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What is PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon?

IdeaBox Creations created the PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon. It enhances Beaver Builder’s capabilities with its bespoke, innovative, and one-of-a-kind modules.

There are 50+ drag-and-drop modules, 350+ design components, sections, row templates, and page templates to help you speed up the building of your website. You will be able to create professional websites without having to write code.

It also includes lead-generating modules like as call to action buttons, a popup generator, a banner builder, and many more. You can create magnificent websites in a matter of hours with the PowerPack Addon for Beaver Builder.

PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon Demo

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Core Features Of PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon

  • Beaver Builder Modules – Highly useful, creative, functionality-oriented modules to help you build better websites.
  • Template Library – Ready-to-use page and section templates for building a complete website in a few clicks.
  • Extensions – Beaver Builder extensions that will make your life easy and reduce the need for third-party plugins.

PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon Changelogs

“Download PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon v2.26.4 Nulled Free
Release date: November 10, 2022

  • Fix: Photo Gallery – PHP 8.1 compatiblity fixes
  • Fix: Content Grid – PHP 8.1 minor fixes
  • Fix: Contact Form – JS error when using it in the admin dashboard
  • Fix: Image – Added missing URL title field
  • Fix: Sitemap – Taxonomy dropdown was not showing any taxonomies
  • Fix: Pricing Table – Columns were not stacking on responsive breakpoint when equal height is enabled
  • Fix: BB 2.7 compatibility fixes”

“Download PowerPack Beaver Builder Addon v2.26.0 Nulled Free
== v2.26.0 == Relase date: October 20, 2022

  • Enhancement: Category Grid – Added custom layout option based on Beaver Themer
  • Enhancement: Pricing Table – Added equal heights option
  • Enhancement: Pricing Table – Added ribbon option under Style > Featured Title
  • Enhancement: Pricing Table – Added tooltip icon position option
  • Enhancement: Content Grid – Added support for multiple post types
  • Enhancement: Content Grid – Added custom fields filter options
  • Enhancement: Video Gallery – Added integration for Wistia videos
  • Enhancement: Testimonial Slider – Added focus on pressing tab key and keyboard navigation support
  • Enhancement: Admin settings – Keyboard navigation and minor UI improvements
  • Fix: Pricing Table – Minor CSS fixes
  • Fix: Advanced Tabs – 1px left margin issue for the first tab in style 3 vertical layout
  • Fix: Advanced Tabs – PHP warning when choosing Photo as content type in some cases
  • Fix: Subscribe Form – Removed background opacity additional fields from the Button tab
  • Fix: Subscribe Form – Input label color was not working
  • Fix: Gravity Forms – Section title styling issue with the latest version of Gravity Forms
  • Fix: Gravity Forms – PHP warnings when input margin field is empty
  • Fix: Logo Carousel – Images were not displaying on Arabic sites
  • Fix: Category Grid – Adding 0 in the Spacing field was not working
  • Fix: Content Tiles – Taxonomy meta setting was not working with multiple post types
  • Fix: Google Map – JavaScript error when using ACF repeater field
  • Fix: Modal Box – Removed Default CSS class option to avoid confusion with custom Class/ID field
  • Fix: Modal Box – Renamed Trigger type “”Other”” to “”Custom Element Click”” to make it more clear to understand
  • Development: Timeline – Added filter hook pp_timeline_items”

“Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.6.0 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.6 “”CALERO”” – 09/13/2022
Beaver Builder 2.6 is here! This is a major update and will be released as the official download on the My Account page first. Remote updates to all existing sites will begin soon.
Please check out the Release Post for highlights of what’s new or the “”About this Release”” doc for all of the details.

