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Page Generators Pro

what is Page Generators Pro?

Page Generators Pro By WPzinc For WP Nulled Free Download 3.8.5 – WPZinc | Page Generators Pro By WPzinc For WP v3.8.5automatically mass-produce content (Pages Posts, Pages as well as custom posts) to maximize the visibility of your website on search engines.

Generate Unlimited, Unique Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types

Create exclusive, unlimited content (Pages Posts, Pages as well as customized posts) to increase your website’s search engine visibility by using the WordPress mass Page Creator plugin.

It could be creating pages for local or city-specific sites as well as a listing of services or products or drip feeding new blog posts for the coming months, Page Generator Pro provides an array of functions to help with everything as well as more.

Create your own keywords (locations and services, products and more! ) Use them to create a content template (Content Group) to create mass production of your Pages, Posts , or Custom Post Types using your template.

It works With the Classic Editor Gutenberg as well as the majority of Page Builders such as Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer and many more.


Keywords contain the specific words you’d like to include on your pages for example, areas (cities county zip codes) as well as business services, products and much more. They’re then put into the templates of Page Generator Pro (known in the form of content Groups).

After content is created by Page Generator Pro makes use of a unique specific, distinctive term from every keyword within your content for every created page, which results in distinctive, search engine-friendly content that has no duplicates.

Keyword transformations that are powerful allow you to alter the spelling of key words and remove sub terms from the list of keywords such as, for instance, to only include the city name from a list of specific places contained in keywords.

Need ideas for keyword phrases? Enter your keyword, save after which Page Generator Pro will automatically generate a list of words (synonyms) for you.

Dynamic Keyword Sources

Do your data often change or change? In Page Generator Pro, you can include Keywords to your data. Keyword and connect it to other data sources, like:

  • Airtable
  • CSV File
  • Database Table
  • Google Sheet
  • RSS Feed
  • Spreadsheet

The external data source is updated whenever you create (or recreate) pages, posts, or Custom Post Types to ensure that the information on your site is up-to-date.

Target Location-Specific Areas

Page Generator Pro’s Keyword system also has the ability to generate location-specific keywords lists that can include a few or all Zip Codes (with the latitude as well as longitude) cities (with the latitude and longitude, and population) and Regions, Counties and Phone Area Codes, and/or Telephone Country Codes.

The information can be utilized to create locations pages, either as either a flat or directory structure due to this Group Directory functionality.

Wikipedia URLs and their content are also included, as is the USA data, it includes demographics (Population Gender, Population by Gender Age, Ethnicity, Median Household Income).

Data can be created by either indicating a starting point along with a radius. Or geographic area(s) like specific cities, counties or Regions (States) which covers 250 countries, 4000 states or regions, 45,000 counties, and 2.6 million towns and cities that are continuously updated. Every Pro license gives you all access to the dataset at no cost.

You may also add your own data about your location as a Keyword by importing location data from spreadsheets or a CSV document or spreadsheet.

Import Existing Keyword Lists

If you already have lists of terms or terms and keywords, Page Generator Pro provides two methods for quickly importing the data into keywords:

  • Transport Text File Transform all the data in a text file into one single keyword.
  • Import CSV File: Import keywords and phrases into the form of a CSV file, and save each result as a separate keyword based upon the CSV headers for columns.
  • Import Spreadsheet File: Import keywords and terms into the Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet that stores your results in individual keywords that are based on the column headings of your spreadsheet.

Keywords can then be added in Page Generator Pro’s templates fields which include the titles, the contents excerpt, and various fields.

Create Directory Sites Easily with Interlinking

Fully supported for hierarchical generation of content, Page Generator Pro is ideal when you want to create a directory-based website. There’s no limit to depth and you can select any structure you want to like:

  • Region > County > City > ZIP Code > Service
  • Service > Region > County > City > ZIP Code
  • Service > County > City
  • Service > Sub Service > City
  • City > Service > Sub Service
  • Service > Sub Service

The Related Links Dynamic Element permits pertinent internal hyperlinks to automatically become output in your created content, such as to provide links to services provided by the specific city or other nearby locations within the Radius. We’ve even included an video tutorial on how it all is done.

Rich and Full Content Control

The interface of Page Generator Pro is similar to the page as well as Post edit screens, in which you can modify the Title Content, Permalink Excerpt as well as Fields that you have created, Custom Fields, Advanced Custom Fields and much more.

