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what is Beaver Builder Pro?

Beaver Builder makes it easy to create professional-looking pages with a drag-and-drop interface. The main difference is that all editing in Beaver Builder takes place on the look and feel of your site. Beaver Builder has good support for WooCommerce and WordPress Multilingual and works with any WordPress theme.

The features of Beaver Builder that really stand out are the system of page templates. This allows you to create different pages in seconds. All you have to do is choose a page template.

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Features Beaver Builder Pro – WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Features Beaver Builder Pro
  • Simple but powerful
  • Live Editing through the WordPress Customizer
  • Import and export settings, and demos in 1 click
  • Built on Bootstrap
  • Long-term support from developer and community…

Changelog Beaver Builder WordPress Theme Nulled Free

“Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.6.1.2 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.6.1.2 – 12/6/2022
Hot Fix
Fix fatal PHP error with PHP 8+ on GoDaddy hosting as a result of them changing the code for clearing the server cache”

“Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.6.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.6.1 – 12/1/2022
Add filter in menu module for translated menus (#2341)
Set Duplicate link in Admin Bar to false by default (#2278)
Add option to limit UI history and set the amount (#2267)
Add option to set the number of revisions for layouts (#2267)
Make responsiveFields array filterable (#2193)
Add more information to the console when AJAX pop-up is triggered (#2283)
Add a admin notice if there’s an unexpected file in the cache helper plugin folder(#2365)
Bug Fixes
Post Module: Fix 404s in pagination when two post modules used on the same layout (#1440)
Post Module: Fix load more pagination breaking column layout of Post Module when multiple post modules used on the same layout (#2261)
Post Module: Fix masonry layout breaking when using article or li as post element container(#2276)
Menu Module: Fix dropdown alignment setting not working (#2153)
Add a check to make sure field is not null in JS (#2271)
Adjust post lock so that it unlocks instead of staying locked indefinitely (#2242)
Content Slider: Fix fatal error with PHP 8 (#2329)
Adjust UI alert box width when there’s only one button (#2245)
Icon & Icon Group: Fix icon size when using REM unit (#1786)
Fix fatal error related to conversion of false to an array when using PHP 8.1 (#2322)
Remove sourcemap 404s that shows in console (#2257)
Fix category filter on Saved Template list not working properly (#1098)
Fix issue with adding widgets to Global elements (#2131)
Fix adding a module to a global element not rendering the settings form (#2253)”

“Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.6.0.3 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.6.0.3 – 10/19/2022
Hot Fix
Fix row margin and padding being incorrect in some cases when upgrading from 2.5 to 2.6
Fix filtering being missing from Accordion and Tab modules when displaying dynamic content
Number Counter: Fix separator missing and remove separate number size field that is no longer needed or used
Button Module: Fix custom width not working if using a gradient background
Fix slashes being stripped from captions”

“Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.6.0.2 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.6.0.2 – 09/29/2022
Hot Fix
Slideshow Module: Fix fatal error in PHP 8 if the Overlay Hide Delay setting is empty
Subscribe Form Module: Fix fatal error in PHP 8 if settings are not arrays & fix CSS error if input gap is left empty
Fix system-ui fonts being removed for UI by mistake
Fix live preview loading spinner not being removed after preview loads
Posts Module: Fix Column Count being wrong for Large breakpoint on upgrade
Posts Module: Make sure Filters that show in content tab are only relevant to the Post Types selected
Fix preview CSS not clearing properly
Move Duplicate link action showing Admin Bar to bottom if there are other items that show up in the dropdown
FontAwesome compatibility: Remove notice about a possible conflict with Beaver Builder as it is no longer needed with FontAwesome 6″

“Download Beaver Builder Professional v2.5.5.3 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v2.5.5.3 08/09/2022
Hot Fix
Sanitize photo captions when used in lightboxes
Fix glitch with drag resizing row width
Fix PHP warning with custom row shapes when downgrading from 2.6″

v2.5.5.2- 07/28/2022

Hot Fix

Security: Harden Contact and Subscribe Form modules

Security: Harden get_post_id function to ensure post ID is always an integer

Add a compatibility fix for the ConvertBox plugin

Fix various menu issues: vertical alignment with the inline logo option, responsive toggle alignment and the menu background extending too far

v2.5.5.1- 07/22/2022
Hot Fix
Security Related: Enhance checks to prevent malicious code from being entered into the UI
Fix font weight reverting to default

