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what is Ajax Search Pro?

Ajax Search Pro is intended to expand client searchability. It provides an immediate ajax search, making WordPress search more agreeable.

The outcomes are displayed with pictures (if accessible), so they look seriously engaging and less crude. Ajax Search Pro for WordPress has been intended to boost client searchability. It provides life ajax search, making WordPress search more agreeable.

Search can return posts, pages, any custom post sort (for example WooCommerce products, discussions BBPress, subject, answer), classes, custom scientific categorization terms (for example product classes, portfolio labels), clients, bunches BuddyPress and action BuddyPress do results.

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Features of Ajax Search Pro Plugin – Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin

  • A wide range of content are alright help. Search upholds posts, pages and any sort of customized message. WooCommerce, Jigoshop, Ecommerce and a lot more modules utilize custom message types, so they are altogether viable with Ajax Search Pro.
  • Custom frontend interface: Plugins provide a custom frontend interface to the client. By choosing some checkboxes, clients can change search results – for instance, search just for precise matches, incorporate/bar certain message types, classifications or custom scientific categorizations (for example product list).
  • Format and subject: Four underlying designs: picture, scene, Polaroid and isotropic. In excess of 60 subject predefined for every format, including demo pages.
  • Gadgets and shortcodes: Three unique gadgets Okay provides (late searches, well known search terms and a search gadget) and two shortcodes for each search. Buttons for embeddings a shortcode are additionally shown in the message manager. Search
  • Picture Support: there are inherent libraries with exceptional similarity for picture processing. They can examine content, screen speed, custom fields, or simply render the delivered picture.
  • Symbol: Use loads of high goal svg symbols, vectors and svg colors, or download your own on the off chance that you like.
  • Search rationale: Customizable You can change the search rationale to suit your requirements. Naturally, the module works with OR rationale to provide more outcomes. In the event that you need more thorough outcomes, you can change this with a solitary snap. Extra data is accessible in the search rationale part of the report.
  • Picture Analyzer: Customizable Highly adjustable picture analyzer will show the best quality pictures in search results. The module can filter a wide range of kinds of pictures: Favorites, In Posts, From Snippets.
  • Channel by class labels, arrangement: Create and oversee classifications, labels and any scientific categorization term channels. Checkboxes, drop-down records, and radio buttons are upheld.
  • Custom channels: For significantly more intricate formats, you can make custom field channels to give clients further developed approaches to track down your substance.
  • Backing WPBakery Page Builder: Starting with form 4.0, search has an extra for WPBakery. You can without much of a stretch oversee search cases through the WPBakery module.
  • Smaller mode: No site for search gadget? You can conceal the search bar until the client taps the amplifying glass symbol.
  • Proposed search by: Google and programmed populate catchphrase ideas and Google autocomplete is on naturally. The language of the sentence can be handily changed (Russian is additionally upheld).
  • Implicit tracker: Track your search results with a straightforward inherent tracker. This will assist you with advancing ajax search speed.
  • Joining with Google Analytics: At the hint of a button, you can coordinate Google Analytics into the search, then, at that point, the terms will be shown as online visits in the investigation toolbar.
  • Reserving: For high-traffic locales, you can diminish information base questions and increment search execution by utilizing worked in storing. Choice Compatible gives you a convenient solution interface in case something isn’t working properly.
  • Import and Export: Want to utilize settings and search in another project? Fare your search inclinations and import them into another site.

Changelog Ajax Search Pro – Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free

“Download Ajax Search Pro v4.24.1 = Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin Nulled Free
v4.24.1 – 2022.11.25
Index Table: better taxonomy term indexing, short taxonomy term names are indexed as whole words as well for more accurate matches
Moved the aggregated asset location to the wp-content/cache/asp/ folder for better server compatibility
Further script size and loading queue optimizations ~12% savings on default configuration
Fixed an issue with the index table search and the generic filters”

v4.22.4 – 2022.07.14


Index Table: Improved custom field tokenization process

Synonyms – import from CSV files is now possible

Improved the global event handler script

The updates message now includes a link to the license activation page

Scrollbar script disabled by default – using modern browser scrollbar styling instead