Keywords can be added to one of these fields and, depending upon the Post Type you’re creating content for, other options are available for example, Post Formats and Pages, Templates or Taxonomies.

Keyword transformations that are powerful allow you to:

  • Change the spelling of key words,
  • Find sub terms in your list of keywords (for instance, you can only make use of the city name from a list of specific cities saved in the keyword),
  • Make a specific word be used to describe the purpose of a keyword.

Spintax, Nested Spintax and Block Spinning Support

Create truly unique, unique content without duplicates by creating content using spintax, nesting spintax, or spintax blocks..

Page Generator Pro will perform automatic rotation of the spintax you specify in the title, content Excerpt Fields, Advanced Custom Fields and many more, selecting the contents to generate randomly for each page.

Most importantly, keywords are able to be used in spintax.

Need ideas for spintax or don’t know how to utilize spintax? Page Generator Pro provides options to:

  • Automatically spin non-spintax content and you don’t have to know spintax terminology,
  • Choose the words or paragraph(s) and replace them with spintax that is automatically generated notation in a single click.

for ChimpRewriter, SpinnerChief, Spin Rewriter and WordAI users Our integrations permit you to utilize these services the inside of Page Generator Pro to perform automated spinning. There are options to regulate the amount of grammar, spin, readability, and so on.

Make use of your existing Site Layout and Design

Have you already created your website / layout using your favorite Page Builder such as Post, Page, or Custom Type of Post?

Page Generator Pro includes one click capability to import your layouts that are already in place to Content Groups. You can then define your keywords, setting for generation, and then mass create content without having to create your layout completely from beginning to finish.

SEO and Schema Friendly

Page Generator Pro is compatible in conjunction with the SEO Plugin or Schema Plugin of your choice as well as:

  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Platinum SEO
  • Rank Math
  • Schema Pro
  • SEOPress
  • SEOPressor
  • Yoast SEO

The native settings of the site are visible within your Content Groups as well as supporting keywords.

In order to interlink for interlinking, it is recommended to use the Related Links Dynamic Elements assures that created groups of pages are connected to one another.

Images that are dynamically pulled by the Media Library, Pexels or Pixabay may have geolocation information embedded in their EXIF data in order to aid in Google Image Search Rankings.

Advanced Scheduling Functionality

Pages and Posts generated by WordPress can be scheduled to be published immediately or set for publication in the future or past or drip feed contents to the WordPress website.

The scheduling options include setting the date to be specific, making the generated page or post by a specific number of days/hours following the previous one, or using Page Generator Pro select the date randomly between the specified start and end date.

Powerful Content Generation

Pages can be created using three different methods:

  • All: Creates Pages for every possible combination of keywords across all the terms that are used.
  • Sequential: For every generated Page follows the order of words in each key word used.
  • Random: Chooses a word randomly from each key word for each Page.

You can experiment with your settings to create one draft Page prior to generating the entire Pages. There’s an option to limit the amount of Pages you create, or even creating a resume index, an ideal option if a previous Page generation task didn’t complete.

Optimized for Performance

With a typical time of generation at 0.05 seconds for each Page, Page Generator Pro is specifically designed to work in all hosting environments while minimizing server errors or memory.

To improve performance and speed up generation times, various options are offered to:

  • Utilize this Addon for Performance Addon to load only the necessary plugins for each generation (without any impact on your visitors),
  • Utilizing WP-CLI it can run in the background on your server using your server’s resources to the best to generate.

Selectively Overwrite Generated Content

Do you need to refresh your current created content or have you spotted an error that needs to be corrected and you want to keep your current SEO settings?

The Content Group provides options to choose sections to be rewritten or kept including the title, content Excerpts, Authors Commentary, Published Date Special Fields, Highlighted Images Taxonomies and Menus.

Third Party Plugins’ data is also supported, which allows the selective overwriting of data to support Advanced Custom Fields, All in One SEO Pack, ListingPro, Rank Math, Schema Pro, WooCommerce Products, Yoast SEO and more.

The option to overwrite also permits the protection or updating to the initial content’s publishing date.

Multilingual Content Ready

For sites that need to create content in several languages, Page Generator Pro supports both Polylang as well as WPML.

