Download Gutencon V5.6–Marketing and SEO Booster, Listing and Review Builder for Gutenberg

Gutencon - Marketing and SEO Booster, Listing and Review Builder for Gutenberg

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Gutencon – Marketing and SEO Booster, Listing and Review Builder for Gutenberg Free Download v5.6 – CodeCanyon | Gutencon v5.6 – Marketing and SEO Booster, Listing and Review Builder for Gutenberg is following the recent Google changes, it’s no longer enough to just have content that is good that it should be constructed, designed and organized for desktops and mobile devices. This is why you will benefit from using Gutencon Plugin. It is an essential plugin, Swiss knife for WordPress that will increase the profits of your website and offers a full range of SEO and marketing tools right in the Gutenberg editor, which is the future of WordPress.

We are confident that you will be able to forget about other page builders from third parties for posts after having tried Gutencon.

Gutencon features

The Gutencon WordPress Plugin can be used on any theme and any site, however, the most significant benefit can be achieved with the following type of content:

  • Review sites
  • Directories and listings
  • Comparisons (Price or specifications)
  • Blogs
  • Event venues
  • Tutorials online and how-tos

How do you create Listings using WordPress

According to the most recent study by Backlinko in conjunction with BuzzSumo, Listings have the most conversion rates, which is the reason we took lots of time building blocks for listing. Take a look at them on our demonstration website.

How do I create Table Comparison in WordPress

If you visit the best review websites, all of them feature comparison charts on their pages. We designed the an extremely powerful chart maker that offers a wide range of options. This means that you do not have to use the heavy page builders to build this. At the same time our chart table is optimized for mobile devices.

URL parser

The addition of content in listings and offering can take quite a bit of time. We have added a time-saver for you – URL Parser. Add a link to your page of product and, if it contains product information The plugin will gather details and then place them in appropriate fields. Edit content, or leave it in its current form. Notice! Link parser can be described as a helper and doesn’t substitute the functionality of block offers. It only works if the it is able to parse a site that has product schema and does not have blocks that are designed for web crawlers.

Advanced SEO setting and blockages

There are a variety of SEO plugins that support schema on the market, however, Gutencon includes SEO blocks that have different schema types that look fantastic for search engines and for users. Additionally, every block comes with SEO settings, where you can alter heading tags as well as other options.

Score and Speed of Web Vitals

We’re experts in speed optimizations. We have written a number of articles on the subject. we assisted in achieving a 100 scores on sites even without the use of premium plugins. we are aware of the importance for a speedy site to have. Our plugin will load ZERO files on default. The styles and scripts we use are constrained (with the support of reused blocks) and are loaded only in the locations where you can use them. All of our scripts are pure JavaScript with no dependency on jQuery.

Google review and updates to the core

We pay close focus on Google recommendations, specifically when it comes to review sites. Our blocks can help you get a boost in Google as they’re designed to meet Google’s requirements.

Dynamic libraries

Create beautiful layouts for your posts , or organize your content using blocks.

It is suitable for any theme or style

Each plugin block has a an option for design, and you are able to alter the color of any component.

CPT custom listings and Woocommerce

Are you looking to build customized listings that can be filtered on your website with an optimized mobile-friendly view? Discover our advanced Listing Builder, which is compatible with any type of post, Woocommerce , and custom fields/attributes system. You can use it to create listings, directories or Top lists.

Bonuses: RH Link PRO, RH Chart PRO

As our official purchaser You have access to additional plugins. The first one is RH Link – it allows users to easily add statistics to all offer blocks using the plugin, and add affiliate ids to your existing hyperlinks. Another plugin is RH chart ( demo of chart builder plugin) It allows users to create advanced diagrams, charts, comparators bars, infographics blocks, based on the charts.js library. Both are exclusive and we don’t offer them for sale and you can download them in conjunction with our other products.

Use Gutencon blocks on other page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Oxygen?

Starting with 5 versions of the plugin You can change any block to a shortcode, and then use it in various other widgets, page builders and page builder pages, and custom code areas, and widgets.

Gutencon Demo

Changelog of Gutencon – Marketing and SEO Booster, Listing and Review Builder for Gutenberg

V5 – 17 NOV 2021

  • Added: New popup button block
  • Added: Option to convert reusable blocks to shortcodes
V5.2 – 31 JAN 2022
  • Added: WordPress 5.9 fix for Slider module
V5.1 – 26 JAN 2022
  • Added: WordPress 5.9 compatibility
  • Added: Option to replace images by html in Offerbox and Scorebox. Can be used to add Amazon image pixel code for images

Download Gutencon V5.6–Marketing and SEO Booster, Listing and Review Builder for Gutenberg

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