Blocksy Free vs Pro – The Best Comparison Done For You 2022

blocksy free vs pro

If you are involvemented in getting the Blocksy theme and want to be more in-depth about what will get with Blocksy free and Blocksy Pro, then this Blocksy free vs pro article is just the right post for you.

I have personally used both Blocksy free and premium versions.

Speaking of which, I will share all my personal experiences of both versions.

The best part of understanding this blog post is that you get to know how much can you gain from Blocksy free and when do you really need to shift towards Blocksy premium version.

Blocksy is more or less very similar to another popular WordPress theme, called Kadence WP.

You can call it as a Blocksy alternative.

has-text-align-center” id=”what-is-blocksy-theme”>What Is Blocksy Theme?

Blocksy is a multipurpose block-based WordPress theme created by

It has very tight integration with the Gutenberg Editor, giving you much more options in editing, compared to any other WordPress theme in the market right now.

It is a lightweight theme, has super-fast performance, follows a modular approach, and offers a lot of customization features, even with its free version.

blocksy free vs pro theme performance

Moreover, Blocksy theme is highly responsive, SEO-friendly, offers cool WooCommerce features, and supports popular page builders like Elementor, Brizy & Beaver Builder.

Blocksy WordPress theme follows a freemium model. Meaning, there is a free and premium version available.

You can easily download Blocksy free from the WordPress repository. For Blocksy Pro, you will need to buy a plan.

Get Blocksy

Blocksy Free vs Pro General Features

General Features Free Pro
Site Wide Layout Settings (in-detail)
Button Customizations & Styling Effects
Header Builder
Footer Builder
In built Breadcrumbs Feature
Scroll To Top
Website Frame
Reset Options
Import/Export Options

Have a close look at how the dashboards of both the versions of theme differ from each other.

blocksy free vs pro dashboard

Blocksy Pro comes with Starter Sites and Pro Extensions that are quite useful.

When talking about General Customizer settings, both the versions share the same type of settings except for Import/Export options.

blocksy free vs pro import/export options

The in-built import/export feature within the customizer makes it super easy to import customization files. Especially, it becomes super useful for agencies who have to always deal with the styles and customizations of every website.

Blocksy Header & Footer Features Free Pro
Header Builder
Footer Builder
3-Row Header
3-Row Footer
Tablet/Mobile Header
Conditional Headers
Conditional Footers
Header Elements 7 14
Footer Elements 9 15
Header Clone Element
Footer Clone Element

Let me show you how both the header builders differ from one another.

blocksy header comparison

From here you can create just about anything. Create custom sections and hook them into different parts of your website using statuss.

This is very similar to the Elements module of GeneratePress.

If you press Add New, you will get prompted to create different types of blocks available within the Blocksy WordPress theme.

blocksy blocks, content blocks

To make custom sections amazing and fun to work with, you need various built-in hooks. So that it doesn’t involve coding.

The number of Blocksy hooks available are as follows;

  1. WP head
  2. WP head start
  3. WP head end
  1. Header before
  2. Header after
  1. Before section
  2. Before title
  3. After title
  4. After section
  1. Dynamic sidebar before
  2. Dynamic sidebar
  3. Dynamic sidebar after
  1. Before content
  2. Top content
  3. Bottom content
  4. After content
  1. WP footer
  2. Footer before
  3. Footer after
  1. Before comments
  2. Top comments
  3. Bottom comments
  4. After comments

Custom Hook

The above mentioned are just the hooks required for a site without WooCommerce. With WooCommerce the list gets doubled.

To sum up, Blocksy offers a ton of hooks for you to create and place on different parts of your site.

Blocksy Free vs Pro Extensions

Blocksy WordPress theme is packed with extensions.

Extensions are features of a theme. They help in enhancing the user’s experience by adding add-onal workality. It is like extending a theme to get extra features.

There are multiple extensions available in the and . Enabling or disabling them is totally up to you.

In this section, we will look at all the extensions available within the Blocksy theme.

Blocksy Extensions Free Pro
Cookies Consent
Newsletter Subscribe
Product Reviews
Trending Posts
Adobe Fonts
Custom Code Snippets
Custom Fonts
Local Google Fonts
Advanced Menu
Post Types Extra
Shortcuts Bar
Multiple Sidebars
White Label
WooCommerce Extra

Blocksy Custom Fonts, Adobe Fonts & Local Google Fonts

Blocksy Pro allows you to upload your Adobe Typekit Fonts project straightaway into the customizer.

blocksy pro adobe fonts

Once you paste your Adobe Fonts Project ID, you will find the newly added fonts at the bottom of the fonts list, under the Typography part of the Blocksy Customizer.

Also, the premium version of Blocksy comes with Custom Fonts Extension.