Greatly improved the loading of the single font asset

Removed some CSS overhead on default options


Fixed an issue with the ajax mutation detector for the init script

Fixed an issue with the REST API search results count

Fixed an issue with the auto updater script

Fixed an issue with the compact box closing script, when the search text was also visible

Fixed an issue with the isotopic results URL recognition

Fixed an issue with fixed layouts for the compact box layout

v4.22.3 – 2022.07.01
Changes and Fixes
Init method – Using intersection observer for the init script instead of the more costly viewport check feature
Hovering results and settings box positioning – fixed an issue, where the body margin was incorrectly subtracted from the position, when body transformation was not present
Reduced the size of the inline scripts printed
Fixed an issue where the suggested keywords did not trigger the search

v4.22.2 – 2022.06.29
New Features
Now each search bar is only initialized when visible on the main window, to improve processing performance. This feature can be turned off here.
Massively improved the scripts initial execution time by about 70%. This is a major improvement for google pagespeed insights. Example before and after.
Improved the browser pushstate (back and forward) button behavior
Now every existing installation is switched to the new, more powerful non-legacy scripts. The legacy scripts are now deprecated, and will be removed in the next major release.
Changed the main menu slug to asp_main_menu, as it was missing from a specific installation (maybe a conflict with another plugin?)
Fixed a PHP 7 compatibility issue with the REST api
Fixed a few Elementor filtering related issues
Fixed an issue with the search bar width calculation
Results information box – the pseudo-variables like {phrase} now can be used multiple times in the text.
Fixed an issue with accented characters in the keyword highlighter feature, now accented and non-accented versions should be highlighted correctly

4.22.1 – 2022.06.07
New Features
Added an option to update the current URL in the address bar according to the filter states.
Added a basic REST API to access results in a JSON format (usage)
Fixed an issue with the index table HTML extractor
Fixed an issue with the DOM manipulator script
Fixed an index table issue, where the results page would be slower, due to incorrect processing of large result sets
Fixed an issue with the attachment search with the regular engine
The index table now properly indexes attachments when uploaded
Fixed an issue with the results width for mobile and tablet devices
PDF parser – fixed an issue with possible HTML tag recognition
Fixed the font loader, now only loads them when needed
Fixed an issue with ACF select filters, where the numeric field keys may not be correctly fetched
Improved the conditional script loader
Fixed an issue with the results auto scroll feature
z-index issue fix for fixed search layouts
Fixed an issue with the google analytics pageview tracker integration
The results information box text container is now a DIV instead of P tagh, because then some HTML is not supported in P tags
Update the live results URL and do a push state for both Elementor and Results page live loaders

v4.22 – 2022.03.10
New Features
Media Service – An external File Indexing service for the index table engine with a Free subscription tier. The Media Service is an external feature to handle very accurate file content indexing for text type, PDF, Office Word, Office Excel and Office Powerpoint files.
Removed an old deprecated IE compatibility code
Fixed an issue with the taxonomy term filters, when the shortcode is used, and the filters are set to invisible
Select2 (select and multiselect filters with search feature) script issue fix – Now allows empty values, when nothing is selected
Index table shortcode parser improvements

v4.21.12 – 2022.02.23
Fixed an issue with the offset calculation, when the document body has transformation on it
Added an argument for WP_Query queries named “asp_override” – when set to false, the WP_Query will be explicity excluded from the search override

v4.21.11 – 2022.02.21
Added better support for ACF post_object type fields for the frontend filters
Preparations for a future version 4.22 feature – Media Service Subscription – an external document parser feature for the index table engine with a free subscription tear.
Fixed an issue with the visibility detection on the new scripts
Fixed an issue with automatic scrolling feature (to the results, when the search is finished)
Fixed an offset calculation issue
Fixed an issue with saving Divi builder posts when the plugin is active

The media attachment mime type selection has been reworked to a much simpler option, with a fallback to enter the mime types manually.
Fixed an issue with the index table for some custom fields
Fixed an issue with the legacy script and isotopic results
Fixed an issue with the automatic hiding option
Fixed the results page handler – now the post-process script only affects the currently viewed items, instead of all of them, improving the loading time greatly.
Post dates filter – Latest/Earliest post dates not respect attachment dates as well Add an item