2.6 alpha.1 – 04/29/2022
NEW Add a new breakpoint option to Global Settings
NEW Add UI for adding row shapes in global settings
NEW Add search to saved item tab in content panel
NEW Settings Import/Export in WP Admin. This includes settings there plus global settings
NEW You can now use WordPress reusable blocks in Beaver Builder layouts
Accordion Module: Add support to display dynamic data or to select saved items for display in the content area
Tabs Module: Add support to display dynamic data or to select saved items for display in the content area
Columns: Add aspect ratio option
Posts Module: Add option to filter by custom fields
Copy and Paste Improvements: Hover over the wrench for rows and modules and the columns icon for columns to see the new copy option. Paste only appears if there is data to paste
Button, Button Group, Callout & Call to Action Modules: Add option for control over the gradient styling
Login Module: Add icon options for the fields and buttons
Outline Panel: collapse/expand all items and persistent storage were added so that the panel remembers what sections you have expanded and collapsed
Outline Panel: Will now highlight the node that is open for editing
Pricing Table: Add typography for the Ribbon option, add color option for the Price
Pricing Table: Add icon color options for individual features
Refine the feel of the overlay and highlight features in the canvas area
Global margins/paddings: now a dimension field so you can control all 4 sides separately
UI Dark Mode/Light Mode can now be set to Auto so it changes with your OS
Posts Module: Add ability to select multiple post types
When hovering over a Google Font in font selector, show a preview of the font
Bug Fixes

Pricing Table: Fix Title color not rendering Title is highlighted
Pricing Table: Make sure Box Top Margin is only available when using Legacy settings
Pricing Table: Fix button border hover color not working
Pricing Table: Fix some colors not working if the Row text color is set

v2.5.5 – 07/21/2022
Security Related Fixes
Prevent users from disabling the BB editor on a post using an AJAX request
Accessibility: Add missing form label on checkbox
Gradient Fields: Add option to clear colors, specify default values
Tweak UI relating to revisions
Font Awesome 6: Add support for thin set & adjust limit of returned icons on search to be higher than the default of 15
Bug Fixes
Fix PHP Notice for $tabs undefined variable
Remove Google font from Recently Used list if that font is no longer available in the API
Content Slider: Fix slides not displaying styling properly when shuffle is enabled
Content Slider: Remove clicable areas if navigation is disabled
Menu Module: Fix alignment not working when using horizontal alignment and wrapping items
Testimonial Module: Fix partial second slide displaying during responsive editing
Style hardening for TwentyTwentyOne Theme
Video Module: Fix error when embedding a Facebook video and using the lightbox


Gallery Module: Captions do not show when the image source is SmugMug.
List Module: Fix Duplicate Heading and Content tag options.
Posts Modules: Fix “match all posts except” option not working properly with TEC Events.
Fix Fatal errors when using PHP 5.4 and WP 4.9 and below.
Notifications Area: Fix background transparency.
Sensitive code protection: allow some improper HTML and when triggered, try to highlight the problem code.
Agency Version: Fix issue with Branding filter where icon doesn’t work if you previously changed that value in WP admin.
Fix RankMath integration.
Fixed updating global element does not update CSS.
Tweak Sensitive code fix so that it doesn’t prevent allowed HTML.
Fix attribute preview not selecting all matching elements.
And some other small bug fixes and improvements.

v2.5.1.1 – 12/22/2021
Bug Fixes
Accordion Module: Fix items not being able to be closed manually and fix smooth opening and closing not working
Button Module: Fix hover color issue
Menu Module: Fix sub-menu items using inherit for backwards compatibility
Post Grid Module: Fix FontAwesome icons being enqueued when it is not needed
Search module: fix missing an echo statement in the value attribute
Outline Panel: Fix not being able to delete unavailable modules
Fix ACF cache not being cleared for option pages properly
Fix JS error when changing a module setting and using the Publish keyboard shortcut
Fix limit on repeater field not working inside a form field
Fix FontAwesome icons preload issue
Optimize visibility fix to prevent an infinite loop (See here for details)
SEO Plugin integrations: don’t delete assets while fetching data to prevent 404 errors with assets

