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This WordPress theme includes excellent black color shades.
According to color psychology, black color relates to sophistication & elegance.
You can use this theme to create a website related to any luxury brand like high-end watches, bags, jewelry, or even cars that shows a class & beauty of your business.
This is an ideal WordPress theme to construct a website that contains a beautiful blue color background.
The blue color is a symbol of sky.
Henceforth, you can create websites for different business which are associated with sky adventures like skydiving, bungee jumping, etc.
The layout of theme pages resizes as the display window size is changed.
This has been implemented by defining the size parameters of different areas pages in percentage.
This theme is designed in green color while keeping the environment-oriented websites in mind.
It beautifully displays substances like background, widgets, footer area, header, logos, etc in different shades of green.
This theme comprises a widgetized area named left sidebar.
This widget area is placed on the left side of the website.
It’s not necessary to add a sidebar into the website, but by including it you can add content to the widget areas through the Customizer or the Widgets Admin Panel.
This theme supports light colors using which one can create website for their business with light shades layouts.
This theme is a perfect way to present your projects, works & skills on your website with the least manual efforts using a single column layout by including several useful elements into it.
This theme uses an orange color to highlight important elements in an effective manner on a website.
It is a perfect choice for transportation, shipping company & anything auto-related websites.
There is a purple background option available with this WordPress theme, which is perfect for some of the very rare niche websites.
It can be used for writing mythical lore blogs, writing fan fiction, and more.
This WordPress theme uses red color layouts which are generally used for designing public services websites such as hospital & traffic controller, etc.
There are vivid shades of red template available with this theme.
This theme is responsive in nature due to which it is display-ready for all kinds of visual devices.
For example, it is feasible for small mobile display as well as for the high-resolution desktop view.
This theme comes with a sidebar feature which locates your menu options on the right side of the screen by default.
This feature helps you in ordering your menu items and showcase your message box, recent post, and search bar, etc.
It is very important to utilize all the space of the website.
With this theme, you can effortlessly put forth the content in three different modules.
Further, you can add various constituents to it like textual content, widgets, sidebars, etc.
This theme comes with an elegant two columns layout where you can display content on the website along with the sidebar.
In the sidebar, you can add the desired widgets as per your needs.
White color blends beautifully when paired with any other color and elements in the website.
And since this WordPress theme uses white color, you can impart a unique layout and appearance to the website without getting stuck with different color combinations.
The yellow color stands for freshness.
Henceforth, you can use this theme for creating websites for the businesses like floweret firm, online flower shops, ferns, and petals stores, bouquet outlets, wholesale florists, gardeners & exterior design sites

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