Free Download Lisfinity V1.3.4 nulled – Best Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Lisfinity Nulled - Best Classified Ads WordPress Theme

what is Lisfinity?

FREE Download Lisfinity Theme Nulled is an incredible WordPress theme in its field as it allows you to create really serious. classifieds theme in any niche, in the shortest amount of time in the most beautiful and best way.

Lisfinity theme demo

Lisfinity WordPress Theme Changelog

v1.3.2 – 2022-9-1

This version will mainly check the issues reported by the customers and bring new features that were in the works for some time.

v1.3.0 – 2022-6-26
The Highlight of the update – Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more…
Product Page
Fixed: PHP issue on the search page if the premium categories haven’t been assigned
Fixed: Notification not being received in some instances
Improved: Removed “custom” option term from the search filters if used to allow users to add their own options during listing submission
Improved: Layout on listing elementor modules
Improved: Translations
Resolved: Small php warnings in some instances

v1.2.9 – 2022-5-10
The Highlight of the update – Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more…
Product Page
Fixed: Issue with enlarging slider image when using default media uploader (not wp media one)
Fixed: Issue when the page won’t load if no images were added
Added option to use default media uploader
Improved: Code on some places to support latest php version

v1.2.8 – 2021-1-27
This version will mainly check the issues reported by the customers and bring new features that were in the works for some time.

v1.2.7 – 2021-12-30
Fixed: Duration of the price packages assigned to a user upon registration
Category Carousel
Fixed: Conflict with the latest elementor update
Listing Single
Fixed: Sometimes wrong permalink when sharing a listing
Fixed: Fallback image for the listings without any provided were not displayed
Improved: Code on some places to support latest php versions
Fixed: Fallback avatar is not being displayed when user doesn’t have an image set

The Highlight of the update – Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more…
Email Subscritpions
Fixed: Message reply emails always being sent to a listing owner
Improved: Disabled agent verification
Listing Submission
Fixed: Issue with the wrong amount of free images being displayed during images upload (cosmetic issue)Improved: Change field type to text from number in order to allow users to much easier type price with decimalsImproved: Removed terms agreement field as it has been already checked by the users during registration
Promotions – Keyword Search
Fixed: Keyword search promoted items wrong redirection on click
User Registration
Fixed: Issue with the limit and duration of the default packages that are assigned to a user upon registration
Elementor Store Page
Fixed: Listing title is only being displayed on Product style 1


This version will mainly check the issues reported by the customers

The Highlight of the update – Bugs Fixing and Overall Improvements and many more…
Fixed: issue with editing product where product commission hasn’t been invoked properlyFixed: the map wasn’t defined in the Costs file
User Dashboard
Fixed: Agent listing header namesImproved: Added option to disable agentsImproved: Removed verification when adding agents
Improved: Added option to disable documented user verification
Listing Single Page
Fixed: Issue with the elementor module whatsapp number link
Business Profile Page
Fixed: Issue where average ratings wasn’t removed even if reviews are disabled
Listing Submission
Fixed: Product duration time didn’t affect auction end time.Fixed: Additional Image costs errorFixed: Fields type number accepts a non-numbers value
Elementor Header
Fixed: issue with the custom login URL link
Business Single Page
Fixed: Pagination issue


Feature: From now you can add agents that can manage your account
Feature: Save searches and get timely notifications when listing matching your query becomes available
Feature: Many new email notification settings
Feature: Pay per Listing
Feature: Use default image uploader instead of WordPress media uploader
Listings Submit
Fixed: The error messages when a mandatory field is not selected are missing.
Fixed: Additional media cost displayed 0 in the Media and Promotion tab.
Fixed: Price per category doesn’t change if the multicurrency is set.
Fixed: Price per category isn’t included in the total cost.
Fixed: When the return button is pressed from the Promotion page back to the Media page, the initially correctly shown image cost is no longer displayed correctly.
Fields Builder
Fixed: Issue when editing the fields on hosted sites
Fixed: Conflict with the version of WordPress 5.8
Feature: Added ‘daily rate’ (‘per day’ and ‘per hour’) pricing option.
Fixed: After registration user is not redirected to the user dashboard.
Fixed: When a user registers using email and password it remains on the register page instead of being redirected to the Dashboard.
Fixed: The website field validation throws an error.
Fixed: Chosen type of the account (additional profile field) doesn’t apply to the newly registered users.
Fixed: Character & doesn’t show correctly in the header admin name
Dashboard Subscription Package
Fixed: Subscription information didn’t display on the user dashboard
Fixed: ‘Per week’ and ‘Per month’ prices are not displayed correctly.
Listing Submit Form
Fixed: When a user submits the listing the blank screen appears although the listing is successfully submitted.
Fixed: Additional costs for the listing submission in the specific category is not visible on the last step of the submission form
Fixed: Listings Tab – the promotion card doesn’t display properly when there is only one promotion displayed
Single Listing Page
Fixed: The WhatsApp number is not in the correct format.
Fixed: Price doesn’t change if the multicurrency is set.
Fixed: Images in the Product Gallery don’t change alt attribute.
Elementor Single Listing Page
Fixed: Zoom in images from the gallery doesn’t scale properly.
Search Page
Fixed: Sidebar filters on smaller devices are not visible.
Fixed: Per week and per month prices are not displayed correctly in the custom style.
Banner Search Form
Fixed: Range input doesn’t show correct values.
Payment Packages
Fixed: the discount message is showing partially.
Search Page
Fixed: Filter fields shows suffix and prefix duplicated
Fixed: The time format AM/PM doesn’t apply to the working hours format.

Lisfinity WordPress Theme Features

  • Drag & Drop Custom Fields & Custom Categories Builder TOP
  • Bids Interactive System
  • Detailed, Advanced Search Filter Builder TOP
  • Serch Live Suggestions
  • Multi Level Search Builder TOP
  • Total WooCommerce TOP
  • Twillio SMS Verification Visitors Registering
  • Elementor Page Builder TOP
  • Ad Owner Ban Users System
  • WooCommerce SEO Slugs
  • Discounts growing depending from premium profile duration TOP
  • Microtransactions for additional images, videos and documents TOP
  • Smart ad single page menu
  • Languages Included
  • Installation Wizard
  • Interactive Bids Messages & Correspondence
  • Tax Ready
  • Invoice Ready
  • Total Maps – Google, OpenStreet, MapBox
  • One click demo import
  • SEO Friendly
  • Statistics And Analytics For Any Single Ad
  • Admin Dashboard TOP
  • Rating Builder
  • Ad Promotions
  • Premium Profiles
  • Quick Ad Renewal
  • Safety Tips Builder
  • Beautiful, modern and trendy design
  • Latest Technology
  • Currency Changer
  • Font Changer
  • Color Changer
  • Smart Compare Ads Builder
  • Right to Left (RTL) Language Direction Switcher
  • Fully Responsive
  • Loan Calculator
  • Flag Ads – Flagging Inappropriate Classified Ads Builder
  • Multilingual – WPML
  • Bookmarking Ads For Later Preview
  • Working Hours – Open & Close Vendor State
  • Narrated video documentation

Download Lisfinity V1.3.4 nulled WordPress Theme

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