v2.5.1 – 12/9/2021
Security Fix
Fixed an issue with the get_excerpt function showing hidden content when using visibility settings. This only affects pages using visibility settings (including Themer’s conditional logic) to hide content and would allow others to view that content unauthorized via the WordPress REST API. This fix addresses all visibility issues, including the ones with Themer.
Add new shortcode [fl-safe] to wrap code in that is known to break the UI
Tweak the way we generate our unique node IDs to ensure that they always will be a string
Add offset option to Row Parallax background image
Allow user to choose images for different breakpoints when row is set to parallax background
Add support for Query Monitor to be used while inside the UI
Contact Form & Subscribe Form Modules: Show any WP_Error detected so it’s easier to debug issues
Update Ace Editor to latest version
Update FontAwesome to latest version
Icon Group Module: Make spacing option responsive
Reduce number of queries for Saved nodes by switching from using get_terms function to get_the_terms since it’s cached
Pricing Table Module: Make Advanced Spacing, Tooltip Icon Size, Feature Icon Size, Box Top Margin and Typography responsive
Fix conflict with Signify theme when adding media in UI
Add new filters fl_builder_render_css_row fl_builder_render_css_col fl_builder_render_css_module fl_builder_render_css_module_{$module->slug}
Bug Fixes
Fix issue with Slide Right animation
Fixed Saved nodes not retaining categories when published in BB UI
Button Group Module: Fix background animation not working
Video Module: Fixed flash on loading when set to loop
Accordion Module: Fix “Expand first item” option issue with anchor links
Content Slider Module: Fix module autoplaying when clicking on the arrows
Menu Module: Fix no smooth scrolling on mobile and not closing properly after clicking an anchor link
Button Module: Fix column text color overriding module color
Subscribe Module: Fix Mailjet integration only showing 10 lists
Callout Module: Fix issues with rel attribute
Fix UI being broken when removing some keyboard shortcuts with fl_builder_keyboard_shortcuts hook
Add select2 text color for UI Dark Mode
Pricing Table Module: Fix custom icons not working in feature list
WPML: Fix cache clear issue when switching domains
Menu Module: Fix missing closing li tags
Fix fatal error in UI in certain circumstances when plugins add widgets
Menu Module: Logo option now correctly outputs alt attribute
Fix fatal error if search enabled in Menu Module but Search module is disabled in settings and is_module_disable_enabled
is set to true – 10/7/2021
Ignore http/https in URL check to automatically clear cache when URL changes
Subscribe Module: Update cacert for Infusionsoft and Campaign Monitor
Bug Fixes
Fix templates registered with FLBuilder::register_templates being duplicated in content panel
Fix fatal error when saving Posts module with custom layout or when BigCommerce is active
Fix modules not being greyed out until ready after being duplicated in the BB UI
Fix not being able to import settings to modules with uppercase characters in class name
Fix some icons in some icon sets not displaying due to a space being added to the class when prefix is missing for that icon
Menu Module: Fix menu opening and closing when anchor links are used on a hamburger menu

>>>v2.5.0.1 – 09/21/2021
Improve updates message to account for different license situations
Update welcome page image
Update readme for Lite modules
Cache Clearing Tool: Improve Pagely cache clear
Bug Fixes
Subscribe Module: Fix error message alignment when Search module included in the layout
Icon Picker: various FontAwesome fixes including fixing broken domain check in kit settings, compatibility with FontAwesome plugin, AJAX search now respects admin icon settings, and fix kit displaying even if kit displays no icons
Number Counter Module: Fix preview not updating properly when changing the number
Code Editor: right click paste options now appears
Menu Module: Fix flyout menu panel showing after adding a new module
Global Modules: Fix global modules opening for editing after dropping it on the page to be consistent with Global Rows/Columns behavior
Cache Clear Tool: fix Pantheon cache clear not working properly
Fix certain HTML elements being stripped from post_content fl-builder block on publish
Fix images not being able to be cropped on the demo server
Menu Module: Fix separators being different sizes when search enabled

>>>v2.5 “CONTRA” – 08/19/2021​
Beaver Builder 2.5 is here! This is a major update and will be released as the official download on the My Account page first. Remote updates to all existing sites will begin soon!