NEW Add a new breakpoint option to Global Settings
NEW: 4 New Micro Landing Page templates
Add new tabs to BB Settings Page in WP Admin: Advanced Settings & Import/Export
NEW Add UI for adding row shapes in global settings
NEW Add search to saved item tab in content panel
NEW You can now use WordPress reusable blocks in Beaver Builder layouts
Copy and Paste Improvements: Hover over the wrench for rows and modules and the columns icon for columns to see the new copy option. Paste only appears if there is data to paste
Outline Panel: Add keyboard shortcuts
Outline Panel: collapse/expand all items and persistent storage were added so that the panel remembers what sections you have expanded and collapsed
Outline Panel: Will now highlight the node that is open for editing
When hovering over a Google Font in font selector, show a preview of the font
Update Icons admin page to show FontAwesome Kit deprecation notice and recommendation to use Official FontAwesome plugin
Add Headings to the AJAX Crash Modal
Display value of Label field in Advanced section of node settings in a tooltip on the node settings icon, in the Settings modal and in the hover overlay
Add min-width to Alert Modal Pop-up to fix display issues when translated
Refine the feel of the overlay and highlight features in the canvas area
Global margins/paddings: now use a dimension field so you can control all 4 sides separately
UI Dark Mode/Light Mode can now be set to Auto so it changes with your OS
Accordion Module: Add support to display dynamic data or to select saved items for display in the content area
Tabs Module: Add support to display dynamic data or to select saved items for display in the content area
Columns: Add aspect ratio option
Add Advanced Gradient BG option for buttons in the Button, Button Group, Call to Action, Callout and Content Slider modules
Post Module: Add option to filter by custom fields
Post Module: Add ability to select multiple post types
Post Module: Add option to show/hide author link
Content Slider: Add typography for slides
Login Form Module: Add icon options for the fields and buttons & change cursor to pointer for Remember Me checkbox
Pricing Table: Add icon color options for individual features
Pricing Table: Add typography for the Ribbon option, add color option for the Price
Tabs Module: Add a setting for which tab is active on load
Add Pressidium support to the Cache Clearing Tool
Debug Mode: Show values of Advanced settings in debug output
Bug Fixes
Fix Video Module select button being unclickable when Yith WooCommerce Affiliate plugin is active
Fix JS error with Photo module captions when new lines are used in the caption
Heading Module: Fixed letter spacing set to 0 was not rendering properly with the BB Theme
Pricing Table: Fix Button Hover Color not working if its rgba
Menu Module: Fix Undefined property PHP Warning
Fix resizing rows setting an invalid value with pixel unit and not being able to go back to the original width when resizing with drag handles
Fix shortcodes not working in Advanced tab class and ID fields if there are quotes used in attributes
Photo Module: Fix image going out of container on mobile
Fix :empty selector not working with columns
WooCommerce: Fix Posts module overriding margin-bottom css for post spacing
WooCommerce: Fix notices overlapping the content panel
Fix Settings modal not working if using a RTL language
Fix “”Add menu item”” displaying in menu module when it shouldn’t if using one of the Header Themer layouts
Fix an issue where a button module is run through autop when it shouldn’t be
Remove duplicative Row CSS
Fix reverse stacking not working with all container tags
Fix responsive editing not showing inherited values in some cases
Pricing Table: Fix Title color not rendering Title is highlighted
Pricing Table: Make sure Box Top Margin is only available when using Legacy settings
Pricing Table: Fix button border hover color not working
Pricing Table: Fix some colors not working if the Row text color is set
Posts Module: Fix fatal error in PHP 8 if 0 or blank value is saved for column option”

== 2.23.3 ==
Release date: May 31, 2022

* Enhancement: Modal Box – Added a field under the trigger settings to provide label to identify the Modal Box in the builder
* Enhancement: Table – Updated border fields
* Enhancement: Reviews – Allow shortcode in Google Place ID and Yelp Business ID fields
* Enhancement: Content Grid – Enabled responsive options for the column spacing field
* Fix: Image – Show Custom Caption field only when URL is selected as Photo Source
* Fix: Smart Headings – Long primary heading causes secondary heading to appear in new line
* Fix: Image Carousel – Progress bar pagination was not working properly
* Development: Reviews – Added filter hook pp_reviews_data
* Development: Sliding Menus – Added filter hook pp_sliding_menus_nav_args


  • Fixes: Advanced Menu – Accordion toggle issue on responsive breakpoint
  • Fixes: Advanced Menu – Toggle arrows getting mixed up with text in a horizontal layout with center alignment
  • Fixes: Advanced Menu – Keyboard navigation issue
  • Fixes: Gravity Forms Styler – Couple of error-related styling fields were not working for GF 2.5 and above
  • Fixes: Modal Box – iframe loading issue on page load in some cases
  • Fixes :Logos Grid – Spacing issue on medium breakpoint
  • Fixes : Image Carousel – Autoplay Speed field left emptied causes JS error
  • Fixes :Header/Footer – Header background color getting transparent in builder due to overlay setting
  • Enhancements: Content Grid – Added “Slug” as an order-by option
  • Enhancements: Testimonials – Added an option to disable the mouse drag for the slider

Beaver Builder Addon v2.26.4 Download

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