This extension allows you to upload unlimited no. of custom or variable fonts to use them via the Blocksy Theme Customizer.

blocksy pro custom fonts

Custom Fonts Extension supports TTF and WOFF2 fonts, with criterion and variable font files.

Lastly, you get to choose which Google font you’d like to serve from your own local webserver.

How cool is that?

Eventually, increasing the loading speed of your website.

blocksy pro local google fonts

For example, I am using a font pairing of Helvetica and Segoe. Blocksy Pro allows me to select these Google Fonts and serve them from my local webserver. Provided my website complies with privacy regulations.

Custom Code Snippets & Shortcuts Bar

Furthermore, Blocksy pro theme offers a Custom Code Snippets extension to inject customized code on your website.

blocksy custom code snippets

This works exactly the same as the Code Snippets plugin. The only reward here is that you need not download a third-party plugin to do the job.

Likewise, you get a Shortcuts Bar with the premium version of Blocksy.

It allows you to offer a better mobile experience to your users by simply adding quick of import shortcuts at the bottom of your site.

blocksy pro shortcuts bar

Above all, the Shortcuts Bar extension offers hiding interaction at the time of scrolling. Giving more viewport to mobile users, while browsing through your site.

Blocksy Free vs Pro Post Types Extra

First, let me tell you that this is one of my favorite Blocksy Pro extensions. It offers multiple features like;

  1. Custom Fields in Archive Cards
  2. Single Post Title Custom Fields
  3. Reading Progress Bar
  4. Reading Time next to Page/Post Title
  5. Featured Image & Colors for Category Archives

In contrast to other WordPress themes, Blocksy is such a powerful and feature-rich WordPress theme. It offers all these small minor features that create a difference. Thus, giving a professional person look to your Pages, Posts, Category Pages, 404 Pages and even Search Results Page.

Custom Fields for Archive Cards and Single Post/Page Titles offers you an add-onal Post Meta Element.

Reading Progress Bar is straightforward and easy to enable.

blocksy free vs pro read progress

Eventually, this feature opens up the Read Element, which showcases a reading time in the Post Meta area of each post.

Finally, with the Post Types Extra extension, you also get to add Featured Images and Colors to your Category Archives.

Normally, when you go to the Category section, via WordPress Dashboard and click on any category; you wouldn’t get this feature.

But, with Blocksy Pro, you get to add Featured Images and Colors to Category Archives from the WordPress Dashboard itself.

In this above example, I have created a sample category named ‘News’, and given a featured image.

Isn’t that different and cool?

Set category featured images from the WordPress dashboard itself.

Advanced Menu (Blocksy Mega Menu)

With Blocksy Pro you get a premium extension called .

Just enable the extension and start creating beautiful Mega Menus for your website.

Menus that give a vivid experience to your users, that can contain even custom hooks to give you the perfect blend of style and professional personism.

After enabling the extension, go to the Menus section on your WordPress Dashboard.

Create the menu you wish to make. Click on any Menu Item, and then click on Menu Item Settings.

blocksy free vs pro advanced menu

Advanced Menu is not available with Blocksy free theme.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Multiple Sidebars

With Blocksy Pro you get the ability to create Conditional Sidebars. Meaning, you can showcase them on certain pages and/or posts of your website.

These are like add-onal sidebars that have nothing to do with the regular right or left side sidebars.

Just enable Multiple Sidebars Blocksy Pro extension and start configuring one.

After that, give a name to your Custom Sidebar, followed by clicking on create.

Afterwards click on the small gear icon to open the Conditional Sidebar’s Display and User Conditions.

blocksy free vs pro conditional sidebar

You cannot create Multiple Sidebars or any kind of Conditional Sidebars with Blocksy free theme.

Blocksy Free vs Pro White Label

White Label is one of the most feature for developers and agencies.

Generally, a developer or an agency who creates website for clients rely heavily on this feature.

Blocksy’s White Label feature is only available with their agency plan.

Their Agency plan is seriously value for money – $299 for Blocksy lifetime deal.

It comes with all the features, plus use the theme on Unlimited Websites and also get the White Label feature.

Go to Pro Extensions, enable the White Label feature, and click on configure.

Having a built-in Wishlist feature is good. You don’t have to download a third-party plugin.

After activating the Product Wishlist feature, you can add the Wishlist element to your Header (available under Header Elements).

Also, Add To Wishlist button can be displayed on Product Archives, Single Products, and Quick View Modal Boxes.

Blocksy Video Thumbnail feature is only available with the pro version of Blocksy theme.

Allowing you to enable an Image Placeholder as a video thumbnail for any of your product videos.