>>> Please check out the “About this Release” doc for screenshots and instructions for the new features and enhancements.

>>> New & Major Updates
Add Outline Panel to easily see the structure of your page and move things around
Add Duplicate option for BB posts in the WP Admin
Premium Templates added – 2 new Landing page templates and several content page templates. Some older templates were also removed.
In WP Admin list for for saved elements, show shortcode and add click to copy to clipboard
Icon Picker: various enhancements including live search, recently used icons section and compatibility with FontAwesome plugin
Menu Module: Add responsive dropdown styles and default menu items when no menus exist on the site
Menu Module: Now has styling options for sub-menu link colors and the responsive toggle, also new option to have a logo in the center of the menu, new option to add search to the menu, and add support for showing WooCommerce cart contents in the menu
Pricing Table Module: Add toggle for monthly/yearly pricing, add the ability to add icons for each feature, add Typography options, and add option to display a ribbon
Subscribe Module: Add filter for users to add their own service fl_builder_subscribe_form_services
Button Group Module: Add width for the horizontal layout
Contact Form Module: Labels are now translatable
Content Slider Module: Make Button Padding Responsive
Content Slider: Add Background Overlay option for individual slides
Countdown Module: Add Typography Options
Countdown Module: Add overall Alignment option
List Module: Update icon and move List items section to the top of the first tab
Menu Module: Add support for Menu Module closing when tabbing through the last of the items
Number Counter Module: Add Typography
Number Counter: Add option to choose height of bar and not show number with Bar layout as well as add field connection for number
Post Modules: Make the suggest fields sortable
Post Carousel Module: Add Typography options
Post Slider Module: Now has Typography options
Separator Module: Height and Alignment are now responsive
Subscribe Module: Mailpoet 3 integration now shows all lists
Subscribe Module: Add better error handling if no service is selected
Testimonials Module: Accessibility improvements with navigation
Post Modules: Make the suggest fields sortable
Video Module: Add structured data options for contentUrl and embedUrl
Columns: Now have custom position available for backgrounds
Columns: Make width field available even for Single Columns
Add icons for border, border radius, padding, and margin labels
Add some improvements to the display of the Launch BB area in WP Editor
Cache Clearing Tool: Improve integration with CloudFlare plugin
Developers: Post type field now supports multi-select
Outline Panel: Add filter to disable fl_builder_outline_panel_enabled
Add support for SEOPress
Update the Welcome page in WP Admin for 2.5 version
Update internal links to the Knowledge Base
Remove Google+ Icon from Slideshow Module
Shift some wp_options to autoload = false
Update jQuery deprecated code
Code Editor: Enable word wrap and line numbers by default
Fix conflict with 3CX Live Chat plugin
Add Layout Type As Parameter to the FLBuilder::render_content_classes() method
Try to remove other Duplicate plugin Duplicate links since they are not compatible with BB
Border Field Type: Add ability to disable parts of the compound field
Add custom position for column backgrounds as well
Allow line height to be 0 in Typography settings
WPCLI Enhancements: wp beaver global list shows list of all options and wp beaver global-update –id=default_heading_selector –value=.fl-post-header updates a single option
Add new mode to disable history temporarily
Debug Mode: Only output errors if showerrors parameter is in the URL
Disable smooth scroll via custom class fl-no-scroll
Automatically clear CSS/JS files when URL changes
Bug Fixes
Make sure content panel icons for modules are all the same size
Photo Module: Fix fatal error when using PHP8 and border is a string
Menu Module: Fix flyout menu being visible while builder is active
Contact Form Module: Fix console notices when multiple modules are present on the same page
Icon Module: Fix alignment issues when using multiple modules to create a group of icons
Icon Module: Fix screen reader text being visible when it should not in some cases
Menu Module: Adjust search placement on vertical layouts
Text Editor Module: Fix strong/bold tag styling ignored when font weight is set in module
Fix SVGs used in layout/global CSS
Fix notices on WP 5.8 Block Widget Screen
Photo Module: Fix issue with cropping on some hosts
UI: Fix node visibility icon flashing on hover
Fixed PHP Notices when Applying a Template
Fixed responsive editing being glitchy when inline assets is enabled
Fixed issue where due to custom code the post_id could be set wrong in AJAX
Callout Module: Fix image set to show on right being off centered vertically when a link is entered
Content Slider: Fix mobile image alt tag being empty when using slide content layout
Slideshow Module: Fix tweet button visibility and issues with icon alignment
Fixed issue with smooth scrolling when clicking on a “Back to Top” link when Themer “Sticky” Header is enabled
Fix unneeded AJAX call for notifications
Text Editor Module: Fix bold not working properly with Google Fonts as that version wasn’t being enqueued
Contact Module: Fix Ampersand displaying as entity in From Email
Content Slider: Fix delay not resetting and fix issues with slides skipping while in transition
Countdown Module: Fix circle being clipped at certain sizes
Icon Picker: Fix missing Icon
Menu Module: Fix issues with preview showing incorrectly until save
Subscribe Module: Fix conflict with WooCommerce Mailer Lite
Subscribe Module: Fix issue where users couldn’t join multiple Mailer Lite lists & remove trashed lists from List dropdown
IE 11: Fix visibility issues where items set to hide on screens were showing unexpectedly
Restricted Editing: Make sure users can still unpin content panel
Font Settings: Sanitize FontAwesome Pro Kit URL Field to prevent HTML
Improvements to prevent Google fonts from being enqueued twice in some circumstances with Global elements
Row/Column BG color need sanitizing
Fix YouTube row BG videos not working if you choose a start time
Fix JS errors when editing/saving form items
Content Slider: Fix JS error if link clicked after mobile layout kicks in and fix some styles shifting when styles re-arranged
Photo Fields: fix photo field forgetting selected size if you edited alt text and other data and add new filter to select default size fl_builder_default_image_select_size
Posts Module: Fix JS error seen in FireFox
Subscribe Module: Fix MailPoet Integration after they upgraded their API without backwards compatibility
Fix: Video background not resizing correctly when picked from Media Library
Fix custom row/col background positions hiding when they shouldn’t
Fix preview not showing on subforms
Fix debug URL throwing an error if child theme is active with no functions.php
Fix JS/CSS error when options keys have a non alphanumeric character
Fix Molle Google Font not working properly
Fix inconsistent font-family in builder UI
Widgets: Fix showing no longer exists message if the title is blank
SEOPress: Fix issue with second post module on the page pagination doesn’t work if category slug is removed in SEOPress.
Revisions now show correct time when Site Timezone changed
Fixed issue with color pickers in Dark Mode
Fixed issue with ampersand used in Categories not showing properly in Loop filters section

