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what is TotalDesk?

TotalDesk is WordPress’s only all-in-one helpdesk solution. It includes all of the support capabilities you require, such as a ticket- and notification system, livechat, a knowledge base, reports, and an integration module. Get TotalDesk instead of individual helpdesk plugins!

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TotalDesk – Helpdesk, Live Chat, Knowledge Base & Ticket System Features:

  • System of Ticketing
    • Three New Tickt Forms
    • Fetching from the Inbox
    • Agent and Reporter are the two roles.
    • My Ticket Sales Page
    • Configure the default settings for new tickets.
    • Set your own ticket status.
    • Create your own ticket types.
    • Create a custom ticket for Project / Systems.
    • Attachment Help
    • Notify Agents of Notifications
    • Comment Form in HTML WYSIWIG
    • Replies that were saved
    • System of logging and history
    • XLS file export
    • Email can be responded to by Reporters and Agents.
    • Overview of the Ticket (assigned to, status in colors)
      Archieve Inbox Folder
  • Notifications
    • Notifications through Email
    • Notifications on the Desktop
    • Notifications on Slack
    • Notify me when a ticket is generated.
    • Notify me when someone responds
    • Notify me when a status changes.
    • Notify me when an agent is appointed.
  • Livechat
    • Begin a fresh conversation with a new topic (new ticket)
    • Enter a conversation using the specified ticket ID.
    • When no agent is available, send a message (new ticket).
    • Every communication in the chat room will be kept.
  • Base of Knowledge
    • Make a FAQ out of a ticket.
    • Sort FAQs by subject.
    • Customize the Icons for Topics
    • Search for FAQs in real time.
    • Keep track of FAQ views.
    • 3 pre-installed widgets
    • Sort FAQs by Popularity / Views
    • 2 different layouts (boxed, list)
  • Reports
    • Tickets Sold by an Agent
    • Availability of Tickets
    • Types of Tickets
    • System Tickets
    • Yearly Tickets
    • Monthly Tickets
    • Ticket Prices by Year and Month
  • Integrations
    • WooCommerce
    • Envato
    • Slack
  • Well-documented

TotalDesk – Helpdesk, Live Chat, Knowledge Base & Ticket System Changelog:


  • NEW: Default Reply template
  • NEW: Custom FAQ topic image icon
  • NEW: Create custom form field types
  • NEW: Default Auto Reply
  • NEW: Custom text before submit button
  • NEW: Added CSS classes to my tickets table
  • FIX: POT strings missing
  • FIX: Saved Replies not working
  • FIX: WP recent comment widget showed ticket replies

– NEW: Added support for our Ultimate Tabs plugin

– NEW: Customers removed admin bar too now
– FIX: Removed the activity dashboard

– NEW: Default sort order for my tickets on ticket ID DESC
– FIX: Improved Sorting by date and ticket ID in my tickets
– FIX: Single FAQ Schema issue
– FIX: Removed tags from data

– NEW: Added support (rich snippet data) to FAQ Archives & Pages

– FIX: get_sites function not available 1.7.20 – NEW: Added Gutenberg support for all Post types – NEW: Added 3 new parameters to faqs shortcode: accordion show_faq_icon faq_columns

– FIX: Removed Databales CDN loading – FIX: Multisite register roles globally 1.7.19 – FIX: Comments not visible when ticket closed – FIX: Comments not showing in DIVI theme 1.7.18 – NEW: Close comments when a ticket is marked as solved / closed

– NEW: Updated all translations – FIX: Updated font awesome in backend also – FIX: Data privacy checkbox not removed when deactivated – FIX: Removed the login URL filter as admins cant login when no page was set 1.7.17 – FIX: Font awesome updated to v5 1.7.16 – NEW: Dispaly Website URL in ticket frontend – FIX: product removed after single ticket backend saved 1.7.15 – NEW: WooCommerce Order & Product & Envato Item display in single ticket page

– NEW: Set order subjects yourself

– FIX: Huge performance increase when you used WooCommerce – FIX: Website URL for woo form fields disabled by default – FIX: Added wp_kses to message field in checkbox – FIX: Moved Data privacy checkbox below message field 1.7.14 – NEW: Data privacy checkbox for all new ticket forms (GDPR)

– NEW: Updated translation files – FIX: PHP notices 1.7.13 – NEW: Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework Read more here: This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards

1.7.12 – NEW: Advanced settings > disable font awesome loading – FIX: JS / CSS loading when not enabled services – FIX: From now on all shortcodes will be removed from new tickets 1.7.11 – FIX: User creation with empty mail / username – FIX: Had to drop Slack Integration due to the PHP package is now maintained Looking for another solution 1.7.10 – NEW: Send feedback message + satisfied to agent

1.7.9 – NEW: Agents can close tickets in fronted – FIX: PHP notice in faq post type 1.7.8 – NEW: Added time caching for inbox + automatically close tickets – FIX: Custom fields not showing in single ticket – FIX: Wrong custom field validation for Envato or Woo 1.7.7 – NEW: Big Performance Release !! MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON LATEST VERSION OF REDUX FRAMEWORK !! – FIX: Translations updated 1.7.6 – FIX: Create ticket “not set” – FIX: My Tickets title too long did not break 1.7.5 – NEW: FAQ topics URL contains parent category in URL now – NEW: faqs shortcode now can contain multiple categories COMMA separated – FIX: INBOX PHP fatal error – FIX: Single FAQ back to did not show correct last FAQ topic – FIX: CSS issue in Flatsome with widget – FIX: Margin missing when using fab icon – FIX: CSS issue with not aligned items 1.7.4 – NEW: Custom separate fields for WooCommerce, Simpel & Envato ticket form – NEW: Show title in faq topics – NEW: 2 new Options to disable / enable show topic children or categories – NEW: Hide FAQs if subtopics exists – NEW: Better flatsome support – NEW: Multiple new Arguments for faqs shortcode: topic = ”, show_topic_title = ‘false’, show_back_to_parent_topic = ‘false’, content = ‘false’, excerpt = ‘true’, link = ‘true’, max_faqs = ‘-1’, show_children = ‘false’, hide_faqs_when_subcategories_exists = ‘false’, show_child_categories = ‘true’, columns = $this->get_option(‘FAQColumns’), order = ‘ASC’, orderby = ‘menu_order’, – FIX: Search icon fix in flatsome – FIX: Wrong CSS Class for before FAQs – FIX: Tickets in My Account of WooCommerce could not be submitted 1.7.3 – FIX: Mail fetching not working when custom required fields created 1.7.2 – FIX: Added array filter for required / optional new fields Ticket could not be created! not set! 1.7.1 – NEW: Agents can create tickets on behalf of customers in the new ticket page:

– NEW: FAQ search also searches in comments: – NEW: Cleaned the plugin settings / moved fields – NEW: WooCommerce FAQ integration now can use excerpt + links. Also columns can be set now:

– NEW: Custom fields will also be exported in Excel file – NEW: Topics widget can hide / show empty topics and display subcategories

– NEW: Add / Create content before FAQs or Tickets

– FIX: Live Search not working in sidebar when disabled in plugin settings – FIX: when new ticket got an error, previous filled out fields were gone – FIX: Live chat could not be started because of custom fields missing – FIX: Attachment lightbox hidden behind chat – FIX: Updated POT file 1.7.0 – NEW: Custom Ticket Input Fields You can now create custom text fields (required or optional) within plugin settings Example: – FIX: Added required attribute to input fields

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