Free Download ToolKit For Elementor v1.4.9

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What is ToolKit For Elementor?

ToolKit for Elementor is a user-driven framework that focuses on Site Performance, Workflow Productivity, and reducing plugin & theme dependence. Zero Widgets. Fewer Server Requests. Faster Workflow.

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Toolkit For Elementor Key Features

  • Easy Template Sharing – Quickly share saved Elementor templates across your other sites using Syncer. Simply generate a Syncer Key and connect to your other sites with a click – no cloud needed.
  • Secure WP Login – One of the most common attack vectors for hackers is bruteforce attacks on your wp-login url. Easily change your WP login URL to instantly stop login attacks in their tracks.
  • Customize WP Admin – Use Dashing to insert an Elementor template into your WP Admin Dashboard. Customize the branding of your WP login page. More options coming soon!
  • User Access Links – Need to share access to your WP Admin Dashboard with a support team or developer? Quickly create temporary User Access Links- no need to share your admin creds.
  • WP Core Manager – Disable automatic updates of WP Core, themes and plugins. Optimize the WP Heartbeat API and other background processes. Disable WP admin dashboard widgets with a few clicks.
  • Database Cleaner – In our Code Cleaner area, you can easily clean and optimize the WP Database with a few clicks. Clear out unused transients, old post revisions, spam comments and more.

ToolKit For Elementor chaneglogs

“Download Toolkit for Elementor v1.4.9 Nulled Free
[NEW] User Access Links > Ability to reassign content created by deleted User Access Link User
[BUG FIX] Fixes and improvements to feature toggle messages
[BUG FIX] Booster > Performance Audit > GTMetrix API fixes complete
[IMPROVEMENT] GTMetrix API > Updated to Lighthouse and Chrome versions
[IMPROVEMENT] GTMetrix API > Increased stability and improved concurrency to:
San Francisco, USA
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Frankfurt, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Paris, France
London, UK
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tokyo, Japan
Danville, USA
Chicago, USA
[OPTIMIZATION] General Code Housekeeping & Maintenance
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor v3.8
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro v3.8
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Woocommerce 7.0.1
[COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WordPress 6.1″

Free Download ToolKit For Elementor v1.4.9

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