>>> = v1.7.9 – 05/12/2021 =
Update Bootstrap to 4.6.0
Update Comments Form code to use comment_form_defaults filter
Accessibility: Tabbing through mobile menu/flyout menu doesn’t close it
Accessibility: Remove role=”banner” on Page Title as best practice is only one per page
Bug Fixes
Fix Menu that contains an anchor link doesn’t open properly on page where that anchor link is present
Fix Flyout menu not closing after clicking an anchor link
Fix Button active state styling impacting Audio module
Fix Fatal error if using older versions of BB
PHP8 fixes
Throw error if HTML is added to JS settings in customiser

>>> = v1.7.8 – 01/18/2021 =
Add new filter fl_theme_get_upload_dir (#165)
Add new filter to disable smooth scroll fl_theme_disable_smoothscroll_links (#148)
Add new filter to change the hamburger icon in the responsive menu fl_theme_mobile_nav_icon (#116)
Add PHP8 Support (#136)
Customizer: Add WordPress as an option to Social Icons section (#154)
Accessibility: Off Canvas Menu close button now has an accessible name (#150)
WooCommerce: Fix compatibility issue with Addify’s Tax Exempt add-on (#171)
Bug Fixes
Fix Top Padding settings not showing correctly in Customizer preview (#156)
Fix Menu sub-menu icon indicator not showing if FontAwesome Pro is enabled in BB Plugin (#146)
Make sure if user makes a LESS error, it does not crash the Block Editor (#162)
Fix BB Plugin Tour being broken if Full Bootstrap 3 or 4 selected as layout option (#157)
WooCommerce: Fix sidebar displaying some widgets when Shop page is set to show categories (#159)
WooCommerce: Fix product image lightbox buttons not working properly in some cases (#160)
Fix search term disappearing from the Search Widget (#169)
Use wp_login_url() in comments.php to allow the url to be overridden with plugins and filters

