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This WordPress theme associated with an elegant black color shade which represents mysterious & powerful niches.
For example, you can use this theme to create entertainment websites like a haunted house, detective genre, and gaming zone.
A perfect WordPress theme for writers and bloggers through which you can produce any kind of blogs on your blogging website such as personal or professional.
Further, you can design & style blogs anytime as per your requirements.
This theme comes with a blue shade that is the color of a sky & the sea.
Thus, you can use this theme to create a website related to skydiving, oceans or any other kind of water bodies that includes a perfect blue color background.
Also, you can build any kind of blue color based websites.
This WordPress theme provides you a fully customizable background feature.
Thus, you can efficiently set your own background for a website that perfectly matches your business.
Further, the theme permits you to set a color, image or any other kind of background.
This theme enables you, to efficiently customize the theme header.
Here, you can upload images, change text or color in the header section.
With this WordPress theme, you can easily set a custom menu, which usually serves as a navigation menu for your site.
The built-in WordPress menu feature allows you to set your own custom menus in place of your theme’s default menus.
A darker shade is flawlessly maintained all over the theme layout, to capture the visitor’s attention over the site content.
This way, the site visitors will spend more time on your content rather than other distractions.
Besides this, the WordPress template is also suitable for eCommerce sites related to various businesses like beauty, apparels, electronics, furniture, retail, digital products and more.
Hence, it empowers you to set up an online marketplace for your customers in mere minutes.
This education WordPress theme helps you sort all the content associated with your e-learning portal.
Educators & trainers can rely on this amazing template for their training institutes & use it to showcase certificates and badges, course reviews, unit comments, notes, and discussions, on the website.
This WordPress theme is just what you need to kick start your event biz.
It includes a lot of custom elements such as event schedule, artists profile, albums, blog pages, etc.
All of these attributes are essential for website related to music, movies, videos, new/blogs or any other entertainment website.
An image that represents the content, mood, or theme of the web page is regarded as a featured image.
So if we go by this definition, you would surely need this WordPress theme as it lets you add up a featured image to make the site content more visual & professional.
While using this WordPress template, you can be assured of the “fixed layout” of your website.
This is possible as the fixed positioning of the website keeps the overall appearance consistent for different device screens.
The theme also provides you a flexible header option from where you can adjust its size.
It reacts to scroll view events.
That means, it offers the functionality in which header changes its thickness on scrolling.
If you want your layout to cover the whole screen sizes with complete fill, then you can go for the fluid layout of this theme.
As this layout has the ability to perfectly cover every pixel.
In this theme, you can add widgets in the footer section.
Furthermore, there are multiple options available to choose among the site pages that you want to showcase.
You can use this full-width template wherein all the required details are minutely monitored and added.
In this responsive theme, you can easily modify the elements like colors, background, etc.
Gray is a very balanced color which creates a great impact on users.
This theme uses grey color throughout the website that makes your site look professional and well-maintained.
Grid layout works best for the websites that collectively needs to display a lot of elements.
This theme is developed keeping the detailed divisions of a grid in mind that are customizable in terms of color, background, dimensions, etc.
This theme comes with a left sidebar feature which is also knowns as a widget ready area which is situated on the left portion of the website.
You can use this area to display many informative content or elements of your website like a photo gallery, recent posts, advertisements, etc.
This theme supports light colors using which one can create website for their business with light shades layouts.
This dynamic news template is ideal for up-to-date blogs, online magazines and all kind of other vibrant news websites.
Its aim is to set up a news site on any subject from health to finance.
With this WordPress theme, you can ensure that your content is displayed beautifully no matter what device visitors are using by adding the one-column clean layout option for your webpages.
This WordPress theme is perfect for designing a Halloween theme website.
Because it has some of the beautiful shades of orange color with the black combination for presenting your Halloween ventures.
With this theme, you can design a top-notch website to exhibit photo services in a smart & extraordinary way.
Also, it includes slideshows, multimedia section, beautiful sliders & different functionalities which generally required in a photography business.
This theme presents a beautiful compilation of light & dark styled portfolios, which go with diversified niches.
Not only, it appreciates the quality of the web-content but, it also brings out the best of your skills.
This WordPress theme contains several post formats like status, image, audio, aside, video, etc to define a visual representation for certain types of post.
If you want to use some or all of them it totally depends on you.
It’s an attractive WordPress theme with full of glowing red shades, to make lively websites like online music & multimedia channels.
However, this versatile theme can also be used for making dating & matrimonial websites.
With this WordPress theme, you get a completely responsive layout for your website, which will be display ready for all kind of resolution available, without affecting the navigation section of the website.
This WordPress theme has a sidebar feature, and it provides drag and drop interface to create customized menu section.
Moreover, you can add multiple menus in your webpage for displaying different articles, comments, and search bar, etc.
This WordPress theme includes a standard sticky post feature to increase search scores of posts, which you want to stick on a top of the pages.
In other words, it simply flashes your best content all over your website.
This theme benefits with advanced theme options by which you can give personalized look to the website.
In other words, you can customize many page elements like colors, fonts, logo, footer layout, title layout, and much more according to your website requirement.
Threaded comments allow you to help your readers to follow a discussion on a particular topic of your page via comment section.
Also, it gives visitors the freedom to reply to any existing comment directly.
There is no need to mention a particular commentator like in global commenting.
With a 3-column layout, you can create a site that contains different parts.
On top of this, you can also define the elements you want to add in each of these sections.
For instance, you can set a bigger column for the content, another one for images & the smallest part for advertisements.
A WordPress theme supports various languages for creating a beautiful website which supports different languages.
It’s best for branding your merchandise on the digital platform and get globally acknowledged.
Many designers are preferring two column layouts for the website as it facilitates the site owner to present the content in a systematic way.
Moreover, the visitor may find it more convenient to view well-organized components.
WordPress theme with white skin works in harmony with the overall design of your website.
Hence, webmasters who want to create a balance amidst various page components can instantly go with this theme which offers many utility options of white color like white space, light backgrounds, hover effects, etc.
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