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What is Moddroid Theme?

MODDROID PREMIUM WORDPRESS THEME [GPL]-In this topic, I will discuss Moddroid Premium WordPress Theme GPL Version. Moddroid is a good quality premium WordPress theme. Using this theme, you can create a professional Android APK downloading website and this theme has a number of features that will help make your content writing quality easier.

By following just a few steps, you will be able to copy up to 1000 APKs from the Play Store to your website in just a short time. In just a few days, with a little effort, you can create your own website, just like the website. But for this, you need to use Moddroid Premium WordPress Theme.

If you want to make Android APK downloading website then you can use this theme. Because it’s not just a theme but a plugin. This theme includes some default plugin systems that will allow you to write posts related to your APK.

Moddroid Themes is a WordPress Plugin and Themes that makes it simple and quick to submit APKs. You won’t have to hunt for another theme because Moddroid already has a unique theme with a pleasing design.

We’ve spent a lot of time testing with trial and error in order to build Moddroid items that are packed together, from plugins to themes, so you don’t have to waste time hunting for themes that are appropriate for your website. To begin publishing your APK, simply install the plugin and follow the three steps.

Moddroid Theme Demo

Moddroid-Premium-WordPress-Theme screen shot
Moddroid-Premium-WordPress-Theme screen shot

Moddroid Features:- Android Download Theme For WordPress

Responsible Design: Responsive web design, also known as RWD design, defines a modern web design method that allows a website or page to be displayed (or displayed) on all devices and screen sizes, whether desktop, laptop, or tablet. or a smartphone. This blog will create a fully responsive theme for the browser model.

AdSense Friendly: In this template has the facility to add ad code and it is AdSense friendly. Wherever the highest CPC is available, you will be able to display ads on the website using ad code and earn good quality profits.

Automatic or Manual Content Generate: The specialty of this theme is the facility to import contacts directly from the Google Play Store or others resources . The ability to import APK descriptions, APK information, screenshots, banners and videos directly from the Google Play Store.

Download Page: There are custom download pages, and the ability to encrypt download links. Your AdSense revenue is likely to double through the download page.

Automatic Category: The advantage of importing the category of Android APK directly from the Google Play Store. There is also the advantage of adding manual categories

SEO Friendly: This theme is SEO friendly, which makes it very easy for your website to rank on the fast page of Google. If the theme of a website is not SEO friendly, then it is very difficult to rank that website in Google. So the importance of SEO friendly AdSense website is much more.

Featured Game or Apps Widget: This theme is SEO friendly, which makes it very easy for your website to rank on the fast page of Google. If the theme of a website is not SEO friendly, then it is very difficult to rank that website in Google. So the importance of SEO friendly AdSense website is much more.

Fast Loading: “The faster your site loads, the slower the bounce rate. If your site is fast, you’re more likely to rank higher than slower sites that generate higher traffic on Google.” All of this means that a well-optimized page can lower your bounce rate is because few people will leave your site impatiently.

Numbered Page Navigation: Think of navigation on a website as a map or a set of directions. The clearer the package, the easier it will be to reach your destination. The same goes for website navigation: if it’s clear and meaningful, people will know exactly where to go to get what they want.

Social Share Buttons: Social sharing buttons available. The main advantage of social sharing buttons is the increase in cross-channel advertising, which has a positive effect on online influence. However, the design of the button is very important. Social sharing buttons with counters reduce conversions on some websites.

Breadcrumbs: Also available Breadcrumbs features. Breadcrumbs are secondary navigation aids that help users understand the relationship between location on a page (such as a product page) and top-level pages (such as a category page).

Recent Posts Widget: WordPress comes with a basic widget that displays the latest posts in the sidebar of your site or in a ready-made section of any widget. The widget of the latest posts does not offer many options. You can give the widget a title, choose whether to display the date of the post, and add the number of posts you want to display.