>>> = v1.7.7 =
– Add filter fl_post_navigation_same_term to allow next/prev post navigation on single posts to be limited to the same term
– Add new filter fl_theme_print_schema to change schema markup
– Adjust line height so line height can be lower than 1
– Add border hover options for custom button styles
– Add support for changing the WooCommerce products per page
– Button border radius is now available even if no border is set
### Bug Fixes
– Fix Full Width Post Template not going full width when using a Nav Vertical Layout
– Fix jumpy Parallax background when using a Fixed Header
– Fix notice in console when in Customizer about duplicate IDs used
– Fix single column issue on WooCommerce addresses page when using Bootstrap 4
– Fix WooCommerce single product Lightbox being cut off at the top
– Remove opacity on Top bar social icons when using a custom color
– Fix lazy load issues with the logo when using WordPress 5.5
– Fix WooCommerce options appearing in customizer if WooCommerce is not active
– Fix styling issue with a checkbox on the WooCommerce Subscriptions Add Payment Method Page
– Fix Customizer slider not updating the text
– Fix some custom button styles still being applied to WooCommerce buttons even if they are then turned off

>>> Beaver Builder Professional WordPress Plugin Nulled Free

>>> – 07/21/2021
Hot Fix
Fix responsive editing while inline CSS is enabled
Accordion Module: Fix spacing issue in HTML when collapse is disabled
Subscribe Module: Fix conflict with WooCommerce Mailer Lite
Subscribe Module: Fix integration with Campaign Monitor when using PHP 8
Subscribe Module: Update MailPoet integration for their new API
Fix notice for block preload path when using WP 5.8

>>> v2.4.2.4 – 06/15/2021
Hot Fix
Callout Module: Fix link on icon ignoring link target setting
Allow .webp uploads when using WordPress 5.8 which adds support for .webp files
Add plugin data to data collected when opted into Sending Usage Data
Add support for SendinBlue API v3 since v2 will be discontinued at the end of the month

>>> – 05/25/2021
Hot Fix
Fixed column width resetting to very small/narrow

>>> = v2.4.2.2 – 03/04/2021 =
Hot Fix
Fixed photo cropping issue for non-subdomain multisite users
Fixed update issue with Godaddy booster plugin
Fixed Post Carousel blur issue with Google Chrome
Fixed issue with Google Fonts not loading when applying a template

>>> = v2.4.2.1 – 02/11/2021 =
Hot Fix
Contact Form Module: Escape characters in fields
Post Module: Fix missing images in Safari 13 and below when using Load More or Scroll for pagination
Post Module: Fix blurry images in Safari when using scroll for pagination and when using some CDNs for images
When using the fl_enable_shortcode_css_js filter, make sure those shortcodes render in the UI/Edit Mode
Revert fix for button styling applying to inputs in the Subscribe Module
Fixed compatibility with ClassicPress

>>> = v2.4.2 – 01/28/2021 =
Add compatibility with Assistant .6
Small changes to the Updates Unavailable message so it will show why updates are unavailable
Add Alpha/Beta updates opt-in setting in Settings > Tool admin page
Bug Fixes
Audio Module: Fix issue if audio file URL contains query strings
Callout Module: Fix border radius not affecting the image
Callout Module: Fix invalid HTML when using an icon
Gallery Module: Fix image sequence not being correct when going through images in lightbox
Heading Module: Fix Typography styling changes not showing as you change in Responsive Editing mode
Posts Module: Fix content options not toggling to hidden when they should
Search Module: fix fatal error when using Global Element with AJAX Search Results
Subscribe Module: Fix button styling applying to placeholder text
Video Module: Fix video embed code not specified notice not displaying when using connect field connection
Fix dark mode syntax highlighting
Fix BB UI icons not showing on Multi-Site subsites when FontAwesome Pro is enabled on the main network site
Fix PHP8 notices
Improvements to our sensitive code check to allow non-breaking space and other HTML entities
Fix namespaced widgets showing “Widget not available” message when you go back in to edit
Fix select fields showing in Responsive Editing mode when they should be hidden
Fix column width consistency issue on small devices when reverse stacking is enabled
Fix horizontal scrollbar on Windows machines when using a layout shortcode
Fix compatibility issue with All In One SEO when using a layout shortcode on the page
Fix compatibility with Real Meal Library so that folders are visible on small devices

