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This WordPress theme comprises of black-colored shades, that indicates fear, aggression, & joy.
It makes a perfect match for designing a dark shade background for your website related to haunted movies & Halloween festivities.
This WordPress theme lets you set a perfect blue color background for your website that is a symbol of sky & water.
Thus, you can create a website related to different businesses like airlines, skydiving, scuba diving, etc.
This theme comes with a custom background feature through which you can set either a single or multiple color background for your website.
Besides, you can also choose any image & easily set it as a background for your website.
This theme comes with its own menu locations and menu support.
But if you still want to add more custom navigation menus into your website, you can do this with the help of this theme very easily by using its custom navigation menu feature.
This theme is crafted using a dark shade throughout the layout.
This will reflect your site’s picture in a focused and very eye-pleasing manner.
An image that represents the content, mood, or theme of the web page is regarded as a featured image.
So if we go by this definition, you would surely need this WordPress theme as it lets you add up a featured image to make the site content more visual & professional.
This feature of WordPress theme lets you maintain the fixed layout throughout the webpage by affixing the position of images and texts.
Such attribute is quite popular these days as most of the webmasters want to have an invariable presentation for their website.
The theme uses post format which is a different kind of styling blog posts to enhance the appearance of your website.
Also, it gives the flexibility for your website content with various post formats.
This WordPress theme has a sidebar feature which helps the site-user to efficiently navigate through your whole web content, by traversing through the menu option, and it can be repositioned to any section of your website.
With this theme, you can set a sticky post to distinguish the important information in all kinds of professional as well as regular websites, by pinning down specific posts on top of the corresponding archive pages.
Using this theme, you can embed a threaded comment section in your post and pages.
Such type of comments can be nested 5 levels deeper.
Also, your users can reply to a particular comment directly which will then get indented underneath a parent comment.
This translation ready theme is for writing international blogging pages or any other kind of websites, where multilingual communication is needed.
Along with sleek & elegant web designs to attract more site-users.
Creating a website with two columns can’t get easier with this WordPress theme.
You can use this template to present the website’s content in two distinct sections

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