Inline script loader – now tries to prevent reloading of inline scripts when the theme uses ajax loaders
Removed the live Changelog/Knowledge Base/Support page links to save bandwidth as well as unneccessary requests
Fixed a container width issue when using multiple search bars
Fixed an issue with results ordering, when accented characters were present
Better Tabless shortcode parsing
Isotopic overlay effects changed to pure CSS animations
Magnifier trigger live search – now respects the minimum character count
Index table and generic filters fix
Index Table – ACF custom field indexing improved for drop-down, checkbox, radio and other select type fields
Increased the modifier by 100 for the “more results” feature to allow displaying 1000x more results from the original 10x (of the results limit)

Fixed an issue with the image parser

Fixed an script issue, where removing the animations would casue sometimes problems on some browsers
Ordering – The ordering of the results (both live and results page) are now correct when using the primary and secondary logic
Fixed a results live loader script issue
Image parser – now gets the product parent image when the product variation has no image

New Features
Added an option to focus the search bar on initial page load
Hidden filter labels now does not include the textSubstring creation on live results – now the ” …” suffix is displayed correctly in all cases.Index Table – Hebrew un-vocalization is now applied when Hebrew text is detectedIndex Table – Fixed inline script and style removal from the indexing process, improving the indexing of contents from block editors (like Elementor, Oxygen builder etc..)Search order is now correct when using index table post type and attachment resultsIsotopic results – Now work correctly with top and bottom navigation present at the same timeCustom field date filters – now shows correct value when used using a selected date

v4.21.5 – 2021.11.10
Index Table engine – correction for previous release for some special character exclusionsIndex Table engine – improved title matching mechanism

v4.21.4 – 2021.11.05
New features
Custom field filters – {get_values} now accepts “order”, “exclude”, “post_type”, and “post_status” attributes – to only fetch existing values from given post types, and also allowing exceptions. Check the documentation for more information.

The get_asp_result_field(..) function now returns the same exact title, description and link fields as in the live results list in every case

v4.21.3 – 2021.09.16
Now the image size argument applies to search results images from custom fields
Now the search results and settings position is correct when contained in an element with transition properties

v4.21.2 – 2021.09.14
Polylang compatibility fix
Index table attachment search issue fixed

v4.21.1 – 2021.09.13
New Features
Date filters – now possible to select the earliest and the latest post dates as the default filter values
Ajax Pagination on Elementor widgets
Browser back button – now works with Elementor results
Fixes & Improvements
Index table – fixed an issue with title indexing, where the post title was 0 characters long
Fixed the auto populate with the legacy scripts
“use strict” on all javascript files
Eleminated all inline CSS and moved to a separate file instead
Eleminated all jQUery direct handler calls and replaced with .on(..) and trigger(..) on the back-end scripts.
Auto-populate duplicates (when using random order) + more results feature are no longer present
Default search cache interval changed to 30 days instead of 1 day
Fixed an issue with the slider and range sliders init script when used in a cloned pop-up
Datepicker now correctly sets the value when clicked the back button on mobile safari browsers

v4.21 – 2021.09.01
Major New Features
The plugin core scripts were completely reworked to work without jQuery dependency (YAY for maximum Google Pagespeed insight scores). Only the select2 and the datepicker scripts require jQuery. The legacy scripts will be maintained until 2022/Q1. If you had the plugin installed previously, the legacy scripts are still remain in use. More information about switching can be found in the javascript compatibility documentation.
Keyword exceptions now properly work on multisite setups with index table search
Improved post author name indexing (first, last, nickname and display names)
Improved index table relevance on post titles containing apostrophe type characters
Google Lighthouse optimizations – greatly optimized script loading method, vital CSS optimizations, and font loading optimizations
Corrected the conditional asset loader
Polylang issue fixes – now the results page should respect when the polylang compatibility is turned off
Index Table – added option to update index when post meta is changed (OFF by default)
Elementor – Magnifier & Return actions – Now redirect to first result with elementor
Elementor – when hitting the “reset” button on clearing the search bar or the filters, it should reset back to the original state.
Browser back button – now works without entering a phrase
Removed very old browser compatibility option, which was causing issues
Many of the legacy scripts also reduced in size