>>> = v2.4.1.3 – 12/21/2020 =
Hot Fix
Content Slider Module: Fix empty image alt text on mobile layout (#916)
Gallery Module: Fix loading issue with Collage layout (#917)
Photo Module: Fix PHP notice when showing captions and loading image via URL (#937)
Posts Modules: Fix PHP notices related to TEC loop (#911)
Fix overridden responsive values not showing on toggle (#914)
Remove Dark Mode keyboard shortcut due to customer feedback (#929)
Fix TwentyTwentyOne compatibility with the menu module (#907)
Make sure our sensitive code check allows & (#924)

>>> = – 12/03/2020 =
### Hot Fix
Gallery Module: Captions do not show when image source is SmugMug (#891)
List Module: Fix Duplicate Heading and Content tag options (#879)
Posts Modules: Fix “match all posts except” option not working properly with TEC Events(#874)
Fix Fatal errors when using PHP 5.4 and WP 4.9 and below (#875)
Notifications Area: Fix background transparency (#898)
Sensitive code protection: allow some improper HTML and when triggered, try to highlight the problem code (#872)
Agency Version: Fix issue with Branding filter where icon doesn’t work if you previously changed that value in WP admin (#849)

>>> v2.4.1.1 – 11/18/2020
### Hot Fix
– Fix RankMath integration (#866)
– Tweak sensitive code fix so that it doesn’t prevent allowed HTML (#840)
– Fix updating global element does not update CSS (#838)
– Fix attribute preview not selecting all matching elements (#864)
– Fix Content Slider button padding applying to other Content Slider modules on the same page (#850)
– More UI Style hardening for letter-spacing in CSS (#842)

>>> ### Enhancements
– Button Group: Convert Button Spacing to a dimension field and make it responsive for more control (#791)
– Button Group: Add group name option for Accessibility
– The Events Calendar: Posts Module now respects the Events Calendar “Hide from Event” Listings checkbox (#495)
– List Module: Add Icon Width Field (#576)
– Add Object Cache to Cache Helper Tool (#691)
– Subscribe Module: Add integration with Mailjet
– Update FontAwesome to 5.15.1 (#784)
– Do not clear cache on upgrader_process_complete as cache is already cleared when BB is updated
– Use wp_kses_post for photo captions (#448)
– Make sure users who enter sensitive code have WordPress’ unfiltered html capability (#448)
### Bug Fix
– Accordion Module: Fix RTL issue with labels (#414)
– Button Group: Fix Button Spacing not working on Safari (#791)
– Button Group: Fix responsive alignment (#690)
– Content Slider: Fix button padding not working (#625)
– Text Editor Module: Add compatibility with the HappyFoxChat plugin (#445)
– Layout Shortcodes: fix issue where an empty slug attribute can load all posts for the layout (#608)
– Posts Module: Move Post Grid Sizer to the bottom (#497)
– Posts Module: Fix compatibility with WOOF WooCommerce Products Filter (#649)
– Posts Module: Fix pagination on Polylang translated pages or on the WooCommerce Shop Layout when more than one module is on the page (#718 & #752)
– Search Module: Fix bug with the $settings variable (#779)
– Fix PHP notice on a 404 layout when using layout shortcodes (#693)
– Fix fixed background images showing as zoomed in on iPadOS (#686)
– Fix UI not opening on Themer Header Layout when Klaviyo plugin is active (#791)
– Fix Yoast Integration not reading BB content (#788)
– Fix Tooltips issue in User Access area of settings when WooCommerce is active (#748)
– Fix broken serialization during import and the “Invalid Content” dialog in some cases when editing a page or a post (#834)

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Download Beaver Builder Pro V2.6.1.4 + Beaver Theme V1.7.12.1

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