The functionality is identical to creating posts or pages Create a template for each language, connect them and then create your Pages or Posts. Page Generator Pro will ensure that each Page in each language works properly.

Complete guides on how to make use of Page Generator Pro with Polylang and WPML are available.

The user interface for Page Generator Pro has been fully translated into English and Portuguese With more languages coming soon.

The unlimited creative subscription

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Page Generators Pro Nulled WPzinc For WP Changelogs

“Download Page Generators Pro v3.9.0 – WordPress Page Builder By WPzinc Nulled Free
= v3.9.0 (2022-10-06) =

  • Added: Keywords: Generate Locations: Exclusions: Option to specify exclusions when using the Radius method. See Docs:
  • Removed: Settings: General: CSS Prefix: Prefix is now automatically generated. See Docs:
  • Fix: Keywords: Generate Locations: Exclusions: Prevent timeout and improve query performance when specifying multiple exclusions
  • Fix: Dynamic Elements: Related Links: Fallback to all Post Types if no Post Type specified and cannot determine Post Type based on where Related Link element is placed
  • Fix: Dynamic Elements: PHP Fatal Error when third party Plugins define DOING_CRON on every frontend request”

“Download Page Generator Pro v3.8.6 – Premium WordPress Plugin for Content and Marketing Automation Nulled
= 3.8.6 (2022-08-17) =

  • Fix: Import as Content Group: Don’t attempt to validate source as a Content Group, which would result in a fatal error”

“Download Page Generator Pro v3.8.5 – Premium WordPress Plugin for Content and Marketing Automation Nulled
= 3.8.5 (2022-08-11) =

  • Fix: Dynamic Elements: Related Links: White screen in modal when using Classic Editor and PHP 8.x
  • Fix: Generate: Content: PHP Warning: Undefined variable $menu”

Download Page Generator Pro v3.8.0 – Premium WordPress Plugin for Content and Marketing Automation Nulled
= 3.8.0 (2022-07-07) =

* Added: Generate: Content: Page Builders: Support for Bricks Visual Website Builder. See Docs:
* Fix: Related Links: Persistent Caching: Don’t automatically load cache from WordPress option table unless requested

= 3.7.9 (2022-07-01) =
* Fix: Dynamic Elements: Gutenberg: Correctly generate when Hybrid Composer Page Builder not active/installed

= 3.7.8 (2022-06-30) =
* Added: Generate: Content: Page Builders: Support for Hybrid Composer Page Builder
* Added: Generate: Content: Support for Landkit Theme
* Fix: Keywords: Generate Phone Area Codes: Honor default country specified at Settings > General > Country Code when first loading
* Fix: Generate: Content: Gutenberg: Don’t display Gutenberg’s Page Attributes and Template editor panels, as Page Generator Pro supplies its own UI for these options
* Fix: Improve WordPress Coding Standards

= 3.7.7 (2022-06-23) =
* Fix: Removed clipboard.js, as WordPress provides this library
* Fix: Use sanitize_sql_orderby() when defining order by parameter across Keyword, Log, Content Group and Term Group tables
* Fix: Generate: Content: Test Mode: Honor Resume Index when using Test link in Content Groups table or Gutenberg editor
* Fix: Generate: Terms: Test Mode: Honor Resume Index when using Test link in Term Groups table
* Fix: Logs: Don’t attempt to output Keywords/Terms when the log is an error stating “All possible keyword term combinations have been generated.”

3.5.7 (2022-01-27)

* Added: Generate: Content: Keyword Autocomplete: Classic Editor: Up and down keys can be used to select highlighted autocomplete suggestions
* Added: Generate: Content: Keyword Autocomplete: Classic Editor: Insert first displayed Keyword suggestion when enter key pressed
* Fix: Generate: Content: Keyword Autocomplete: Classic Editor: Don’t show autocomplete when left square bracket key pressed
* Fix: Generate via Server and CLI: Honor Dynamic Element settings for correct output when using a Plugin Dynamic Element in Elementor and Divi
* Fix: Generate: Content: WooCommerce: Save Product Type setting

3.5.6 (2022-01-20)

* Added: Generate Content: JetEngine Meta Box Support. See Docs:

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Page Generators Pro Nulled WPzinc For WP V3.9.0 nulled Download

The plugin’s developer added a license check in the geocode endpoint; So you’ll never be able to generate locations as a keyword list. Other than this, all other features work without issues.

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