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This is an ideal WordPress theme to build business websites.
Further, the theme provides you a handy custom background feature by which you can effortlessly set the relevant background your website that perfectly signifies your business.
This amazing WordPress theme comprises of custom color feature, to build an elegant design of your website.
So, this feature facilitates you to access the color settings and modify them in your website.
If you didn’t like the header style of this theme, then don’t worry! This theme lets you customize the theme header using multiple custom options.
It allows you to replace or crop an image for the header.
Also, it permits you to add a logo to your site header.
With this WordPress theme, you can easily set a custom menu, which usually serves as a navigation menu for your site.
The built-in WordPress menu feature allows you to set your own custom menus in place of your theme’s default menus.
If you are looking for a WordPress theme that encapsulates the functionality of E-commerce as well, then this is going to be a helping hand.
You can create websites of any store type such as a bookstore, electronics, apparel, sport & athletics, cosmetics, jewelry & luxury items, etc.
Featured images can transform long content into visually appealing posts as it grabs the visitors attention right away.
To accomplish this goal in your website as well, this WordPress theme lets you set up the right post thumbnail with a myriad of customization options.
This theme gives flexibility over the header section.
This flexible header can expand/contract in size depending on whether the page has been scrolled or not.
Initially, the header remains in full size and when the user scrolls the page it changes into a smaller ribbon.
This template is specifically built to cater, the restaurant & food industries.
You can manage each and every aspect of your food & bakery business by using this ready-made feature-rich WordPress theme.
For a structured control mechanism widgets are mostly inserted in various sections of a website.
And here in this theme, you can add the widgets in the footer section.
You can use this full-width template wherein all the required details are minutely monitored and added.
In this responsive theme, you can easily modify the elements like colors, background, etc.
A grid format can be used when you have an ample amount of posts or products to show but lesser space.
And this WordPress template works best for such cases where you will get an option of adding product images with expertise.
This theme is a perfect way to present your projects, works & skills on your website with the least manual efforts using a single column layout by including several useful elements into it.
This WordPress theme has a sidebar feature which helps the site-user to efficiently navigate through your whole web content, by traversing through the menu option, and it can be repositioned to any section of your website.
The theme gives legendary flexibility of powerful and detailed theme options panel for customizing your website as the way you want.
The theme options are placed logically in order to access them effortlessly.
Also, you can modify each page of your website with different options/layouts and make them unique.
Rise beyond the traditional commenting and follow threaded comments in your site.
Exhibit all you got like top stories, most recent patterns and substantially more on your site easily with three segment design that you get with this theme.
This layout is ideal for people who want to showcase several additional things on their website like a widget for recent posts & space for adds along with the main content.
A multilingual WordPress theme for entertaining the needs of global users.
For instance, it is a good fit for designing a sports club website.
Fans from all over the world can easily communicate with their team bypassing the linguistic barrier.
You can make the best use of the two-column layout that you get with this theme.
The benefit of this format is that you can even display other items on your website with the main content.
Also, maintain a proper balance between the columns by customizing the dimensions

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