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This WordPress theme is crafted in a classic black color that symbolizes class & sophistication.
Hence, you can use this theme to build various kind of lifestyle websites such as jewelry shop, watches, & beauty products.
This WordPress theme provides you an excellent blogging platform where you can easily share either personal or professional blogs.
Also, you can style & customize blogs anytime according to your necessities.
This theme provides you a beautiful blue color background that symbolizes the sky & water.
Thus, you can construct a website related to the sky, oceans & other kinds of water bodies.
Additionally, it also enables you to create any other kind of business websites like related to personal portfolio, restaurants, etc in the blue color background.
This is an ideal WordPress theme to build business websites.
Further, the theme provides you a handy custom background feature by which you can effortlessly set the relevant background your website that perfectly signifies your business.
Choosing a custom header is an exclusive feature and is not available in every theme.
Using this feature, you can customize the header background, text, images and the respective functionality in your web page.
This WordPress theme provides custom menu feature that lets you design a colorful or attractive menu on your website using multiple inbuilt color options & also allow users to navigate through a whole website.
You can illustrate a much clear picture of your website by choosing a dark theme.
As any theme is more coherent & clear when you choose to select darker shades in the layout.
This premium WordPress theme offers a pixel perfect design and extensive functionality to create your own professional eStore.
The template suffices all the requirements for establishing the best E-commerce website of different business niche.
This WordPress template is ideal for creating education based websites for schools, universities, training center, academy, kindergarten, and coachings.
It includes various elements such as course reviews, comments & discussions, instructor profiles, etc.
Get this “one stop solution” for your event website and implement all of its integrated elements to build a flawless entertainment portal.
With this, you will get multiple options such as responsive design, easy-to-use demo, custom pages and much more.
The featured image section provided in this theme will help you represent your posts & pages through attractive images.
You can use different ways to exhibit the image like displaying it on the archive page, header, or above a post.
This WordPress template provides a feature of fixed layout for the website.
With this, the images will be positioned relative to text and remain static irrespective of the screen size.
You can attach the flexible header option on your website using this theme.
A flexible header is mostly critiqued as a great part of the user interaction.
It changes its height on page scrolling that beautifully compliments the user’s interaction.
In this WordPress template, the width is assigned relatively in percentage instead of fixed pixels.
As a result, the theme will adjust relative to changing screen sizes.
Widgets are used to improve the site’s structure control mechanism.
And here in this theme, you can add the widgets in the footer area.
With this WordPress theme, you can put forth all the components in a single full-width column.
You can easily customize the layout’s color, size, etc according to your website.
The WordPress template is created using the gray color that makes it look classy and elegant.
You can use this color skin to create your website for any niche like retailing firms, logistics, library, and much more.
With this theme, you get a grid-based layout that consists of several rows and columns or boxes.
This makes it easier for you to display your pages, products, etc on your website without any hassle and that too in an organized manner.
This theme comes with a left sidebar feature which is also knowns as a widget ready area which is situated on the left portion of the website.
You can use this area to display many informative content or elements of your website like a photo gallery, recent posts, advertisements, etc.
This theme supports light colors using which one can create website for their business with light shades layouts.
The theme perfectly suits for creating news sites easily.
Using this theme you can broadcast sports, weather, political, technical & other news on your website.
A single column or storyteller design of this theme makes your website a lot easier to use for the users.
You can also add anchor text in your content to make it comfortable to use.
A WordPress theme specifically designed in orange hue for animated & cartoon styled websites.
Orange color represents a comic adventure in all most every cartoon websites.
A WordPress theme built for crafting wedding & event devising website.
It uses various display options which allows you to showcase marriage photos, videos, and captions in a graceful design.
This portfolio enabled theme provides faster image uploading, due to which the website remains up-to-date all the time without showing any latency.
The quick loading will only attract the user base to flourish even more.
You can use post format feature in your WordPress theme which allows you to represent the posts in a specific format.
Also, it provides you styling with a standardized list of formats to give a nice look of the website.
This list contains several post formats like a gallery, audio, chat, quote, etc.
This beautiful WordPress theme comes with rich shades of red, makes your website stunning and eye-catchy.
It can be used for making matrimonial websites also, it can be used to commemorate weddings & anniversaries, etc.
This responsive WordPress theme helps your web content to grow or shrink as per the size of the display unit, without compromising the quality of content.
This amazing WordPress theme comes with an integrated sidebar option, which is used for listing menus and meta description of the website.
It is usually placed on the right pan of layout, which can be re-adjusted to any section of the framework.
This theme has sticky buttons & posts which are used to influx more traffic on your website.
For instance, you can add sticky social buttons for the site visitors to share any specific post, blogs, etc.
on their social media account.
This theme benefits with advanced theme options by which you can give personalized look to the website.
In other words, you can customize many page elements like colors, fonts, logo, footer layout, title layout, and much more according to your website requirement.
You can efficiently create discussion in the comment sections using the threaded comment functionality of this template.
This functionality is the latest trend in solving the customer issues and getting feedbacks for your page content without any additional interface.
It is very important to utilize all the space of the website.
With this theme, you can effortlessly put forth the content in three different modules.
Further, you can add various constituents to it like textual content, widgets, sidebars, etc.
This WordPress theme also comes with an amazing option of changing the webpage’s language.
It helps you to connect with site users of various nations who speak different languages.
You can make the best use of the two-column layout that you get with this theme.
The benefit of this format is that you can even display other items on your website with the main content.
Also, maintain a proper balance between the columns by customizing the dimensions.
White color blends beautifully when paired with any other color and elements in the website.
And since this WordPress theme uses white color, you can impart a unique layout and appearance to the website without getting stuck with different color combinations

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