Blocksy’s Quick View feature allows your visitors to browse different products quickly without having to go to each one of the product pages.

blocksy free vs pro quick view

Generally, most themes do not offer this feature, and the website owner must download an add-onal third-party plugin.

To enable Quick View, go to WooCommerce – Product Archives, and click on Cards Options.

Since, you’d need to apply ‘Quick View’ on different cards (product cards), for visitors to quickly view your products.

Furthermore, Blocky Pro offers add-onal layouts for Single Product Pages.

A WooCommerce single product page looks beautiful, if and only if the display of that product is neat and elegant.

blocksy free vs pro gallery layout

These are add-onal layouts that involve the entire – main product image, add-onal product images, product title, and product short description.

Blocksy WooCommerce Gallery Layout 1

blocksy woocommerce gallery layout 1

Blocksy WooCommerce Gallery Layout 2

blocksy free vs pro woocommerce gallery layout 2

Blocksy WooCommerce Gallery Layout 3

blocksy pro woocommerce gallery layout 3

Blocksy WooCommerce Gallery Layout 4

blocksy free vs pro woocommerce gallery layout 4

Aren’t all the layouts just beautiful and amazing?

The best part is that you won’t need to ever create a custom single product page. Since you already have 4 different types of product gallery layouts.

When I first saw them, I too fell for Blocksy Pro. Especially, worth it if you want to create WooCommerce websites.

WooCommerce Off Canvas Filter & Blocksy Share Box

Blocksy’s WooCommerce Off Canvas Filter is finishly different from the main website’s Off-Canvas Pane.

It extends the filter’s capability by retaining the same shopping experience but offering your visitors powerful filtering options to sort products.

blocksy free vs pro woocommerce off canvas filter

This feature is not available with Blocksy free. To enable Off Canvas Filter, go to Product Categories under WooCommerce, then click on Off Canvas Filter.

blocksy pro woocommerce off canvas filter

In the Off-Canvas Filter Widgets Area, apply blocks like;

  • Filter Products by Rating
  • Filter Products by Price
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Best Selling Products

These help the user to easily sort and select the best products under a single category.

The settings in the Theme Customizer also lets you select Filter’s Icon, showcase filter visibility on devices, select Panel side, and adjust vertical alignment.

comes with a Share Box feature for Single Posts and Pages. In the same way, Blocksy’s WooCommerce Single Product Page also offers the Share Box feature.

blocksy pro share box

It lets your users easily share their favorite products with their friends and family. Giving shop owners more visibility.

To sum up, Blocksy Pro version gives the next WooCommerce features;

  1. Wishlist Module
  2. Video Thumbnail Feature
  3. Floating Cart
  4. Quick View Module
  5. Off Canvas Filter
  6. Multiple Single Product Gallery Layouts
  7. Share Box

FAQs – Blocksy Free vs Pro

Is Blocky Free?

Blocksy follows a freemium model. Meaning, there is a free version of the theme, called Blocksy Free, and a premium version called Blocksy Pro.

What is Blocksy Pro?

Blocksy Pro is the premium version of the Blocksy Theme. After you have installed and activated Blocksy free theme, head to Creative Themes and download your premium Blocksy Companion Pro Plugin.

Is Blocksy Theme fast?

Blocksy theme is as fast as the fastest WordPress themes in the market today.

Is Blocksy a good Theme?

Blocksy is an amazing theme. It is a multipurpose blocks based WordPress theme, that is not only fast and mobile responsive, but also SEO-friendly. It is filled with customization features and offers so many modules that you might not need to download any third party plugins for customization purposes.

Is Blocksy a Page Builder?

Nope, Blocksy is not a page builder. It is a premium WordPress theme. Although, Blocksy is so tightly integrated with Gutenberg blocks, that it is sometimes referred to as a 100% block based theme.

How do I use Blocksy in WordPress?

Since, Blocksy follows a freemium model. Meaning, you can freely download Blocksy theme. Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Hover on Appearance, and click on themes. Click on Add New, search for Blocksy, Install and Activate the theme.
You have installed the Blocksy WordPress theme. Now go to the Theme Customizer and customize your Blocksy theme accordingly.


There you go.

I have tried to be as describable as possible.

This Blocksy free vs pro article was not just a tabulated article showing a few tables, stating what’s in the free and the pro version.

In fact, I have tried to make this Blocksy tutorial as elaborative as possible. Showing all the features Blocksy Pro offers.

Looking at all the features, I have already taken Blocksy Pro’s Agency Plan, and that is the first preference I give to my clients who are willing to create a WooCommerce site.

Nevertheless, Blocksy also has powerful Header, Footer and Layout features. Keeping them in mind, I never run out of options whenever I’ve got to create websites.

Have you tried out the Blocksy WordPress theme yet? Let me know your experiences in the comments below.

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