Schemes Software Apps: The employee benefit scheme includes items such as a hospital cash plan offered to employees. You can pay them directly. Or you can be a bridge between a particular scheme and your employees and use it from there, but they pay the cost.

Google play and download buttons, most popular games & apps page, and much more amazing features are available in this theme.

  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive
  • RTL (right-to-left) mode
  • Extract data from the Google Play Store
  • Automated Content Generation vs. Manual Content Posting
  • Download this page
  • Automatically Categorized
  • Widget for a Featured Game or App
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Quick loading
  • Page Navigation using Numbers
  • Ready for Adsense
  • Buttons for Sharing on Social Media
  • Page with the Most Popular Games and Apps
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Apps Software Schemes
  • Create a post automatically A collection of millions of Extractor APK Informations Apps that are ready to use to automate the creation of posts and articles.
  • Posting to a Category Automatically There’s no need to manually establish categories because this theme will do it for you.
  • To produce redirect links for apk download, auto generate download LINKS from other sources other than Play Store.
  • Download this page The best probability of adding banner adverts such as Adsense is on the download page (page download link).
  • Intelligent Download Timing This clever feature makes it impossible for other websites to utilize your blog’s download link.
  • If the apk extractor isn’t saving to your server, reroute the URL.

Moddroid Changelog:- Android Download Theme For WordPress

Versión 4.4 – 27/02/2022
FixedSome Bugs & Styles

Versión 4.1 – 30/01/2022
fixed styles for rtl mode
adding languange for apk extractor
fixed apk extractor

Versión 4.0 – 25/01/2022
fixed apk extractor
fixed download timer counts
add new download styles
add new source apk extractor

Versión 3.9 – 28/12/2021
fixed small bugs
fixed rtl styles

Version 3.8 – 12/11/2021
Add New Styles
Fixed Small Bugs
Info If You Menu Not Showing. Please REDOWNLOAD Your Themes.
Info If Got Empty Title On Mod Alternative . Please REDOWNLOAD Your Themes.
Info If Got Errors On Download Link Using Google Drive . Please Try Use MASKING LINK

Version 3.7 – 28/10/2021
Remove Virus Warning.

Version 3.6 – 20/10/2021
Add Support Php Version 8, Now Apk Extractor Version Is 8.0
Fixed Small Warning In Php 8
Add Most Post By Developers
Add Reaction Buttons Emoticons

Version 3.5 – 09/10/2021
Add Slider Home
Fixed All Bugs

Version 3.4 – 28/9/2021
AddRTL Mode
AddDefault Image Not Founds

Version 3.3 – 22/9/2021
Fixed Download Page
Fixed Not Showing Apk Info If Not Apk Post
Add Seo Schemes Options
Add Masking Link Options If You Not Use Safelink
Add Robots Noindex Follow For Download Pages
Fixed Table Of Contents… Not Showing If Not Heading

Version 3.2 – 20/9/2021
Add Logo Header Optional
Fixed Apk Extractor

Version 3.1 – 4/8/2021
Add New Sources Apk Extractor From Rajaapk
Fixed Apk Extractor

Version 3.0 – 29/4/2021
Add Box Images Screenshots For Manual
Add Classic Or New Editor
Fixed For Bugs
Remove Current Post On Related Post

Version 2.9 – 25/3/2021
Add Automatic Table Of Contents On Single And News Page
Fixed Fix For Bugs

Version 2.8 – 18/3/2021
Fixed Bug Fixed For Download Pages Link

Version 2.7 – 14/3/2021
Adding For Safelink Pages
Adding New Editor Post To News Pages
Adding New Sources For Apk Extractor From Rexdl.Com

Version 2.6 – 10/3/2021
Fixed Bug Fixed Download Page After Insert Put Manual Cant Be Click

Version 2.5 – 10/3/2021
Fixed Bug Fixed Emoji And Menu On Mobile Views
Add Box Mod For Single Post

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Download Moddroid Theme v8.1 – Android Download Theme For WordPress

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