visitors to your site, and increase conversions and sales.

WP Offload Media Pro Changelog:

2.6.2 – Apr 04, 2022
Bug fix: Upgrade routine no longer risks breaking items when external object cache is in use
Bug fix: Error notices from the download tool are no longer cluttered with raw error messages from the provider
Bug fix: Bulk handling tools now show a maximum of 100 error messages in the UI

2.6.1 – Mar 21, 2022
Bug fix: Local files are no longer removed if the as3cf_pre_upload_attachment filter is used to abort upload
Bug fix: Remove from Bucket no longer proceeds if missing local file cannot be retrieved from bucket
Bug fix: BuddyBoss: Integration is no longer enabled if BuddyPress is active
Bug fix: BuddyBoss: Images are no longer repeated in posts when integration is active
Bug fix: BuddyBoss: Offloaded custom default avatar and cover images are now displayed on the frontend
Bug fix: BuddyBoss: Enabling custom default avatar or cover images no longer stops download or remove tools from completing
Bug fix: BuddyBoss: Custom default avatar and cover images are now included when bulk offloading existing media
Bug fix: BuddyBoss: Removing a custom default avatar or cover image now also removes it from the bucket
Bug fix: BuddyBoss: Removing a custom default cover image no longer results in an error
Bug fix: BuddyBoss: Adding a new avatar that is offloaded and removed from server now displays properly without a page refresh

2.6.0 – Mar 09, 2022
New: BuddyBoss Platform: Avatars and cover images for users and groups are now offloaded
New: WP Offload Media is now compatible with WordPress 5.9 and Full Site Editing
Improvement: Offloaded thumbnail sizes are now tracked for better handling of changes to registered sizes
Improvement: Offloads and other storage provider actions are faster
Bug fix: URL rewriting now works in the Full Site Editor
Bug fix: Offloaded images are now shown when re-editing a Block Template or Template Part
Bug fix: URL rewriting now works for Widgets migrated to a Widget Sidebar Block
Bug fix: Objects are no longer left in the bucket when deleting a Media Library item with many changes to its thumbnail sizes
Bug fix: Enable Media Replace: Thumbnails are now generated while using Remove Files From Server
Bug fix: Enable Media Replace: Original files are no longer left on the server while using Remove Files From Server
Bug fix: MetaSlider Pro: URL rewriting now works for Layer Slides
Bug fix: WooCommerce: Private offloading of WooCommerce downloads once again works following changes introduced by WordPress 5.9″

v2.5.6 – Aug 25, 2021
Bug fix: License checks result in unnecessary requests to our API when transients aren’t correctly configured
Bug fix: Some third party Elementor widgets cause server side errors

v2.5.5- Jul 19, 2021
New: WordPress 5.8 compatible
Bug fix: URLs not rewritten when using Elementor’s inline CSS option
Bug fix: URL rewriting stops Elementor’s custom fonts from being used
Bug fix: Signed GCS URLs broken when updating a post
Bug fix: Incorrect mime type set on scaled image’s bucket object when thumbnail format differs from original file’s format

v2.5.4 – Mar 09, 2021
Bug fix: In rare cases Elementor Analyze & Repair tool might corrupt page structure
Bug fix: Notice to run Elementor Analyze & Repair tool shown if Elementor not active but previously was

v2.5.3 – Mar 03, 2021
New: Full integration with Elementor and Elementor Pro
New: Added DigitalOcean region San Francisco 3
New: WordPress 5.7 compatible
Bug fix: Domain mapping not handled correctly when the local URL includes a port number
Bug fix: In some unusual configurations the upgrade routine uses incorrect name for multisite blogs table

v2.5.2 – Dec 14, 2020
New: AWS PHP SDK 3.168.0
New: Google Cloud Storage SDK 1.23.0
Improvement: Faster saving of posts with many external links
Improvement: Faster URL rewriting when Force HTTPS setting being used but is not needed
Bug fix: PHP Fatal error on the settings page when using PHP 8.0
Bug fix: PHP Warning: The magic method Integration_Manager::__wakeup() must have public visibility in …/classes/pro/integration-manager.php on line 56

v2.5.1 – 2020-11-25
New: WordPress 5.6 compatible
New: PHP 8.0 compatible
Bug fix: PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in …/vendor/deliciousbrains/updates.php on line 156
Bug fix: Unexpectedly asked to select bucket after saving settings when legacy access key named constants defined
Bug fix: srcset missing for some images
Bug fix: Error saving item during Metadata upgrade in some cases

v2.5.0 – 2020-11-11
New: WooCommerce Integration: Existing downloadable product files automatically served from cloud storage after offload
New: WooCommerce Integration: Downloadable product file URLs now show cloud storage URL when editing a product
New: WooCommerce Integration: WooCommerce S3 Storage shortcodes rewritten to standard URLs if Media Library item available
New: WooCommerce Integration: Verify and update downloadable products tool converts shortcodes to standard URLs where possible
New: WooCommerce Integration: Verify and update downloadable products tool ensures offloaded media used in products is private in cloud storage
New: WooCommerce Integration: [amazon_s3 id=123] format shortcode deprecated
New: Add Metadata tool enables adoption of existing Media Library items already offloaded to cloud storage by other means
Improvement: Error notice shown when plugin’s required custom table(s) missing
Improvement: Diagnostic Info shows status of plugin’s required custom tables
Bug fix: Signed CloudFront URLs do not work when used in File Download block
Bug fix: wp_get_original_image_path function does not return provider URL when local files removed
Bug fix: File missing notices recorded in debug.log when regenerating thumbnails and Remove Files From Server turned on

v2.4.4 – 2020-09-08
Improvement: Updated AWS PHP SDK to v3.151.6
Bug fix: Files for duplicate thumbnail sizes not removed from server after initial offload
Bug fix: PHP Fatal error: Class ‘DeliciousBrains\WP_Offload_Media\Aws3\Symfony\Polyfill\Intl\Idn\Idn’ not found
Bug fix: PHP Recoverable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in …/wp-includes/post.php on line 504
Bug fix: PHP message: PHP Warning: is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect
Bug fix: URLs not rewritten for RSS feed enclosures

v2.4.3 – 2020-09-01
Improvement: Updated AWS PHP SDK to v3.151.3
Bug fix: PHP Fatal error: Class ‘DeliciousBrains\WP_Offload_Media\Aws3\Symfony\Polyfill\Intl\Idn\Idn’ not found

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Download WP Offload Media Pro v3.0.2 + Assets Pull Addon v1.1.2

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