= v4.20.8 – 2021.04.03​ =
PHP 8 Compatibility tests and fixes
Term meta image parser corrected
Fixed a potential security issue with the search import/export feature (CVE-2021-29654 by Synacktiv, Jérôme Mampianinazakason and Julien Egloff)

= v4.20.7 – 2021.03.23 =
Custom field filters – checkbox values are now set correctly when redirected to the results page
Keyword highlighter – now works with accented characters as well
Importing from lite – updated to the latest version
Fixed a possible XSS vulnerability
Random results order now works with the index table engine
Fixed an issue with elementor widget paginations
Fixed an issue with Divi builder loading

= v4.20.6 – 2021.02.26 =
The swipe handler script has been changed to a much better one
Mobile IOS issue fixes – isotopic results now working properly

= v4.20.5 – 2021.02.23 =
New features
Autocomplete – trigger after N characters option
Mobile options – menu auto focus on opening (jQuery selector)
Keyword highligher – now works with live results loader and elementor widgets
Support for Excel 5 (.xls) documents for the index table parser
Mobile – Hiding the search settings is now possible on mobile screens without forcing the “hover” layout
Fixes & Improvements
Magnifier and Enter “do nothing” action when Elementor filter
Regular engine – exact title relevance fixes for matches where the search phrase completely matches the title
Index table engine – filtering with a certain configuration with an empty phrase now works correctly
String translation management with polylang – now registers the all strings correctly via the ajax requests
WPML link fixes – bypassing the faulty wpml_permalink hook
Auto updater – now uses a different method to fetch the updates, should work on more installations correctly
Isotopic results – now correctly open on IOS devices
Multisite – Matching post ID issues fixed

= v4.20.4 – 2021.01.27 =
Fixes & Improvements
Fixed an issue where isotopic results not redirecting correctly
Improved the scroll feature for result page keyword highlighter
Fixed an issue with the aspFilter->add method

= v4.20.2 – 2020.12.12 =
### Fixes
Advanced title and content fields: maxlength attribute now works on {titlefield} and {descriptionfield} as well
Category exclusion/inclusion options – Now double checks for removed taxonomies before saving
Synonyms – Export now generates .json files instead of .txt for better compatibility
Statistics dashboard now working correctly

= v4.20.1 – 2020.12.08 =
## Fixes
– Visual bug: a debug query was removed from the earlier release

= v4.20 – 2020.12.07 =
### Added
Ordering – by menu order
Individual Priorities – now work with attachment results
Index table – JSON encoded custom field values are now better indexed (objects, arrays etc..)
wp.hooks support in plugin script – allows using filter and action hooks for many javascript variables within the search script
Option to exclude password protected posts (both regular and index table)
asp_query_cpt, asp_query_indextable, asp_query_attachments, asp_query_users, asp_query_comments, asp_query_terms hooks to access the query text [documentation]
“maxlength” attribute for advanced title and content fields
WordPress 5.6 compatible
Exact matching – Full exact matching added (mathing a field exactly, from start to the end)
### Changed

Index Table – Exact title matches have better relevance
Preparation code for 5.0 update

## Fixed
Custom field filters – {get_values checked} pseudo now works with dropdown and radio filters as well
Image parsing on multisite – now automatically tries to fetch the images from across blogs on the results page
Styling issues on index table panel fixed

= v4.19.4 =
### Added
– asp_load_js & asp_load_css hooks – allows turning off the JS and CSS asset loading programatically
– Horizontal results – scrollbar can be disabled
### Fixed
– Reset button now properly resets the input field
– Oxygen builder compatibility – now the plugin detects the page builder editor, and when it’s active, the plugin scripts are not loaded to preserve performance.
– Polylang – Now the search redirection URL is correct, when the homepage URL is set to a static page

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