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WP Sheet Editor (Premium)

what is WP Sheet Editor?

WP Sheet Editor (Premium) Free Download 2.24.18 – WPsheeteditor | WP Sheet Editor (Premium) v2.24.18 is an editor for spreadsheets, which is located within WordPress. It is possible to access the spreadsheet and view your entire information as well as edit dozens, hundred, or even thousands of entries LIVE using all the benefits of the spreadsheet editor.

Don’t waste time editing your products individually or using the slow standard editor or dealing with issues with import.

WP Sheet Editor features

Native Spreadsheet

Open the spreadsheet and begin editing it right in WordPress. It’s similar to having an application for spreadsheets within the wp-admin.

Fast Edits

You can make edits to a number of rows very quickly. Automate filling cells, duplicate data from one column to the next or sort the columns by any column, and so on.

Advanced Search

We offer the most sophisticated search engine for administrators. You can search using any field, by using multiple search criteria, and use any search tool.

Super Rapid Bulk Edits

We have an “bulk edit” tool that lets users to make edits to thousands of rows simultaneously. It allows you to make any type of edits, even using formulas that you have created. It’s easy and flexible. It’s also powerful.

Don’t worry about server issues or timeouts. Learn how we add an appendix to +2,900 products in a matter of seconds.

Perfect for big sites

We have clients who manage massive stores without any problems. It is possible to manage 100,000 items flawlessly.

Our customers manage over 300,000 users through Our Users Spreadsheet.

Our code is built to run flawlessly across all servers, even inexpensive servers. Our features are all super optimized for speed and every server resource used can be set up using one of our settings.

Editor for all platforms

Our spreadsheet application is highly flexible and powerful.

  1. We support all fields created through other plugins. We automatically support all fields. This includes sophisticated serialized fields. It displays columns for editing all fields.
  2. You can make all kinds of editing live in WP Admin. You can apply math formulas that remove thousands of duplicates as well as perform advanced replacements. perform regex updates, and much more.
  3. Export all fields with ease
  4. You can edit your spreadsheets in Excel and Google Sheets
  5. We have a reputable importer
  6. We are a supporter of translation plugins such as WPML and Polylang.

Import and export

All of our spreadsheet editors have powerful import and export features. This means you can easily export the data you have on your WordPress site , edit it your data in Excel as well as Google Sheets and import back.

Importing data also allows you to transfer data from one website to another, and export data to create reports for customers as well as many more.

These plugins are fantastic tools to create or manage blog sites, WooCommerce stores, EDD stores, events websites, community sites and more. You can utilize them to edit in bulk and export, import and search for all the information on your sites.

This grants you the full access to all of our available and future plugins that are listed on this website..

They’re perfect for developers or agencies. They can make it easier for you to save time, and your customers will be thrilled to manage their websites using the spreadsheet.

WP Sheet Editor (Premium) Features:

  • Numerous integrations with well-known plug-ins such as WooCommerce Advanced Custom Fields, Paid Membership Pro, Metabox, JetEngine, Yoast, AIO SEO, RankMath, BBPress, BuddyPress, CMB2, IconicWP, Barn2, Pods, Redirection, Toolset, WPFusion and many more.
  • Automated support of All the Fields added by other plugins: I.e. the product spreadsheet displays all product information, and the users spreadsheet lists all the fields in the profile, etc.
  • Import and Export: You can modify the excel fields or Google Sheets
  • WPML: Our Excel spreadsheet editor supports WPML natively,, so you can quickly translate your pages, posts, products, events and taxonomies into media files by using our spreadsheet. Fields will be synced according to the WPML settings, so that all will function as if you edit using the standard WordPress editor.
  • Polylang: Also, we support PolyLang for translations
  • Custom columns: It is possible to add columns on your Every Spreadsheet for editing custom fields.
  • Meta: It is possible to edit Custom Fields
  • Columns Display: You can hide or display columns.
  • Formulas: It is possible to update thousands of rows simultaneously by using Formulas
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Advanced Custom Fields metaboxes are automatically added to the spreadsheets.
  • Advanced Search: The HTML0 Advanced search allows you to locate information using any field, by any operator, and apply multiple search parameters at the same time
  • Columns can be resized: You can resize columns
  • Columns that rename: You can change the name of columns
  • templates and duplicate tool: You can create many duplicates of a row. I.e. make 100 copies of a product Create 1000 copies of coupons and so on.

The unlimited creative subscription

WP Sheet Editor Demo

WP Sheet Editor (Premium) Changelog

“= V 2.24.19 – 2022-08-19 =

  • CHANGE – WC Products – Improvements for variations
  • CHANGE – CORE – General improvements
  • CHANGE – CORE – Performance improvements
  • CHANGE – CORE – Improve the sorting of rows”

= V 2.24.18 – 2022-07-31 =
* FIX – CORE – Several bug fixes

= V 2.24.16 – 2022-05-25 =

  • CHANGE – WC Products – Improve the handling of attributes
  • FIX – IMPORT – It’s importing only the first batch
  • FIX – CORE – Small bug fixes

= V 2.24.12 – 2022-01-26 =

  • CHANGE – WC Products – Small bug fixes
  • CHANGE – CORE – Added support for PHP 8
  • FIX – CORE – Small bug fixes
    = V 2.24.11 – 2021-12-08 =
  • CHANGE – CORE – Small bug fixes
    = V 2.24.10 – 2021-10-20 =
  • CHANGE – ACF – Improve compatibility
  • FIX – CORE – Small bug fixes
    = V 2.24.9 – 2021-09-10 =
  • FIX – WC Products – Small bug fixes
    = V 2.24.8 – 2021-08-18 =
  • CHANGE – WC Products – Minor changes
  • CHANGE – CORE – Minor changes
    = V 2.24.7 – 2021-07-14 =
  • CHANGE – CORE – Improve the handling of special characters
  • CHANGE – CORE – Improve the wpml workflows
  • CHANGE – CORE – Minor changes
    = V 2.24.6 – 2021-06-19 =
  • CHANGE – CORE – Minor bug fixes
  • FIX – WC Products – Improve the handling of custom attributes
    = V 2.24.5 – 2021-06-03 =
  • CHANGE – WC Products – Improve the handling of variations
  • CHANGE – FORMULAS – Improve the handling of duplicates
  • FIX – CORE – Improve the restrictions
    = V 2.24.4 – 2021-05-19 =
  • CHANGE – WC Products – Improve the handling of attributes
  • CHANGE – CORE – Improve the taxonomies handling
  • CHANGE – CORE – Improve currency handling
  • CHANGE – ACF – Improve the compatibility
  • CHANGE – FILTERS – Improve the “characters length” operators
  • CHANGE – YOAST – Improve the compatibility
  • CHANGE – WC Products – Improve compatibility with Polylang
  • CHANGE – WC Products – Improve compatibility with WPML
  • CHANGE – FORMULAS – Minor improvements

WP Sheet Editor V2.24.19 Download Links

22-08-2022 updated

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