Free Download Anaglyph Lite WordPress Theme 2022

The theme basically covers some of the content accessibility guidelines provided by WordPress.
Hence, you can allow all types of peoples to effortlessly navigate through your whole website.
You can use this WordPress theme to build different business websites like photography, wellness, salon, etc.
by including an attractive dark layout.
Furthermore, it provides a color gradient option to use multiple shades of black layouts.
This theme comes with a custom background feature through which you can set either a single or multiple color background for your website.
Besides, you can also choose any image & easily set it as a background for your website.
If you want to custom code your site header, then this theme could help you out.
As it allows you to perform almost all the customization possible for a header, regarding background, text, and images, etc.
This template also comes with the amazing custom navigation menu feature that allows admin to add any list of links anywhere into the site.
It can be linked to internal resources, like posts, pages, and archives, as well as links to external resources, like your social profiles pages.
This theme is crafted using a dark shade throughout the layout.
This will reflect your site’s picture in a focused and very eye-pleasing manner.
This WordPress theme embraces editor style feature through which you can easily customize the look n feel of the web page in terms of design, colors, shapes, layout, etc & view the changes in real-time.
With this WordPress theme, you get an option to flaunt the feature image on the website.
Moreover, these thumbnails automatically become the visual representatives of the related posts that can easily catch sight of your audience.
Additionally, this WordPress template incorporates the feature of fixed-layout for the website that lets you define vieWordPressort (size of the page) in pixels.
Here, the site will contain images with a fixed position relative to the text.
This theme gives flexibility over the header section.
This flexible header can expand/contract in size depending on whether the page has been scrolled or not.
Initially, the header remains in full size and when the user scrolls the page it changes into a smaller ribbon.
This theme comes with an exemplary full-screen template that beautifully fits in your website as if it was made for it.
All you gotta do is simply modify it by changing its color, skin, texts, etc and you are good to go.
This is a multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with various tonnes of capabilities with a predominant use of green color.
Consequently, it can be used for landscaping, wildlife conservation, agricultural, and many other diverse projects.
You can use the left sidebar option of this theme for showcasing the advertisements from third-party websites on your webpage.
Also, you can add various fields like recent posts, photo gallery, etc which makes your website more engaging.
This theme supports light colors using which one can create website for their business with light shades layouts.
It supports microformats which makes your website machine readable.
Also, it allows other computers and applications to perform tasks like finding out contact information and the metadata from the postings.
This theme has a post format feature using which you can specify the type of data that you’re going to publish on your site.
Post format could be of any type like gallery, status, quote, etc.
to increase a visual appealing of your website.
With this responsive WordPress template, the appearance of your website is auto adjusted and makes it fit for all kind of display devices.
This will give your site users a clean & crisp resolution on their visual devices.
This theme comes with a sidebar feature which locates your menu options on the right side of the screen by default.
This feature helps you in ordering your menu items and showcase your message box, recent post, and search bar, etc.
RTL feature present in this theme helps your site in getting a global recognization.
This amazing feature enables site users to write in different languages of diverse semantics.
This theme supports sticky post feature that allows you to set your specific post or pages on top of your blog page.
Also, you can set many sticky posts in content to make more popular of your website.
Undoubtedly, this theme gives you a lot of flexibility to provide variations to the web pages of your website.
Also, it has multiple appearance customization options which can enhance the layout of the website effortlessly.
The messy look on the website may lead your visitors to abandon your site.
A three column layout offered by this theme will help in providing the users with the best view of the website.
You can organize your content in a proper format by adding images, sidebars, content in columns.
This WordPress theme also comes with an amazing option of changing the webpage’s language.
It helps you to connect with site users of various nations who speak different languages.
Use the two column layout which is specially designed in this theme for your professional website.
Further, you can easily customize the site elements that goes perfect with the overall design.
The essence of white is its simplicity that works well for a minimally-styled website.
And for the same reason, this WordPress theme promotes white color that can bring a clean appearance to almost any type of web design project

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